Monday, November 24

You need to listen to this.

Every Monday morning I do my household chores while listening to last Saturday's "This American Life" podcast. This past Saturday's was a re-run, episode 104: "Music Lessons."

I have never laughed so hard...

...and wanted to cry at the same time, because so many of these stories are so similar to my own life.

If you have EVER taken music lessons or have any slight interest in music, you need to listen to this.

Here you go. (click me!)

Saturday, November 22

red, blue, boo hoo...

I have sequestered myself to the spare bedroom to avoid the drama and emotion of the closing minutes of the "Deseret Duel!!!" Anyone else think the Duel title isn't as great/intense/un-cheesy than "Holy War"?

Yes, Taylor converted me to the dark(er) side of BYU blue. See here for details.

At this moment, my parents and Robby sit in their crimson red on the 50 yard line. Liz is buried in the MUSS. Taylor has collapsed on the couch, fearing the final 8 minutes of the game. He stopped screaming/gave up hope about a half hour ago, but the mood is still fragile.

And yet here I sit, blogging, in my red pants. The last time I wore these on game day was in 2005, when the Utes stole a victory in Provo (Mind you, I was wearing a BYU sweatshirt).

I don't think we're getting a last-second miracle this time around, boys.
And to Max Hall: I don't think Taylor likes you very much right now.

Thursday, November 20

daydream travels

This afternoon I've been working on a project that has taken me through all the photos on our computer. When I got to the pictures from my trip to the UK in 2006, I lingered a little too long. It all started when I caught the last 10 minutes of Emma on TV Tuesday night.
From the top of Stirling Castle (Scotland)

I could live in the English countryside forever. It would be like living in a Jane Austen novel 24/7. To me, Britain has the most romantic landscapes of anywhere in the world.

Take a peek.
From the top of Warwick Castle - some one actually lives there.
In the words of Rachel Zoe, "I die!"

Someone (I can't remember who) snapped this of me and my dear Mindy-Anne
(who was known as my twin sister in our Rexburg days).

Saturday, November 15

'tis {almost} the season...

The Holiday issue of Real Simple came in the mail today.
I have been waiting 11 months for it.
Let the Holiday season begin!

Wednesday, November 12

tay & tal live for a day

Once you suggest going to San Diego for the day, there's no way you're going to get it out of Taylor's head.
So we got up early and left for the beach!It was heaven - we didn't want to leave. We spent all day at Pacific Beach, and enjoyed dinner at Filippi's ($5 gets you the best meatball sandwich in the world). Home by 9:30.

Total cost? $20 (okay, plus a tank of gas each way).
I think we'll go again.

Monday, November 10

nada mucho

Friday morning I sat in line for almost 2 hours to be one of the first 200 people to arrive at the REI Grand Opening in Summerlin. The first 200 got Nalgene bottles with gift cards inside ranging from $5-$200. I made the top 40! I went with so much faith that I would get at least a $50 gift card. I just knew I was in for the big money. So I waited in line in the "cold" (come on, it's Nevada) and made some new friends who were also as weird as me (I?).My new friends and I got pumped, and ran through the doorway, high-fiving the new employees that lined the aisle, and huddled to open our Nalgenes.
We peeked inside...
Even the Reverend got $5. Come on!

I turned around and left the store.

The things we do for swag.

Let me just say we were SPOILED in Utah with amazing outdoor stores. These REIs in Nevada are a little small and weak.

Saturday morning was the Henderson City Veterans' Day Memorial Service. The Henderson Symphony provided the music, and I was so happy that I got to be there. I love the moment when the flag comes out, it gets silent, and gradually everyone puts their hand over their heart. It really hit me on Saturday, and opened the "floodgates," if you know what I mean. It was a really moving experience for me to look into the faces of these men and women who gave so much so long ago to protect this land. When they stood during our performance of the Armed Forces Salute, I got really teary thinking about all that they had been through, and all that they sacrificed for our country. And to think that it was less than 5 years ago that I was called the "emotionally sterile" roommate!

On a lighter note, because tomorrow is Veterans' Day, that means no work for both of us.
Option 1: Taylor goes into work solo and we can leave a day earlier for Thanksgiving in Salt Lake.
Option 2: Taylor can't go into work solo and we take a day trip to San Diego (mind you, we'll probably have a $20 budget, which will cover meatball sandwiches at Filippi's).

What's your vote?

Tuesday, November 4


Got all dressed up for the uber-important orientation meeting at the Musician's Union, only to find out that I was the only one to attend. Yes, I am in a Union. Once again I was encouraged to join this ensemble, which I quickly (and very passionately) REFUSED.

Came home to a boat-load of "chores" and the very thought of starting the laundry, emptying the dishwasher, organizing the office, vacuuming, and scrubbing the shower got me a little less-than-thrilled about the remainder of my day.So I ran into the bedroom, took off my pearls, changed out of the dress pants, heels, and buttoned-up shirt, and put on my happy skirt (thanks, Mom Turner). Instant mood change.

Taylor makes fun of me a lot for changing clothes sometimes in the middle of the day, but I have this theory that clothes can change your mood some days. Some of my happy clothes include this skirt, my gnome pajamas, and "the grandma dress," as Taylor refers to it. Anyone else understand my theory?

There's a deep post for you. I'm off to hang out with my Scrubbing Bubbles.

I hope you all voted. My heart has never pounded so hard as when I saw the screen pop up with Obama and McCain. I'll just leave it at that. :)

Monday, November 3

home sweet home

Had a great weekend in Salt Lake with the fam. Sadly, the only thing we photographed was our Halloween J-Dawgs hot dogs (on orange buns!).
  • St. George Temple
  • Visited Grandma Lewis, who is finally home and making tremendous progress.
  • Spent Halloween wandering around the Turner neighborhood.
  • Met Liz's boyfriend. :)
  • Enjoyed the Roundhouse Special at George's/Dmitri's/Roundhouse Cafe.
  • Went to the first MLS playoff game for Real Salt Lake at the new stadium. A BLAST.
  • The ends of the BYU/New Mexico game and Texas/Texas Tech games.
  • Celebrated Mom Turner's birthday with some tasty Italian food at the Paris Bistro (?!) and the killer Red Butte chocolate decadence. The girls went upstairs to enjoy some Saturday Night Live:

  • Daylight Savings
  • The leaves are still so gorgeous, and I'm sure Taylor got so tired of me saying "The leaves!" "It's fall up here!" "Smell that!" "Look at the mountains!" "It smells like fall here!"
  • Oh, and my mom ran the New York Marathon this weekend. That makes 42.