Monday, June 30


My parents came down Saturday night (because they love Taylor the most) and took us to the Beatles LOVE show at The Mirage. The effects were amazing! It was so incredible to see how their music evolved with the changing political and social climates throughout the years and watch Cirque d' Soleil interpret their music in such an artistic style. It made me want to listen to all our Beatles CDs for the next month. They were one incredible band - can you believe all of their hits?! The Cirque d' Soleil people were doing unreal things on skates, stilts, in the air, on trampolines... awesome.

It was our first time to the strip since we've moved to Nevada, and I think it was enough to sustain us for another year. Sorry to all of you who love Vegas, but we just don't get it! My only motivation to go to the strip again is to try the famous crepes at the Paris hotel.

My parents also delivered birthday presents for both of us from Salt Lake, and boy we were spoiled!

Taylor's birthday was Sunday! We celebrated with crepes, pot roast, and, for a second year in a row by Taylor's request, pineapple upside-down cake and coconut ice cream.
I gave him a pair of binoculars, a trail guide to Las Vegas/Southern Nevada, an iTunes gift card (he goes through those like crazy), and one of his favorite books - Dandelion Wine - of which there was not ONE single copy in Las Vegas (I had to have my parents find one in St. George). That, and we're headed to Coldplay in 3 weeks! Oh dang, back to the strip.

It's crazy to think that this is the third birthday Taylor and I have spent together.

{embarrassing, cheesy tribute as promised}

When we went on our first date I remember coming home and thinking "I need to be better." We had only cross-country skied for 3-4 hours, and he really had made an impression. I distinctly remember walking into my apartment after our date and thinking about all the things I wanted to improve about myself. I started cleaning and organizing!

When we started dating those feelings came more and more. I wanted to work harder in school, I wanted to be healthier, more organized in my finances (still working on that one), and more committed to living the gospel. Those feelings have not gone away.

Taylor is one of those people that doesn't preach to you or tell you what you need to change - even when I ask him to, he won't. But because of how he lives and the person that he really is, you can't be around him and not want to be a much better person.

He is so thoughtful and so supportive, especially in the past couple of months where even the thought of giving up my Utah license plate brings tears. He is so loving and brings so much peace into our home. I love him so much, and can't believe that I was so lucky to get him! I often tell Taylor that I'm the only thing keeping him from being translated.

I love you, Tay!
Happy 1 1/2 yr. Anniversary!Taylor on his 24th birthday in Kazakhstan.

Sunday, June 29


Today is Taylor's birthday!

Hooray for birthdays on the Sabbath that absolutely prohibit delving into the world of Real Property law, Torts, and Justiciable cases!

You're 27!

Embarrassing birthday post to follow in the next 24 hours.

Wednesday, June 25

The Little Russian Inside All of Us...

This past weekend Taylor and I worked on filling out our Russian Visa applications, which has been getting us REALLY excited about the Turner Family excursion to the motherland! Fortunately we're able to forgo the AIDS test, which involved needles and blood and everything Taylor loves. We're also getting ready to celebrate Tay's birthday on Sunday, and it made me remember a gift I gave him last year: a book from 1933 titled Brush Up Your Russian. Here's some fun images from it - it's very dated, which makes it hilarious.

Click on this next one to enlarge it.So here's some basic Russian for those of you who are like me and like impressing your husband at dinnertime - to prove that you did more than clean the kitchen floor (twice).


"My name is Tally"
Меня зовут Tally (insert your own name, or something cool like "Nastasia or Anya")
Mee-nya zavoot Tally

"My Russian is bad."
Я плохо говорю по-русски
Ya plokha gavaryoo pa Rooskee.

"Thank you"

"I don't understand."
Я не понимаю
Ya nee paneemayoo.

"Could you speak more slowly?"
Говорите, пожалуйста, медленнее

Gavareetye pazhalooysta myedleeney?

"Do you speak English?"

Вы говорите по-английски?
Vi gavareetye pa angleeskee?

"That's alright."
Не за что

До свидания!
Da sveedaneeya!

