Tuesday, January 27


It's Bar season again. Taylor is so happy, he skips and whistles wherever he goes. Luckily the Utah Bar is easier than the Nevada Bar, but it's still not the most enjoyable thing to be studying again. The great state of Utah makes you retake the multiple-choice portion (the same nation-wide) even if you have already passed another State Bar. Yuck. A month from now it will all be over (and we'll be drinking frozen hot chocolates at you-know-where).

A couple of weeks ago I strolled through Pottery Barn on my way to Anthro and found this finial-esque creation on sale for $15 - regularly almost $100. I thought it was pretty cool (it's like 2 1/2 feet tall), and bought it. The cute lady reminded me it was not returnable because it was a sale item. I took it home after work, and placed it on our entertainment stand with pride. I thought it looked pretty cool (mind you, we still had Christmas decorations up).
Taylor came home that night, took one look at it, and the conversation went something like this:

"What IS that thing?!" (a combination of confusion/terror/disgust)

(Judging from his response, I recalled the words, "Thank you for shopping at Pottery Barn. This item is non-returnable.")

"I, uh, um, thought I'd sell it on eBay."

Taylor hates it. I have little confidence in my decorating taste to keep it around. So... how do I describe this thing on eBay? What would you say it is? It actually opens up and has "storage space" in the middle. Melon holder? Time capsule? I like to hold it out and pretend I'm jousting. The top portion could make a really cool hat.

Saturday, January 24

The classiest blog on the block

. . . and "class" is a relative term (and we won't say which block).
We hit the one-year mark of blogging this past Thursday.

What a great year it has been. A lot has changed, but the important things have remained constant.

Thanks to all of you who still come back to this blog on a regular basis. I don't know why you do, with all our posts on mullets, Damborees, the beauty of Ogden, Chuck Norris... you didn't know the Turners were so classy, did you? Looking over the old posts, I can't help but think, "Why do people even check this blog anymore?"

Here's to another year of wasting your time (and occupying mine - heaven knows, I have a bit more than I'm used to).

Tuesday, January 20


Friday night we sat around with no plans, and in our boredom a $1 Trader Joe's whole wheat pizza crust turned into the TTT Iron Chef competition. We split the pizza dough in half and had 20 minutes to create our best pizza.

Maybe if practicing law doesn't work out, Taylor could be the next Iron Chef host?
Taylor opted for the classic tomato sauce, mixing in some crushed pineapple and a wide selection of cheeses. I opted for a white pizza with zucchini, spinach, and tomatoes. In the end it was a tie, but Taylor won "Best Crust" - stuffed with mozzarella and garlic butter. Yum!

Saturday we headed to the "Valley of FI-YAH!" (in the words of Taylor), pretty much half-way to St. George. This place is gorgeous! We saw so many petroglyphs, and went on every "hike" in the park. The sky was incredibly blue, and the weather was in the high 60s (sorry, Midwest friends). A day well spent.T & T at Elephant Rock (picture taken by a U fan, in case you were wondering what sort of amazing intelligence contributed to its beauty).

Hooray for Obama!Where can I find a recording of the John Williams arrangement? Wasn't it beautiful?

Sunday, January 18

B-Day Wishes For "Maaaam"

Happy Birthday, Mom.

You won't read this 'til mid-February,
because you're on vacation
That being said, now we can embarrass you as much as we want.

You've always been known as the "cool, hip" mom, and from the time I was in 1st grade, I wanted everyone in my class to know that you were my mom (I thought it made me cooler). You have such amazing energy that's carried you through 42 marathons, a million hours of tennis, and will take you up to the top of Kilimanjaro (come 2010 - take me with you!).

Thanks for loving your little nerd of a daughter, sitting through hundreds of hours of viola lessons at 6:00 AM and thousands of hours of viola practice (and some viola music is not pretty).

I'll never forget the day you showed me the picture of you at age 12 on a roller coaster: "See Tally, I was uglier than you!"
I pulled out my 6th grade picture, and we looked like identical twins (Note: I will not be posting that 6th grade picture).

Most importantly, thanks for helping me get out of my "I'm a loser" phase, and into the "I am good and cute enough to marry the best man on the planet" state of mind (even if he's a BYU fan).

The hardest part of being in Nevada isn't the fact that it's Nevada - it's missing out on all the movies, lunch outings, reading US Weekly, and sitting up late in your office with Liz until we get too tired (or hyper) to keep talking.

Anyway, Happy Birthday.

Love ye.

and thanks to everyone who endured all the cheese.
I promise the next post will be more entertaining.

Monday, January 12

tiggity taggity

Lorri tagged me with the picture thingy-ma-doodle. Fourth folder, fourth picture.

Yep, that's me, bottom left, with my eyes closed. That should prove my honesty with this tag. I look like I'm 12 (still do).

This picture was taken on the drive back to Rexburg, mid-May 2003, after the closing concert of the BYU-Idaho Chamber Orchestra tour of the Northwest. I guess only 9 of us were willing to return to Rexburg. on a bus. at midnight.

School was out, and all of my belongings were stuffed into my Jeep, so my "twin" Mindy and I (bottom right) stayed at Brother Ashton's house that night (how many of you can say you've spent the night at your professor's home?) and drove home to Salt Lake early the next morning. I miss those morning drives from Rexburg to Salt Lake, when you could see the sun rise over the Tetons in your rear-view mirror.
Anyway, still plugging along here in Henderson. Mid-60 degree weather this week. Taylor and I played tennis outside on Saturday in t-shirts and shorts. So this is January?

Tuesday, January 6

Torture (with a capital T)

Someone - I won't say who - proposed the idea of going off sugar for the entire month of January - a kind of post-holiday detox. A kind of family challenge.

The reason I committed to the plan?

Taylor doesn't think I can do it.

Well, it's day 6, and let me just say I have had to remind myself of this commitment at least 2 dozen times a day. I've decided to follow Taylor's modification and the rules are no desserts, candy, chocolate, and the like. So for the past week, this has been my "candy":I'm not like Joey in Friends who sits with a jar and spoon, but I have probably eaten an entire loaf of bread on my own due to this delicious jam. So I ask you, which is healthier? No dessert, or the toast diet?

Monday, January 5

lessons learned.

We had a great week - our 2nd anniversary, New Year's Eve with Ryan & Jamie (Jamie, you are the perfect hostess), an incredible U game, and a visit from my family + Dave the great. They came out to deliver our Christmas presents that didn't fit on the plane... and see a magic show.

So here's what we've learned this week:

1. Even if you agreed not to get gifts for each other, your husband will still be sneaky and get you flowers for your second anniversary.
"Um... I bought your favorite Sun Chips?"
2. If you happen to be a commentator on ESPN or CBS, don't call the game for Alabama before the game has even started. It was awesome to see them completely flip/flop after the first quarter.

3. The buffet may look tasty, but know your limits. "Liz, you better stop - you're going to get sick." (and she did - get sick, that is.)
Vegas buffets and fasting don't go together. I bonded with the bathroom sink yesterday, if you know what I mean. However, throwing up really is the instant cure.

4. If you see this on your way into a magic show, take it as a warning sign.
5. Taylor enjoys the strip as much as he enjoys having his teeth pulled.