Sunday, December 20

When your flight is cancelled...

We did a little Temple & Tavern yesterday morning, hoping that would increase the odds of getting some Divine intervention with our travel situation.

We had a gift certificate to the Tavern on the Green (thanks to the Turners' home teacher), and had to use it before they close forever on December 31st.

This place is fancy. The ceiling looks like a wedding cake. That blur of a man is the Captain. He is in charge of dispersing the sticky buns and pain au chocolat. When we received our bill, there was a special line for us to give him a tip (he handled those rolls with such grace).

Right after this photo, I looked at my goblet of water and found someone else's lipstick on the rim.
Then the waiter brought out our soups and my soup spoon had someone else's breakfast on it.

The food was okay, but, yet again, another over-hyped restaurant known for its sentiment, rather than its cuisine.
Taylor was in a crazy mood! While making our way to the door, Taylor sang at the top of his lungs, "Goodbyyyyyyyyyeeee, Taaaaaavvvvveeeeerrrrnnnnnn!!!"

Maybe we saw the Christmas windows last night, too.

Hopefully 24 hours from now we'll be at the airport with confirmed seats on a confirmed flight direct to Salt Lake.

Friday, December 18

I guess snow is a big deal on the East Coast.

The East Coast is supposedly going to get slammed with snow, snow, snow today.

So what did Delta do last night? Cancel all flights for today (including our flight home).

We got bumped to an earlier flight that would supposedly miss the storm... and that flight got canceled about an hour later.

After spending over an hour on hold, and going through 2 Delta people, we found our flight home - in 3 days.

Too bad we emptied our fridge, did all the laundry, and packed everything yesterday. Now we have nothing to do but wait it out! :)

Wednesday, December 16

Brain Dump

  • Taylor is DONE with the first semester of his LLM program. One down, one to go!
  • We're headed to Jersey tonight to see the Jazz/Nets game with the Hansens and Johnstons. Let's hope the Jazz don't embarrass us like they did the other night against the Timberwolves.
  • Barefoot Contessa is now on Hulu.
  • Speaking of Hulu, I finally saw Glee, and about died. The finale is amazing!!!
  • Christmas gift ideas for Grandpas, anyone?
  • It's freezing out here. 30 degrees feels like 5 degrees. I haven't been this cold since Idaho.

Monday, December 14

Last week in NYC before Christmas

Taylor is almost done with finals - four down, one to go!

I don't care what class it is, a final exam should not be more than 6 hours long. Taylor sat at his computer for 6.5 hours - no breaks, nothing. That just isn't humane.

We took a quick break from studying Saturday night to enjoy Invictus and a 10:00 PM reservation at Serendipity III with some dear friends.

IMG_3542 (1)


Here's the extent of our Christmas decorations this year, and a grand tour of our luxury apartment. This picture adequately describes our lifestyle over the past 3 weeks.
Me: absorbed in all things Christmas.
Taylor: absorbed in like-kind exchanges, employee benefits, and all things tax (and finding tickets to the Jazz/Nets game to celebrate the end of finals).

Friday, December 11

The Nutcracker

Nutcracker 047.TIF
Ballet West's production of The Nutcracker
Growing up, my mom, sister, and I went to nearly every Ballet West season down at the Capitol Theatre in Salt Lake. We had the same seats. We started collecting autographed pointe shoes from our favorite ballerinas. Once we got home, we'd stuff the toes with kleenex, put them on, and dance in the entryway, using the banister as our barre.

The highlight of every year was The Nutcracker.

It was during the intermission of The Nutcracker in 1990 that we called my parents from the payphone at the Capitol Theatre - they were in the delivery room, and informed us that we had a new baby brother (we attended with my Grandma Mimi).

More than anything, I wanted to be in Ballet West's production of The Nutcracker. I tried out 5 years in a row, and finally made it as a Soldier the final year. I cried. I think my mom cried, too.

So when NYU offered students/spouses $20 tickets to the NYC ballet, I was ecstatic. Giddy. Humming excerpts to Taylor for the past week (poor guy). The last time I saw the NYC Ballet/Balanchine version, it was a VHS tape, starring Macaulay Culkin as The Nutcracker.

