Saturday, April 26

Oh Happy Day

Taylor is officially Taylor Judd Turner, Esquire. Yes, please call him Esquire. We had such a blast at his graduation - Judge Durrant spoke about Abraham Lincoln, and Taylor got to sit on the stand to sing in the choir. I've never seen him in a better mood than after 4:00 yesterday! He was singing and joking and even dancing in the grocery store (he even wanted to go to IKEA!). Hooray! Taylor is finally back! If any of you guys need favors, I'd suggest calling now (ahem, Tyler...). :)

The official moment... Taylor getting "hooded" - the only graduate in a bow-tie, by the way.

The Turner family. Sorry, Mom & Dad - we didn't get a shot of us on my camera!

Only 5 days until we move...

Tuesday, April 22

Lots of endings... and new beginnings

Yes, cheesy. Come on, it's a blog!

Taylor is DONE with law school. It took a lot out of him, but he's still breathing (I checked) and able to perform simple, everyday functions. He got his fancy cap 'n' gown today... don't worry, I'll take more pictures than he's comfortable with... stay tuned.

Time for Spring Concerts, which means school is coming to an end! Our first concert was yesterday, and we have another tomorrow with two more next week. As stressful as teaching gets at this time of year, I really am having a blast and will miss hanging out with these kids.

I'm finally cured of the deathly 15-day cold I have affectionately named Feellikecrapicitis. Pardon the frontal wave, if you please... and the pile of Relief Society birthday jars.

Taylor's sister Molly ended life as a teenager and turned 20 today, which meant dinner at Bombay House (yes, Molly is a smart girl) and a surprise party! She had no idea, which made it so much fun. That girl is so darling - look at her cute vintage dress! Here's a fun card we made her this morning - JibJab is awesome.

And, finally...
We walked outside this morning and saw this...
Spring is here!

Sunday, April 13

City of Lights... and sold birthrights.

Need I say more?

I've spent about 10 hours of each of the past 5 days either driving to Ogden, rehearsing in Ogden, or performing in Ogden. The performances went great, but I am so happy to finally have nights in Provo (never thought I would say that) and time outside of Mr. Pheobus. Yes, in the past 6 days I have added 1,000 miles to my car. My dad seemed impressed, my mom quite concerned. My sweet parents came up for the matinée yesterday and took me out to lunch between shows... leaving me with only 3 1/2 hours to kill.

So what do you do between a matinée and evening performance in Ogden? Good question. The crowd outside DI scared me a bit and I wimped out, even though one of my life goals to go to the Ogden DI. I found an amazing produce market on Washington Street (Carlos' Produce), and wandered around taking pictures while toting my viola and wearing black velvet pants.

If Henderson is anything like Ogden, our lives will be magical.No not Provo, silly. This is the OGDEN Temple.Have a great week everyone! I'll give you a guided tour of Ogden for furniture money... :)

Thursday, April 10

Read this... or don't...

It's been a week! I guess we owe all of you an update -

1. We are officially renting two condos right now. Friday I signed the papers and got all the keys to our new home in Henderson. My mom and grandma Mimi came with me, and we enjoyed the tropical weather and palm trees. We have a little rose garden by the front door, and a GARAGE!

This picture is looking straight up from our front porch.

Mom & Grandma Mimi check out the place. Yeah, I didn't really take great pictures. Stay tuned.

2. General Conference weekend was wonderful, but the longest Taylor and I have been apart since we've been married. I got in a lot of bonding with my brother Robby - in fact, we bonded so much he decided to give me his severe cold. Played my first hole of REAL golf (hey, I only went 2 over par!), Robby helped me learn how to "chip" in the backyard, and I almost crashed a motor scooter while pulling a U-turn. Robby laughed, I about threw up.

4. Taylor spent the weekend studying and being a kid again at the Turner household. They spent most of the weekend booking flights and train rides for our upcoming family trip to Russia and Ukraine in August. In the words of his brother, it'll be more of an experience than a vacation!

5. Taylor finally got his score back from the MPRE (Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam). The MPRE is an ethics exam and a pre-requisite to taking the Bar, so it's kind of a big deal. Taylor wasn't sure about how well he did but luckily he passed. Pretty much Taylor is brilliant. Did you know he got the top grade in the Federal Indian Law class last year - which got him a fancy plaque and cash reward? Quite the genius... and yes, quite the random class too.
We went and used our Cold Stone gift card to celebrate his victory. Tay opted for dark chocolate peppermint with brownies, as you can see. By some miracle they had my favorite flavor that I haven't seen for like 2 years - Amaretto (I love love love almond extract) with raspberries and almonds. I highly recommend it.

6. We finally have been forced to buy furniture. Alas, a desk, bookshelf, KitchenAid and bed will not completely furnish our new place. Thanks to so many generous friends and family we have over $900 in credit/gift cards to Pottery Barn. That will get us half a couch or a kitchen table. Oh, add to that $150 shipping. Blah. I'm one of those girls who had my future home completely decorated when I was like 14, but now that the decisions are upon me (and things cost money), I'm so panicky and indecisive! My style is a perfect cross between my mom (classic, neutrals), and my mother-in-law (modern/contemporary, bold colors/designs). For now I'll just fantasize some more through apartment therapy and DWR.

