Monday, September 29

the autumn leaves

My mom sent me these photos from her Saturday run along the Wasatch Crest trail. The perfect way to induce a fresh new wave of homesickness.
If only we got fall in Las Vegas. It has cooled down to the mid-90s, so at least we've seen some sort of change.

Friday, September 26

Enough already.

Taylor and I are watching the debate right now. We're screaming in frustration. This is ridiculous. Neither one is ready to be President. Period.
Will one of you please just ANSWER the QUESTION being asked?! Isn't that the purpose of having questions at a debate?

Tuesday, September 23

I have to get this out.

So I work at Anthropologie. It is torture. For those of you out there who are single...




This Thursday we Antho employees get a 40% off discount on sale items (we typically don't get any sort of discount on sale stuff). Of course I spent ALL of my "miscellaneous" category of this month's budget on Young Women and other people, so I have -$6.00 to spend Thursday.

But if money were no object, I would indulge in these items (of course they're not on sale)...
I love coats. Too much. Ask my mom. Too bad I live in what Parley P. Pratt called the "desert wasteland."
So soft... jersey cotton.
Can't you see this little cotton jacket being so cute with a long tee and skinny jeans?
This sweater dress makes me wish I had awesome boots to wear with it.
So cute! This comes in like 5 colors (in stores only). Gosh, I sound like a saleswoman.
So different, and I love the mustard color combined with gray.

There are no words...

Yes, that is red herringbone. Amazing. Ella Moss is a genius.

TOTAL (with discount)... $1,383.60.

Don't even get me started on the J.Crew catalog.

Yesterday was the first day of fall! Taylor was quick to remind me, and we indulged in making some tasty pumpkin bread. We found a great healthy version (as healthy as pumpkin chocolate chip bread can get) here. It was delicious - just like Great Harvest (at least that's my standard for good bread).

Saturday, September 20

Saturday is a special day...

We went to Utah this weekend!


Two years ago TODAY Taylor took me on a hike and proposed in the most simple, perfect manner possible. Last year we did the same exact hike in commemoration, but this year we couldn't make it all the way up to Provo.

Zion would suffice.

Ah, I love being in Utah - I swear the second you cross the border into Utah everything is 20 times more beautiful. Yes, there were tears of joy (from me, I still can't crack Taylor). We spent Friday night at my family's place in St. George (watched the movie "12 Angry Men" - Fantastic), and spent all of Saturday in Zion National Park. Pretty much the best Saturday EVER (okay, except for that one Saturday in 2006).
It was perfect.
We did a couple of hikes, including Angel's Landing, which was absolutely incredible. Lunch at Oscar's, recuperated in St. George with ESPN & ESPN2, and then back to Babylon.

Can you see the 2 climbers going UP Angel's Landing?

For some reason I think warning signs are really really funny.

Taylor caught up on Saturday football the second we got back to St. George.

I didn't cry this time when we left Utah (first time ever). That scares me.

In other news, my mom finished her 41st marathon today. Count 'em. 41. Her goal is to run 60 marathons by the time she turns 60.

Yes, she is amazing and not human.

I can't find a cool, inspirational picture of her running, so you get a cheesy wedding one.

Monday, September 15

High School Tag

I've been tagged (again)... but this one is a fun one...

Did you date someone from your school?

What kind of car did you drive? Black VW Beetle with a Harley-Davidson sticker on the back window. Yellow Death was his name.

Were you a party animal?

Were you considered a flirt?

Were you in band, orchestra, or choir?

Were you a nerd?
Oh yeah. My house was the math study group hub - I think most of my social life had to do with who I studied with for AP classes. Those study group nights were the nights when the "cool, popular kids" came over to my house. For real - I felt so awesome when they came over!

Were you on any varsity teams?
Varsity dorkestra.

Did you ever get suspended or expelled?
I left school early once with the flu, and because my parents were out of town I called in to excuse myself, and got a detention for "Posing as a parent."

Who were your favorite teachers?
All the history teachers - Ms. Farr, Ms. Wood, Ms. Ballard - they all would dress up and made history so exciting and interesting. I absolutely LOVED their classes. Mr. Westergard's English class was pretty cool too - I loved our reading assignments. Nerd? Yes.

Could you still sing the fight song?
E-A-G-L! E-A-G-L! E-A-G-L! E! S!
Skyline Eagles! Skyline Eagles! Skyline Eagles!
Oh, and I'm sitting next to Karen in this picture (2nd from left). She's the one who originally set me up with Taylor. Good job, Karen!

Where did you sit during lunch?
I went home a lot for lunch, but junior year my friends and I sat in north corner and started the "Corner Club." After lunch we'd help clean up the trash all the lazy kids left behind. We thought we were so cool - especially the day we got an award at an assembly. Once again - nerd? Yes.

What was your school's full name?
Skyline High School

Did you go to Homecoming?
Yes, with Chris Brammer and my wonderful group of friends - I was so happy to have been asked to a dance! Looking at this picture makes me realize how amazing those people are.

What do you remember most about graduation?
Sitting on the front row and realizing that bangs and a grad cap don't mix well. Oh, and Joe Behunin graduating twice. Sad to be saying good-bye to my best friend Cate.

Where did you go senior skip day?
We goofed off at my house and watched the National Spelling Bee. Holy cow, I really was a nerd!