Granted, I sat on the second-to-last row on the top balcony, but it's the Koch Theater!
It did not disappoint. Definitely got teary during the Overture. It was interesting to see the Balanchine choreography after so many years of William Christensen's (which I think I prefer).
NYC Ballet's production
I'm determined to write a thank you/bravo note to the ballerina who danced the part of the Dewdrop in Waltz of the Flowers. All I had to say was "Dewdrop," and Taylor busted out laughing. That, and he thinks I'll sound like a creepy stalker.

all images via Google

Monday, December 7

sending out an s o s . . .

Need Christmas gift ideas. Badly.

I'm in great shape shopping for the girls, but shopping for men is a challenge. Every guide seems to think that all men care about is sports, beer, and grills.

Help! What are you getting the boys in your lives this year? Or what do you want this year?

Oh, and I may or may not have botched up Taylor's sideburns last night when he asked me to trim them. They're, uh, significantly shorter today.

Saturday, December 5

study, study, study

Yesterday we walked to the hospital at 5:30 AM to get the pins removed from Taylor's wrist. He's on the mend!
Finals start Tuesday, which means Taylor is a study machine.
All day.
Every day.
And I mean all day.

He has worked so hard throughout this rocky semester:
  • Get hit by a bike, spend 4 hours in the ER... then come home and study tax. (check)
  • Find out your arm is broken in two places... then come home and study tax. (check)
  • Have your scaphoid replaced, bone removed from your hip... then walk home and study tax. (check)
  • Have a second surgery for hardware removal... then walk home and study tax. (check)
It will be weird to finally be done with school and exams. Even during the year Taylor was working at the firm, he took 2 Bar Exams, so I don't remember a 6-month period in our marriage when Taylor wasn't studying for something. Maybe in 6 months we'll be at that point!

Krystle and I decided to ditch our studying husbands last night and see the Christmas Tree lighting at Bryant Park, broadcast live on QVC (I know, you were all watching)!
A great line-up, complete with synchronized ice dancing, an Eastern European 2010 Olympic ice skater, and, uh, enough vocalists (opera, broadway...). When did instrumental music become obsolete? The poor violinist, cellist, and pianist were stuck in their accompaniment roles!
This is what happens when you hand your camera to someone and say "Just push the silver button."

Maybe we walked the 8 blocks to see the real deal, too.

Tuesday, December 1

Thanksgiving Overload

Standing by a lot of little kids while watching a parade makes it so much fun. They get really excited about the characters (and they'll help you know who some of them are supposed to be).

We saw the missionaries outside Bryant Park after the Parade, and asked if we could take their picture and email it to their parents. A pack of NYPD policemen were standing nearby, and were happy to pose with the Elders.

Check out Taylor's best accessory for the holidays!
We had a great Thanksgiving dinner at the Central Park Boathouse, complete with a great view of the Lake and fall leaves, and TLC TV stars at the table next to us ("Are those the famous midgets?!").

Robby received his Endowment in the Manhattan Temple the day after Thanksgiving. He goes into the MTC in almost 2 months!



I wonder if my inability to smile in a photo is a family trait...

Finally, don't see 2012. We laughed through the whole movie. The closing line is "No more Pull-ups, Dad." Not pull-ups in a calisthenic sense. Pull-ups as in diapers.

john's pizza
shake shack (3 times)
amy's bread
central park boathouse (thanksgiving dinner)
rosa mexicana
city bakery (hot chocolate)
cafe habana (the BEST)

radio city christmas spectacular (rockettes) This was AMAZING
Uncle Jim's amazing hotel room at The Standard (straddles the High Line)
inflation of macy's parade balloons
macy's thanksgiving day parade
glenn beck
the little couple (they were at the table next to us at thanksgiving dinner)
2012 (who knew it was a comedy?)
tim burton exhibit at MoMA
white christmas on broadway
christmas windows

mood fabrics
ny cake & bakery
tinsel trading
daytona trims & braids
dylan's candy bar
nyu bookstore
canal street (my dad is a pro)

Monday, November 30

Thanksgiving in New York

Here's a taste.