Lastly, the first phrase I learned in Russian, right as Taylor and I had started dating. My stand partner Eric taught me this during the intermission of a BYU Philharmonic concert, as Taylor was sitting in the audience. I can't spell it in cyrillic, so bear with the phonetic pronunciation:

Ty kok horasho vuiglyadishsya
OR, according to Tally...
tee coke hora-show vui-glee-a-deesh-see-ya

which means...

"You are looking GOOD!"

In other news, I was in charge of helping a naked German lady at Anthropologie yesterday.

Saturday, June 21

Lucky girl.

Friday was my birthday. Aaahh, it was so relaxing and absolutely fabulous. These pictures summarize the day:

Woke up to the smell of fresh banana pecan pancakes. Taylor wouldn't let me help, and forced me to go back to bed. Had a delightful breakfast together, and Taylor headed off to work.

I stayed in my gnome pajamas until 10:00 AM, talked to my mom and watched full episodes online of my new favorite show: MTV's "Legally Blonde the Musical: The search for the next Elle Woods". A cute, girly, CLEAN (thus far) show on MTV - watch it online, and miss all the MTV ads. So cute!

Ran 4 miles on the treadmill once the pancakes had been digested. I about killed myself. But I did learn that working out with old ladies is highly underrated.

Sat and wondered what to do with myself.

Cleaned & organized the fridge.

Sat and wondered what to do with myself
(but "What Not to Wear" was on - ha ha)

Cleaned the bathroom floor (also underrated).

Read some Einstein. Felt dumb. Switched to Sense & Sensibility (which I told myself I couldn't read until after I finished Einstein). Yeah, I'm on pg. 145 of Einstein. Page 145 of 100000000.

Talked to some old friends.
Sat wondering what to do with myself.

Taylor came home from work early! Opened presents! We both decided to get Coldplay tickets as a birthday present for both of us, since they're coming in a month. Taylor also renewed my subscription to Real Simple (hoorah!) and got me a cute toiletry bag that I wanted for our trip to Russia! I almost bought it like 2 weeks ago (on sale for $17, regularly $60!), but felt guilty and put it back. Yay for Taylor!
Dinner at Cheesecake Factory (a first for both of us), and the movie "Get Smart". Hurrah for Henderson movie theaters that force you to walk THROUGH a casino just to see a movie.
Blessed cheesecake.

A week from Sunday is Taylor's birthday!

Taylor, I love you! This was my favorite/best/most enjoyable birthday ever. Thanks for making my life so absolutely wonderful and treating me like a queen every single day. I love you!

Wednesday, June 18

Taylor must really love me.

Taylor had a blast in San Diego, and the entire trip cost him $2 (he bought an ice cream cone). Here's a picture of the game. By the way, I absolutely LOVE Petco Park. I love how the architect designed it to keep one of the old buildings in the area and incorporate it into the stadium. Awesome.
We celebrated his return by trying out the grill at our place. I should count how many pictures I have of Taylor posing with food. Come to think of it...

Here we go, in chronological order -
the pictures I've taken of Taylor with food

{ brace yourself }

June 2006 - Enjoying the most delicious french toast in the world at a cafe on Capitol Hill right before we saw the Supreme Court in session.

June 29, 2006 - Dupont Circle. Happy Birthday Taylor!

July 1, 2006 - My last day in DC. I took Taylor out for a fancy dinner at 701 Pennsylvania Avenue to thank him for the good times.

Fall 2006 - Engaged, and making lasagna in my little Provo kitchen.

December 25, 2006 - Christmas morning breakfast casserole. My family had already eaten, so we sat and watched Taylor eat.

December 29, 2006 - Checking out our cake before the reception.

January 2007 - came home from Salt Lake to find Taylor had made me dinner.
Oh, the Wyview days... memories...

February 2007 - Taylor really likes German pancakes.

March 2007 - Fried ice cream - YUM!

May 2007 - Living in Salt Lake for the summer, enjoying some cantaloupe.

June 2007 - Taylor found a Russian deli by our house and made us an authentic Russian/Ukrainian dinner - complete with potato dumplings, Ukrainian ketchup, and Borscht! It was actually really delicious.

August 2007 - Our last meal in Salt Lake before we head back to P-town.

Fall 2007 - Beef Wellington! It cost like a zillion dollars to make, but boy it was the best meal I've ever had.