7. This week is Taylor's last week of law school classes. Crazy! He's done! He has some big presentations today and next week, and then he's pretty much finished. Light at the end of the dark, damp, slimy, ugly tunnel.

8. Yesterday Mr. Pheobus (my Honda Civic) hit 60,000 miles. This week I'm commuting from Provo to Ogden every day to play in the orchestra for Kurt Bestor's "The Secret Garden" ballet. It's really fun, but a pain to commute. I've compiled a supply of Conference talks, The Shins (slightly obsessed with "Morning Becomes Eclectic" this week), Wilco, The Winterpills, and Bach Cello Suites on my iPod for entertainment. NPR was getting a little bland, especially since this week is their fund-raising campaign, and I end up feeling guilty for not contributing.

Oh man, another long post.
Pat yourselves on the back - you deserve it.
Now go eat ice cream and enjoy the sunshine! Oh wait, it's been snowing and raining. :(

Thursday, April 3

More Foolishness.

So for April Fool's Day I had the fabulous elementary concert and was gone most of the night. Concerned that Taylor hadn't been fooled all day, I converted the Dad Turner birthday banner into an April Fool's banner, bought him some Tiger Woods Gatorade (TIGER!), whipped up some crazy enchiladas, and had "Enchanted" blasting on the TV for when he got home (Taylor's favorite movie). I got home later that night, and after close inspection realized I had spelled April with 2 P's. Taylor was quick to snap a shot. I think I was more concerned with alternating colors than spelling correctly. I swear I am a good speller - I took 3rd place in the Oakridge Elementary Spelling Bee. Picture a skinny redhead with glasses standing next to an Asian and Eastern Indian American. Yes - me and my two best friends at the time: Asha and Sanaz. Pretty much that was my moment of glory, and I relive it at least twice every day. It was all downhill from those nerd days. Sad that I can remember late nights with my friends in 8th grade - meditating and memorizing the Periodic Table. I can't believe I just shared that. :)

The concert went a-okay, and every single kid in my class came! There were SO many kids there, I think I tuned 250 violins, violas, and cellos! After the giant elementary orchestra played, all my kids came and sat by me for the rest of the concert. We were passing notes - it was so much fun! This shows maybe half of the elementary kids there. Today I'm obsessed with sepia-toned photos... don't know why.

Today I'm headed to St. George for Conference weekend with the fam. The real purpose of the trip is to go to Henderson, sign the contract, and get the keys to our new place (AAAH!). Poor Taylor has so much homework that I'm flying solo. Three nights apart - the longest we've been apart from each other [shed a tear]. It's weird to think that a month from now we'll be Nevaders (my new term for Nevada people). I think we'll both cry when we have to give up our "Ski Utah" license plates.
Last but not least, I just have to say I love my mom. I will go crazy without seeing her all the time. Yesterday I was teaching more lessons at my parents' house and realized I only have a few more weeks of being home 2-3 days a week. She's so amazing and cute and HIP. I get so high-strung and stressed out about little things, and she'll just smile and look at me and say, "La-Dee-Da!" I hope I can be like her. I'm excited to get in some one-on-one time this weekend before we move to the land of desolation.

Enjoy General Conference and have a great weekend, everyone! If you see Taylor on the side of the road begging for food, take him in and show him some love.

Tuesday, April 1

A Couple of Fools...

rAnDoM fOoLiShNeSs
In ThE tUrNeR dIgS...

FRIDAY Mrs. Turner was reminded about the Provo School District Orchestra Festival... good thing, because I totally spaced it! I spent all of Friday and Monday calling parents, reminding them in English and Spanish of the concert tonight. Yes, tonight. We spent all this morning drilling "Happy Dance." We'll see if they'll make it - luckily it's combined with all the other elementary kids in Provo. If they sound bad, I'll just turn around and say "April Fools!"
SATURDAY was Taylor's dad's birthday - father and son showed up to P.F. Chang's in the same shirt. Oh, and sat next to each other throughout dinner. It was a little weird because they look so alike - it was like Taylor sitting next to Taylor+25 years. When we got to our house Taylor took off his shirt before I could snap a picture.
Taylor's mom made this Oatmeal chocolate-chip cake with caramel/coconut topping.
My new favorite cake.

I'm kind of creeped out by how much I mention food in this blog. Poor shame, Tally.

SUNDAY Taylor and Tally decided to start ordering prints from their wedding... in 2006. We've had these giant print books sitting around forever, and finally sat down to start ordering! These are all scans from the book - each photo is like 1" by 2", so pardon the quality and color balancing (yes, the Salt Lake Temple isn't purple)!

MONDAY morning I woke up to find 4 inches on the ground. I left at 7:15 to get an early start on traffic (and get to school an hour early). Two hours and 20 mph later, I was 25 minutes late to my first class. I can assure you I wasn't singing primary songs the entire way. If there's one thing that gets me stressed, it's being late!MONDAY also brought the self-destruction of Taylor's laptop's motherboard. Convenient, considering the brief he's spent two months on is due this morning. Luckily it's being repaired, but Taylor ended up having to transfer everything to our Mac last night and decipher Mac's version of Microsoft Word. I spent the night praying for him and reading. When will school be over so we can at least watch a movie together?!?!?!?!

Oh, and have a great April Fools Day!
Beware, the effects of law school!