Friday, May 23

Pneumonia & Chunky Milk

Aren't you so excited to read this post?!

What we thought was a bad case of the flu actually turned out to be PNEUMONIA (Tyler's diagnosis was correct!). Poor Taylor has been in and out of the doctor, had 2 really, really painful shots, and battled 24/7 exhaustion. Luckily the pneumonia is starting to fade and the energy is coming back (as in he's talkative and will eat). Tay went back to work Wednesday, and is even attending his night class (the "Barbri" preparation course every weeknight for 3 1/2 hours at UNLV's law school - yuck.). I've been driving him to those classes, and let me just say UNLV is like right off of the strip. You have to drive with your eyes closed to miss all the scandalous billboards! We're not in Provo anymore! I think the most scandalous the billboards got in Utah County were the "Escape Polygamy" hotline and the APX alarm system people trying to channel GQ (not in the same billboard). :)

[moment of silence for David Archuleta]

We're getting settled here in Henderson, and so here's some pictures of our new place. First is our little table & chairs (thank you to everyone who gave us Pottery Barn gift cards, because for the table and chairs we only paid $100, which covered shipping).
The kitchen is kind of a funny little set up and goes behind that wall a little bit. It's been an adventure. The fridge isn't working too well - we've gone through several 1/2 gallons of milk, each going chunky after about 2 days in the fridge. It's supposed to be fixed today - if they don't come I think I'll cry.
Here's the family room. Our Christmas present from Taylor's parents fits perfectly above the fireplace! It's a Russian impressionist painting of where Taylor served his mission (Ukraine/Crimean peninsula). We're too scared to try switching on the fireplace, for fear we'll blow up something.
We finally have a closet big enough to keep our clothes in the same place, and a connected bathroom with a toilet that flushes normally (ah, it's the simple things!). Our favorite feature has to be the phone jack conveniently located next to the toilet. If only we had a land line... I want to meet the person that thought that was a good idea.
Here's part of the other bedroom/office/music haven. So let's see - piles of music, Ben Harper poster, my viola, Taylor's guitar, and a Communist poster. That's pretty much the Turners in a nutshell.

New amenities for the Turners that we get a little too excited about (and things I've mentioned that I'm grateful for in my prayers): laundry room, porch, coat closet, and attached one-car GARAGE! We are blessed.

Anyway, we do have a second bathroom and air mattress, so you're all welcome to a free stay if you ever come to visit Vegas!

One last thing... I'm working on this presentation I have to do for BYU at the International Viola Congress in a couple of weeks and found this article in the stuff I've been archiving. It's from the '60s, and I thought it was hilarious.

Argh, long post. I need a job. :)

Sunday, May 18

Grandpa Jack

This is my Grandpa Jack Alex McDonald (my mom's father) on his mission in Sao Paolo Brazil. I absolutely love this picture because it shows how young he was! He has been on my mind a lot for the past two weeks, and so I wanted to share an important story about him that is very dear to my family. Mind you, this is the short-short-short version, to make sure that my shorter attention-span friends get a chance to read it. :) Oh, and sorry to cousins and uncles, etc. for not including all the details!

I've never known anyone who worked as hard as Grandpa, and I can only imagine what he must have been like as a missionary. I remember reading his mission letters and marveling at how sincere he was about wanting to do all he could to help the work move forward in Brazil. He begged and begged Church Headquarters for pamphlets, Books of Mormon, and other materials for the Brazilian people to have to better anchor the teachings of the missionaries (they were translating the Book of Mormon into Portuguese while he was serving).

In his long and faithful mission in Brazil, Grandpa only had one baptism - a Scottish immigrant to Brazil named Antony Aidukaitis (his companion performed the baptism). While he rejoiced in bringing one man into the Church, he still had some feelings of failure and disappointment.