More to come.

Sunday, November 22

You already know we're nerds, so this shouldn't shock you.

Saturday I worked the afternoon away on 5th Avenue.

(I helped Rachael Ray!)

Got home before 8:00 pm to find the table set, dinner in the oven. The one-armed man had made dinner.

Then we hopped on the subway to Tribeca for a short stroll, and visited this exhibit at the World Financial Center. Sculptures made of canned food (donations to the food bank), all with clever titles full of puns. Taylor's favorite was PumpCAN Pie.

The only thing that I thought was missing was a sculpture of Obama, titled "Yes we CAN!"

Our families gets here Tuesday!

Wednesday, November 11


I know you're all anticipating the clips of Broadway Man, but we're waiting on appropriate video footage.
This week we will have had 7 different relatives in the City from all 4 sides of our family.
We enjoyed the High Line, Chelsea, SoHo, and the Staten Island Ferry with Melinda & Jason.
Yes, she is a supermodel (and supermom).

My uncle Matt was here for a meeting Tuesday. We couldn't meet up, but made him promise he would go to Shake Shack before he left.

Dana & James are here on business, and Dana and I wandered 5th Avenue (Veterans' Day Parade!), FAO Schwartz, and the Fabric/Trim District all afternoon today. Unfortunately I only took one picture, and it was of the back wall of Tinsel Trading.

Christoph & Emily are here this weekend... and perhaps we'll fit in some Shake Shack.

And two weeks from tomorrow we will be sitting down at a table for eleven for Thanksgiving Dinner with both our families in Central Park.

Friday, November 6


This morning Taylor and I woke up early for a pilgrimmage to the Doughnut Plant on the Lower East Side (okay, only a 15 minute pilgrimmage). This was Taylor's reward for making it through a week of class after his surgery. We've wanted to try these doughnuts for almost a year now, ever since we saw it featured on the Travel Channel. Yes, we're nerds.
The flavor options did not disappoint (crème brûlée? coconut creme? pumpkin?), but the place is a little over-priced and over-hyped when it comes down to taste.

Then it was time for the Yankees' Victory Parade! I braved the cold and headed to Wall Street to meet up with friends (though we never found each other - it was too crowded!). I went a little crazy with my camera, and took over 100 pictures.
DSC_7890 (1)
It was a sea of BLUE.

Big Bird was there!



My view of the parade (and I got there an hour early).

While headed up to work, three old men came on the subway car and started singing for money. When they realized they weren't making a lot of money with their augmented-4th harmonization, they started "Take Me Out to the Ballgame." People started singing along, and by the end of the song the entire car was singing and cheering for the Yankees.

I immediately called Taylor once I was out of the subway - "I just had a New York Moment!"

Speaking of New York Moments, I forgot to post this - last Saturday I found these signs posted all around the pharmacy. I know East Coasters like to pronounce Halloween "Holloween", but I didn't know they spelled it differently, too!

The next installment chronicles our next door neighbor, the Broadway hopeful with the constipated voice (oh, the sound clips!). Stay tuned.

Monday, November 2

Halloween in the Village

Greenwich Village is the place to be on Halloween. Here's some pictures I snapped while running errands:
I saw this as I came out of the Bigelow Pharmacy.

Inside Sweetiepie (the CUTEST little restaurant)

The psychic lady on the corner was handing out candy (she has a crystal ball and everything!). She must be looking for new, younger clients.

This couple lives in the cutest house across the street from The Little Owl (which, I found out, is the location of "Central Perk" and Monica Geller's apartment on Friends). They were so darling - I stopped and chatted with them for a while.

Later that night I sneaked out for a few minutes to catch the Greenwich Village Halloween Parade - the biggest Halloween event in the City. It was INSANE and pouring rain, so I didn't take a lot of pictures.
The parade going up 6th Avenue.

My view of the parade.

Best costume of the night.

Taylor survived.

His scaphoid (bone in his right wrist) is now mostly made of bone from his right hip.