December 25, 2007 - Quick Christmas Morning breakfast before we head to Salt Lake.

March 2008 - Taylor's amazing puff pastry omelette.

Boy, he's gotten pretty good at posing.

June 15, 2008 - Father's Day. To quote Taylor, "Turkey + Bacon = AWESOME"

Sunday, June 15

Happy Fathers Day!

Because we're stranded in the hot desert we're relying on the United States Postal Service to help our dads & grand-dads know how much they mean to us this year, it seemed fitting that we do a quick tribute to our dads.
Yes, this is my dad on the left, on a Harley trip with my uncle Max. My dad really is this cool. He does it all - motorcycling, dirt-biking, four-wheeling, road-biking, mountain-biking - anything with wheels, really. I grew up watching "Motor Trend" on Saturday mornings with him, and thanks to the years and years of informative television I can now identify just about every single car on the road, tell you about its engine, and how it stacks up against other cars.
My dad is a hard worker - we all know he doesn't really enjoy his job, even though he's pretty good at it. He has so much integrity. He is such an example to me of how to magnify your calling and do everything you can to serve. There were many snowy Sunday mornings when Dad would get up early and take the four-wheeler up to the Stake Center to plow, shovel, and salt the walkways even when it wasn't his responsibility. I love how quiet he is about his testimony - as my mom says, you never ever question whether he has a testimony because of the way he lives and serves.I was born with my dad's personality - we're both a little on the quiet side, and really like things done as efficiently as possible. Countless times my mom has said, "You are just like your dad," and I take that to be the best compliment.

Taylor and his dad are twins - when you look at the pictures of his dad at Taylor's age, they really are identical. Sometimes they even dress the same (not on purpose). Taylor's dad and my dad have worked in the same office for about 20 years. When Taylor and I started dating I got most of my information about where things were going from my dad when he got home from work. :)This man is the ultimate Renaissance man. Everything he does he does really, really well. He is a published poet, and loves literature. When Taylor and I were dating I saw him reading Persuasion one day, and I knew we'd get along fine. On top of being the most organized man on the face of the planet he is a world-class tennis player, incredible mountain/road biker, and marathon runner. He often comes home from work during lunch to ride his bike and be with his wife. That, and he could probably tell you about every worthwhile art gallery in the West.
There absolutely could not be a better father-in-law. He is so loving and supportive, and I can't tell you how many phone calls I've had from him just to say "Thank you," "Good job," or "Are you doing okay?" I miss our visits where he would make me not so panicky about the future and share his experiences with trials of faith and important life decisions. I have come to love and appreciate him so much, and I know he is exactly what Taylor wants to be.

We love you, Dad & Dad! Happy Fathers Day!

Thursday, June 12

Taylor gets a break

The Oldroyd fam at Petco Park August 2007

Taylor just left for San Diego. The partners at his firm decided to do an overnight trip to see the Padres/Dodgers game, and since he's the only associate they basically treat him like a partner. Yeah, just another day at work - fly to San Diego, go to a baseball game, hang out at the beach, chill at the Marriott, leave your wives in the oven that is Las Vegas. But after hours and hours (and hours) of studying it's nice to see Taylor take a break, even if he did bring along one of several 12-lb. Bar prep books.
So what will I be doing while he's gone? Today is my first day of work at Anthropologie! There's actually 2 in Las Vegas, and I'm working at the one that's NOT on the strip (hallelujah), but 5 minutes up the street at a place called The District. Hopefully I can start getting some students on the side and practice for auditions coming up in the fall.

Monday, June 9

International Viola Congress - Tempe, AZ

I was asked to present my work on the Maurice W. Riley Collection (within the Primrose International Viola Archive) at the International Viola Congress this year.  Saturday morning we left early and made our way to ASU for the International Viola Congress. Taylor studied for the Bar almost the entire way, which provided some interesting conversation topics. After a spell of carsickness we finally got to ASU and I attended a lecture, recital, and masterclass (Roland Vamos!) while Taylor got acquainted with the ASU library, which he says is reminiscent of a junior high school bathroom.