Many many years later, around 1980, my Grandpa struggled as he saw my Grandma fade away in a fight with cancer. It was around this time that my Grandpa received a letter from Marcos Aidukaitis, the son of Antony Aidukaitis, thanking him for the work that he did in Brazil. Marcos was serving as a missionary, and described the strength of the Aidukaitis family in the Church. These sons went on to become Bishops, Stake Presidents, a Mission President, and Area Authority.

This past April Conference Elder Marcos A. Aidukaitis was called to the First Quorum of the Seventy. I wanted to jump up and shout "Hallelujah!" for Grandpa. In the Church News a couple of weeks ago Elder Aidukaitis mentioned the baptism of his father and the effect it has had on their family.

Doctrine & Covenants 18:15
"And if it so be that you should labor all your days in crying repentance unto this people, and bring, save it be one soul unto me, how great shall be your joy with him in the kingdom of my Father!"

At the baptism
Elder Jones (left), Antony Aidukaitis (center), Jack Alex McDonald (right)

Friday, May 16


ttt update:

1. We are now both in Henderson for good! I drove down Thursday and, to quote a t-shirt we once saw in Washington DC for someone's family get-together, it was "a more perfect reunion." Oh, except...

2. Taylor has the cold/flu. When he came home from work yesterday I was so excited to finally see him after 11 days that I about tackled him, not realizing he was loopy, dizzy, and (as I realized after a tight squeeze that felt like hugging a furnace) running a fever of 103. He still went into work today, but just returned home and went straight to bed. Hopefully a lot of rest will bring him back from the quasi-dead. Poor guy.

3. I spent the past 11 days in Salt Lake City watching old movies and "American Idol" with mom (David Cook or David Archuleta - I'm good with either!), time with the Turners and Lorenzo, tasty home cooking, and packing up my room. I finished my last two weeks of teaching school, put together a recital for my private students, and FINALLY finished organizing the Maurice W. Riley Collection at the Primrose International Viola Archive at BYU. Lots of work, not much play. I miss Salt Lake already! This picture it from my parents' front porch in the fall, with Mt. Olympus right there. I can't navigate a city without mountains as reference points!

4. Liz (Tally's sister) and Molly (Taylor's sister) are in Europe for the coolest BYU study abroad there is - a 6-week art history tour of Europe. Basically they started in Athens, worked their way to Rome, then all throughout Italy, Spain, and France (spending at least 3-4 days in each place - ahem, a WEEK in Rome!), and ending in London. My mom is flying to London to meet Liz there, and I'm trying to cure my jealousy by convincing myself that Europe and Las Vegas really aren't that different... maybe Monday I'll hit the strip and prove my point.

5. Still moving in, organizing, and figuring out where to hang things (argh, I am so indecisive! Liz, where are you?!?!) We need new bathroom rugs for the master bath, and the idea of having to pick a color, style, and type of rug absolutely terrifies me. To the left is my dream bathroom. Today I looked at rugs for like 15 minutes at T.J. Maxx - 2 for $20, which seemed like a good deal, but I got worried about spending $20 on rugs, and ended up leaving the department and buying a shirt for Taylor... for $20. I am awesome at spending money on groceries and people I love, but cannot come to terms with spending money on myself (groceries excluded, of course) or buy things that could be bought with Bed Bath and Beyond credit (except their rugs are an arm and a leg and a firstborn). I have issues. :)

6. Pictures to come, as soon as I can find the USB cord buried in one of the boxes I brought with me.

7. I love you all and am so excited for this new adventure, becoming a Nevader and all. That's my new term, and I swear it's going to catch on!

Tuesday, May 6

We're Alive.

We survived.

We are official Vegas residents (as in we're now actually living in the place that we've paid rent for since April 1st).

Taylor is hard at work helping defend a Casino for his first case, and I am up in Salt Lake finishing the school year, saying good-bye to my private students, and finishing my archiving project at BYU in the Primrose International Viola Archive. A week from Thursday we'll be reunited, and then I'll post all sorts of fun pictures of our new place.

I miss you, Taylor.

Found a picture of my parents and us, so had to include it now that they're aware of our blog too!