The surgery was a little more intense than planned, and required a little more hardware. It turns out Taylor's scaphoid had all but turned to mush after two months of no treatment for the fracture.

We walked to St. Vincents, and walked home from St. Vincents (did I mention that Taylor is hard core?). An hour later, the anesthesia had faded, and it was Percocet time (I owe the Pharmacist cupcakes for bumping Tay's prescription up to the front of the line).

Poor Taylor didn't leave the apartment for over 48 hours, barely able to walk, and trying to keep his right arm elevated. His fingers are swollen to the size of hot dogs, and a fun yellow/citron color. He made the trek to class tonight, which is huge progress.

One month until finals.

Monday, October 26

Mini kitchen (and recipe overload)

This was my walk to the library on Friday.
I love New York!

I spent Friday at the Union Square Greenmarket with some friends, and for $8 I got a butternut squash, gourds, pumpkins, fresh cider, and 3 pounds of apples.

We did a LOT of cooking and baking this weekend.
This is our mini-kitchen. Yes, that is our refrigerator. It is awesome. We have learned that cold water is a luxury (don't get me started on ice). That is our mini oven. That is our square foot of counter space (we are trying a week without the dish rack to see if it helps). It's crazy when you get both of us in there cooking - this was definitely built as a kitchen for one!

The kitchen and I spent some quality time together this weekend (Taylor has his first final tomorrow). Here's what we put together over the past 3 days:

Butternut Squash Harvest Bisque (recipe was posted a year ago here)
Amish bread
Apple Pie (we made it for someone else, but we LOVE this recipe!)
Halloween sugar cookies
Pumpkin Gnocchi with Sage Brown Butter (YUMMY)

Recipes follow. Enjoy.

Amish White Bread
This bread has zero nutritional value, but makes your apartment smell divine.

1 c. water*
1/3 c. sugar* (I used 1/4 c. plus some honey)
2 1/4 t. yeast* (1 packet)
3/4 t. salt^
2 T. vegetable oil^ (or canola)
3 c. flour

Dissolve *. Add ^, then flour. Rise for one hour. Knead 5 minutes, then let rise for 30 minutes, or until one inch above the pan. At this point, it is advised that you do not get impatient with the dough and toss it back onto the counter in contempt. This will cause the dough to deflate, and double the necessary rising time (not that I would know). Bake @ 350 for 30 minutes.

Apple Pie
This recipe is SOOO easy!

Any pie crust recipe (make sure it makes 2 crusts). I like to add a little cinnamon & sugar.
8 Granny Smith or McIntosh Apples, peeled, cored, sliced.
1/2 c. butter (1 stick)
3 T. flour
1/4 c. water*
1/2 c. sugar*
1/2 c. brown sugar*

Melt butter. Add flour, combine. Add *, and bring to boil. Reduce to simmer while you fill your unbaked pie crust with sliced apples. Form lattice crust over apples (my favorite part!). Carefully pour caramel sauce over the entire pie.

Bake @ 425 for 15 minutes, then reduce temperature to 350 and bake 35-40 more minutes. The sauce caramelizes on the crust, and is so good!

Sugar Cookies
This is for a soft cookie recipe - they taste like the pink frosting cookies!
Warning: this makes a TON. I usually halve the recipe, a little over 2 dozen cookies.

1 1/2 c. sugar*
1 c. sour cream*
1 c. cold butter*
1 egg*
1 t. vanilla (I double this, and add 1 t. almond extract)*
1 t. baking soda^
1/2 t. salt^
4 1/2 c. flour^

Combine * in large bowl. Combine ^ in smaller bowl. Combine * and ^ in large bowl.
Bake @ 425 for 5-7 minutes.

This recipe gets a more glossy/hardened frosting, though cream cheese frosting is awesome with these cookies.
1 c. powdered sugar
2 t. milk
2 t. light corn syrup
1/2 t. almond extract

Pumpkin Gnocchi with Sage Brown Butter Sauce
We cheated and bought our Pumpkin gnocchi at Murray's Cheese ($3!), and then sauteed them in the brown butter sauce with fresh Parmesan.
Sauce recipe here.