Were you in any clubs?
NHS, Corner Club, Student Activities Board (3 yrs), Seminary council (boo-yeah), and Community of Caring.

Have you gained some weight since then?
I got hips.

Are you going to your 10 year reunion?
Sure! It was uphill from high school!

I tag...
Natalie, Rachelle, Tori, Becca, Rachel, and Carrie.

Thursday, September 4

Politically Agnostic.

Yes, Taylor and I have declared ourselves agnostic. Republican? Democrat? Independent?

No. Agnostic.

Is anyone else frustrated? I'm tired of being fed propaganda, hearing all the bashing (on both sides), and not knowing who to believe. It's really come down to picking the less-horrible candidate. Why can't they stick to the issues we really care about? How about some DETAILS on the issues? Yes, they both love America.

When we were in Salt Lake City a couple of weeks ago, we listened to NPR on our way to & from Grandma Lewis's house in Provo.

Oh how I love NPR. It is so choice.

ANYWAY, on our way back up to Salt Lake we listened to All Things Considered. Michele Norris, David Brooks (genius), and E.J. Dionne, Jr. (also genius) discussed Obama and McCain and how their campaigns have evolved, bashing each other on who's more elitist and personal real estate. Fascinating.
The highlight was David Brooks' final comment. When he finished, Taylor and I looked at each other and exclaimed, "AMEN!"

"I think people are going to take a look at this big contretemps and they’re just going to see stupid politics. They’re going to see a bunch of stupid ads on a stupid issue, attacking each other in nasty and stupid ways, which have nothing to do with what people care about. And it’s a dissent very early in the process to an extremely dumb level of politics (I think much earlier in the process than we’re used to). And who does this hurt most? It hurts them both, because they both promised to be 'new politics' and 'post-political,' and now they seem utterly conventional and utterly depressing, even for those of us who admire both of them."

Wednesday, September 3

Ukraine & Paris

KIEVHIGHLIGHTS (that haven't already been mentioned):

- The happy, positive vibe in Kiev.
- Being with Taylor's "people."
- Amazing churches EVERYWHERE.- Wandering up the oldest street in Kiev.- Chernobyl Museum. Amazing. I still can't believe all that happened, and how many people's lives were and are affected by the disaster.- Morning run along the Dnepr River. Beautiful!

This picture pretty much says it all.


- Taylor, Molly, and I swam in the Black Sea. In this very spot. We sneaked onto the beach on that cement pier to the right, swung around the fence, and enjoyed the beach of rocks. Don't count the speedos.
- Prepping for an 8-mile hike to the tallest waterfall in Europe, only to discover that it was a 5-minute stroll (with souvenir shops along the trail) to this...

- Livadia Palace (where the Yalta Conference took place), built by the Romanovs. Right on the coast - gorgeous!pssst... Stalin sat here.

- Taylor served in Sevastopol for a time, and it was great to see some of the sites on the coast of the Black Sea.
- Sevastopol is also the site of where they keep the Russian fleet. When Ukraine announced that they might seal off the port to the Russians (because of the conflict in Georgia), we got a little nervous.
- Ancient Greek Ruins on the coast of the Black Sea.


- This was Taylor's first time to Paris, and it was so fun to see how much he LOVED the city.- Macaroons at Laduree (We went at least 4 times in 4 days). Favorite flavors: Caramel, dark chocolate, pistachio, coconut, blackberry.- The Turners introduced us to the AMAZING Fat Tire Bike Tour of Paris - we rode bikes all night around Paris (even around the Pei pyramid in the Louvre courtyard) and ended with a boat tour on the Seine.
- Shopping with Molly & Mary in candy stores, vintage stores, Zara, Mango, Promod... dang you, European clothing stores. This was the first time I've made it through a European trip without buying any clothes - oh, the emotion. It was hard. Probably the only time in the past 2 years that I've really not liked being poor. At least my suitcase was light coming back!
- Glups - the amazing candy store on the Champs d'Elysees. Every kind of gummy candy you can think of - toothbrushes? fangs? eggs? creme brulee?
- Pompidou Centre. It was so good to be back! The Pompidou has to be my favorite building in Paris. We had a posh lunch in the restaurant on the roof (thanks, Uncle Jim). What a view!We found our orange external hard-drive on display at the Pompidou. They forgot the Alta sticker!- This lady serenaded the people outside the Pompidou with her two-note piece.
- St. Chapelle with Taylor & his dad.
- Early morning run along the Seine, under the Eiffel Tower, and around the Champs du Mars. That would be my last run with my faithful running shoes - I planned on leaving them in Paris, and was sad to say good-bye.
- Walking tour of Mont Martre our last full day in Paris. Some guy who calls himself the "Space Invader" hid mosaic space invaders all over Mont Martre. Taylor loved them.- Croque monsieurs and creme brulee on the Rue du Bac in between the Louvre and Musee d'Orsay. Perfect. - Spent the last night buying macaroons for my family at Laduree until they closed... and we realized we didn't have enough Euros for the ride back to the hotel. So we walked! Ah, the Champs d'Elysees at night, crossing the Seine, with Paris all lit up - best way to spend your last night in Paris with someone you love.

Anyway, I'm done. What a trip! We had such an amazing experience - it was really hard to come back to Henderson and have to go back to work. We are so blessed to have had the opportunity to return to Taylor and Crismon's missions and see the wonderful people they were able to serve. Thank you, Mom & Dad Turner! We love you!