Wednesday, September 30

Called to Serve...

This was my parents' house last night:

If you look closely, you can see us on the computer screen.

How about Papeete, Tahiti - speaking Tahitian?


robby, liz, tally
My little (and only) brother Robby opens his mission call today.
The poor guy has to wait until 10:00 pm to open it (midnight our time). He's opening it with his friend Andrew, whose parents are in Norway serving as Mission Presidents. That means there will be about 5 different laptops at our house pointed at these boys. Thank heavens for Skype!

Sunday, September 27

Hamptons Marathon

The Proof:

Footage courtesy David Hansen, the nicest person on the planet (next to Lorri).

This trip was amazing. I spent most of the time staring out the car window, sounding like a broken record - "This place is amazing! Look how beautiful! I love that house! Amazing! Look at the coast! Water! Oh, that house! Look at that!"

We stayed in Montauk, a small fishing village at the end of Long Island. After dinner we went out to the Montauk lighthouse and watched all the fisherman pack up for the night.

Aerial view of Montauk Lighthouse via Flikr

The course was spectacular - along the coast, down wooded lanes... so beautiful.

65 degrees, sunshine, light breeze... perfect.

Molly DOMINATED. Really. 3:27?! That is insane. She WON her age group and more than qualified for Boston. As in the Boston Marathon. Incredible.


Taylor ran a strong half, even without his watch to keep his pace (oops). An inspirational survival story - from 6 staples and a gimpy arm, to speed demon.

I had the time of my life. I didn't hit "the wall" until mile 25. I finished at 3:47 (missed Boston by 7 minutes, but met my goal of running in under 4 hours). I felt great - no pain the entire time. I had no idea running a marathon was such an emotional experience!

By some miracle the car rental place was 2 blocks from our apartment and 30 steps from Yogurtland on Bleecker. Molly and I took a second trip to Yogurtland on the way home from dinner.
This is what got us through the marathon. Obviously our healthy eating habits were thrown out the window.

Special thanks to David & Lorri for coming to see us finish and DOCUMENTING it!

Saturday, September 26

So much to say...

Ran a marathon in the Hamptons today with Molly Kate (Tay did the Half Marathon).

It was amazing.

I completely get why people spend millions to have a house in the Hamptons. I want one.

Taylor is an amazing driver in Manhattan.

We are going to Yogurtland again tonight (we just went).

Molly Kate is here. I might not let her leave.

Anyone want to go to Martha on October 14? They just offered me more tickets.


Pictures and details to come.

Tuesday, September 15

Husband-less Wives Club

Every week Taylor gets an email from NYU, announcing ticket discounts for students, free tickets, etc. Two weeks ago there was a short blurb on the Martha Stewart Show. I sent in an email, and filled out the application. It asked if I was part of a group. I thought about the girls who I would take with me to the show - all of us have husbands who either work insane hours or are in school.


The Husband-less Wives Club was born.

I soon got a phone call from the Martha Show, offering me as many tickets as I wanted. When we showed up they called me by name, and said we could come back whenever we wanted. Then they took us to our seats on the front row...

I thoroughly enjoyed being in front of the drunk PTA group.
The set is beautiful. I coveted her cooking gear and appliances, and could not help but contrast her kitchen with my current cooking corner/haven. Oh, to have a blender! :)

Martha swag! When I found out that Eric Ripert was going to be on, I was slightly star struck.

By the way, Martha is dang skinny. Her legs are like toothpicks!

Again, the episode airs tomorrow (Thursday). Unfortunately, I'll be at work.

Lizzie gives a perfect description of the day on her blog here.

Monday, September 14

I had to copy you, Lizzie. It was a brilliant idea!

Tune in this Thursday, September 17th to the Martha Stewart Show. You might see a few husband-less wives on the front row.

Friday, September 11

Fashion's Night Out

Anna Wintour was kind enough to invite us to Fashion's Night Out last night, the kick-off for NY Fashion Week. As luck would have it, all the events I really wanted to see were happening nearby in SoHo, so a bunch of us husband-less wives hit the town.

We saw Erin from The City,

and as we stood around on Spring Street watching the craziness going on inside Intermix (courtesy of Sienna Miller), a black Escalade pulled up right in front of us, stopping traffic. The paparazzi swarmed around, and 5 minutes later we were standing 5 feet away from Rihanna.

photo via People Magazine

The black hood on the right is Rihanna. When she showed up things got CRAZY (but she only stayed at the party for 10 minutes).
Other highlights: Free manicures at Chanel (you can imagine what the store smelled like), hors d'oeuvres at Prada, live mannequins at Penguin (creepy), free vodka at Reiss, mannequin painting at Intermix, and lots and lots of weird outfits. Unfortunately not very many people were actually shopping (the purpose behind the fĂȘte - poor Anna), most were there to enjoy the celebrity sightings, DJs, and free drinks. :)

The low point was when we couldn't get into Marc Jacobs. He was there! I walked up to the doors trying to act like a cool New Yorker, when the security guys promptly shut them in front of me, with this look like, "Yeah... right." I guess you had to be famous to get in. It was tragic, but an amazing night. Next year I'm headed to Bergdorf's.

Tuesday, September 8

This past week...

...we saw Peter Grimes in HD at the Lincoln Center Plaza,

saw the Mets play the Cubs,

experienced Economy Candy (and Taylor got his 1988 & 1989 baseball cards),

had a Sunday picnic in Central Park,

got our free Chick-fil-A sandwiches,

and enjoyed our Labor Day in beautiful Princeton, New Jersey with Dave & Lorri!
and yes, Taylor and I wore matching outfits (not on purpose).

Wednesday, September 2

Our little corner of NYC

This is at the end of our block. "Hello, New Jersey!" (name that movie)

Or, as Sarah Palin would say, "I can see [New Jersey] from my house!"

This is our running trail, or the scene of the crime.

This is Taylor's route to NYU.

If you walk 3 minutes from our place (yes, I timed it) you are in the middle of all these gorgeous historic townhouses and in front of Martha Stewart's favorite restaurant, The Little Owl.

image via Google

Be sure to turn around and look at the narrowest house in New York City at 75 1/2 Bedford Street. 9 1/2 feet wide (it used to be the carriage house for the townhouse next to it). It's for sale, but you'll need $2.7 million.

Walk 5-6 minutes more, and you're at Washington Square Park.

Wave to Taylor as you pass the law school...

image via Google

Walk through the park, pass all the people watchers, and stop in front of the Memorial Arch to look down 5th Avenue.

Head down 5th, take your first right, go through the gate, and you're in the Washington Mews, the cobblestone street that's home to NYU's French program.

This concludes our tour for today. Tips are appreciated.