My viola is looking pretty red these days... I think he's feeling a little neglected. :(

It felt so good to be back in the music world and hear incredible performers and lecturers from all around the world (Korea, South Africa, Argentina, Germany...). I ran into my friend Megan who is now at Juilliard doing her masters degree in viola with Michael Tree AND competed in the William Primrose International Viola Competition at the Congress. I hadn't seen her since 2001 when we were gallivanting around Europe! The three of us got Thai food and afterward discovered that Mr. Phoebus (my Honda, same name as Edward Elgar's bicycle) had a fancy giant screw in a tire, resulting in a beautiful flat. After an evening of trying to find a tire shop open past 7:00 in Tempe on Taylor's iPhone and with Crismon on the internet in Salt Lake, we found Pep Boys, who fixed the tire in 20 minutes and for $13. Blessings!

Our stay at the "Lewis Estates" was like staying at the most luxurious bed and breakfast in the world. Uncle John and Aunt LaCinda outdid themselves. They honestly apologized for forgetting to put mints on the pillows! It seems we were constantly being fed amazing treats: frozen yogurt, brownies, crepes, fresh grapefruit from the backyard... an awesome stay with the most entertaining family in Gilbert. We wish we could have spent more time with them and also wish we took pictures! Sunday we went to Church, stuffed ourselves with spaghetti and caught up with Doug & Annie for like 5 minutes before we had to head back to ASU.

The presentation is over! Hooray! It was about my 2-year project putting together the "Maurice Riley Collection" as part of the Primrose International Viola Archive at BYU. Maurice Riley wrote the first and only history of the viola in 2 volumes, so I organized all his research, correspondence, drafts... everything. What was so cool is that his 3 sons all flew in from around the country to attend the Congress and hear my lecture. It was pretty emotional for me to talk about, especially with his family there, and in the end I was happy with how it all went down. Afterward we talked for a while, which was so thrilling for me. Me with the Riley brothers and my former viola teacher (and head of the Primrose International Viola Archive) David Dalton and his wife Donna.

We then headed straight back to Vegas after a 24-hour stay in Arizona. Thank heavens for Taylor who was and will always be the best driving companion and cheerleader. Love you, Taylor.

Thursday, June 5


It seems everyone's into eating healthy these days, which is absolutely awesome. One of the things I love about Henderson is that there's more places to shop for healthy, organic foods that don't cost an arm and a leg (hip hip hooray for Trader Joe's!). About 2-3 months ago I heard a lecture on NPR given at Abravanel Hall by Michael Pollan - I think some of you (or your parents) were there. Ever since I heard that lecture it has changed how I think about food. Here's the RadioWest interview with Doug Fabrizio (oh I miss dear Doug!).

So here's some things I learned:

- Don't eat foods with ingredients a second grader couldn't read.
- Shop around the PERIMETER of the grocery store (dairy, meat, produce). Avoid shopping in the center, where all the preservatives are.
- Eat the "quiet foods" (those poor foods without labels or marketing, a.k.a. PRODUCE!)
- Buy local. Support your nearby farmers market - that's where the healthiest stuff is, and the money goes straight to the farmers, not the marketing directors.
- If it won't go moldy eventually, don't eat it! (listen for the funny comments about the Twinkie)
- If your grandmother wouldn't know what it is, don't buy it.
- In a nutshell Pollan says "Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants."

So lately I've been working hard on making healthier meals with less meat (thank you, Becca) and more plants. :) You have to go to the store a little bit more, but it pays off! Last night was Tabbouleh from one of my favorite cookbooks and ladies, Ina Garten (Barefoot Contessa). Tonight we ventured into the world of Ratatouille, and it was EXCELLENT. What is Ratatouille, anyway? Ours turned out to be a scrumptious pizza-like cornmeal/wheat tart with tomatoes, zucchini, eggplant (scary looking but rather tasty), and FRESH BASIL. Yum yum. I used a springform pan instead of the fancy schmancy tart pan, and it worked great. I made Taylor pose like a food model.

He loves me.

Oh, but lest you think I'm some nutrition buff, I did buy this yesterday:
Come on, I grew up in a home full of Fruity Pebbles, Fruit Roll-ups, Top Ramen, M&Ms, and the infamous "treat cabinet"!