Saturday, March 28

Mr. T

I was gone for most of the day - spent the morning at a Suzuki recital uptown, and the rest of the afternoon at a dress rehearsal for our symphony concert tomorrow. The recital got out late, and in desperation I called Taylor, who met me at the concert venue with my viola and music... and a healthy lunch.

I came home at 4:00 to a house smelling of freshly-baked carrot cake, sparkling bathrooms, empty laundry baskets, and a husband frosting cupcakes in the kitchen. Made from scratch.

I picked a good one.

Wednesday, March 25

Wednesday - 3:02 pm.


Monday, March 23

Hey, Mr. DJ

Taylor and I spent Friday night in St. George with my family. On the way back from an amazing dinner at Scaldoni's, we were busy mocking my Dad's 70's music. Dave asked my Dad some technical question about stereophonic sound and vinyls. I thought it was just because my Dad knows everything about everything (and he really does). Liz asked, "Did you learn that from your DJ days?"

I thought it was Liz joking around, and laughed out loud until Liz got really excited and said, "No! Tally! We found out a couple of weeks ago that Dad really was a DJ!"


So we spent the entire drive home hearing my dad tell us his stories of being a DJ. A real, professional DJ. As in he rented out the Salt Palace, the Hotel Utah, Snowbird, and even DJed for skiing competitions. He told us about one event they did where they had like 5,000 people show up.

The name?

Disco America.

Monday, March 16

For the Record -

The last semester of my undergraduate years was spent student teaching in Salt Lake City at a local high school. I didn't have a very full schedule, and started getting bored, so I helped teach orchestra at a nearby junior high school every other afternoon.

Mr. Watson was out of town one day, and had asked that I take over the class while the substitute teacher monitored. I showed up and started tuning violins, making conversation with the 7th grade girls while fixing greasy A-strings and warped bridges. Class was about to begin.

"Excuse me, but could we save social hour for in-between classes?" the substitute asked.
"Alright girls, back to your seats, let's get started," I said as I handed back a violin.
"I suggest you get to your class, dear. The bell rang, and you're late."
All the girls were getting settled in the 2nd violin section. Who was she talking to?
"You'll see your friends at lunch. Get to your class."
She was talking to me.
From the back of the room one of the violinists panicked and exclaimed, "But she's our teacher! You can't make her leave!"

Yes, she thought I was a seventh grader. I was 21 going on 22 at the time.

A couple months ago at Anthropologie one of the customers asked me if I was wearing a fake wedding ring.
"That's not real, is it? I mean, you can't be more than 16 years old."

I'm told that when I'm in my mid-forties, I'll appreciate the fact that I look a great deal younger than my actual age. I'm not appreciating it now, when half of my Beehive class looks older than I.

Allow me to share with you one of my biggest pet peeves. On an almost-daily basis, I am called Dear, Sweetie, Honey, Cutie, and even Little One. Yes, I have been called Little One (and in the past year).

I try all sorts of things to not look like I'm 14 - I don't wear Hannah Montana shirts, or anything with sparkles. But when someone calls me Sweetheart or Cutie, I feel like I'm 12. Especially when they use the chirpy, high-pitched, rainbows-and-hopscotch voice. I want to exclaim, "I'm 25! I might even be older than you!"

Today I was excited to go to the Post Office. I'm getting through the final stages of a cold, and so my voice sounds like Barry White crossed with a chain-smoking version of Rachael Ray. Maybe, just maybe, I won't treated like a 12-year old. Today's weapon of choice: "Sweetie Pie." I spent the entire drive back from the Post Office wondering what I can possibly do to look older. Should I chop my hair (something I've done several times in the past to try and look older)? Should I dress like a grandma and wear orthopedic flesh-toned lace-ups with nylons?

I fear the day that I am pregnant, and the sort of reactions that will bring from people.
"Oh, it's okay, honey. Bristol Palin made it through, and you will too."

{end vent session}

Wednesday, March 11

Grandma Dorothy

Today is my Grandma Dorothy's birthday (my mom's mother). She would be 87 years old today. I know I've probably mentioned her before on this blog, but I really, really love my Grandma. She passed away before my parents were married, but I've felt close to her throughout my life.

One of my treasures is a copy of her diary from age 15 to 19 years old. It makes me want to go back in time to the early 40s! She is hilarious.

Here are some of my favorite passages:

"April 30, 1938 - Washed my hair & I look like a South Sea Islander. So, I stayed home tonight. I knew I shouldn't wash it with three eggs."

"July 27, 1938 - Memoranda - This month I am wearing Kenny's ring - Wilford's ring and pin and Bob's bracelet (Don't tell Audry). But I still like Merv."

"June 4, 1939 - Oh! Did my heart jump when Don sang and played his guitar. I love Spanish music. But oh, did Pierce look nifty."

"November 25, 1939 - He came tonight. We went to Coconut Grove. He looked darling in his overcoat - white scarf. Perfect dancer. He kissed me! Oh! I think it's ___. If only he likes me. I've never enjoyed myself at Cuvy's as I have tonight. We dance heavenly together..."

"February 4, 1940 - The fellows in the ward are surely dead. You have to go out to meet exciting fellows."

"February 11, 1940 - Frederico & Pierce came today. We went to Mexican Branch to church & then down to Provo - taking him home. Boy! That one polite goodlooking mex was surely swell. I'd love to dance with him."

"June 4, 1941 - Tonight I read the Book of Mormon and tried to get my talk on Brotherly Love. They would get me that subject! As if I know anything about it."

"September 29, 1941 - Am on Ether in the Book of Mormon. It is really very interesting. Gosh, it makes me feel that religion is far more important."

"December 6, 1941 - Gee! I like Jack. We get along beautifully." (she would marry Jack)
Happy Birthday, Grandma.

Tuesday, March 10

Act now.

Supposedly HBO is either producing or soon airing an episode of Big Love containing sacred LDS Temple ceremonies.

The LDS Church issued this statement yesterday.

My heart started pounding. I sent my comment to HBO, requesting the removal of such content from production. I emphasized the sacred nature of the Temple, and focused on the fact that the LDS Church is in no way associated with those who practice polygamy.

Please take 15 minutes and send a comment to HBO (and if you're currently a subscriber to HBO, I would suggest cancelling that subscription). We need to stand up and defend our Church, and protect these sacred ordinances from being defiled.

To send your comment, click here.

Sunday, March 8

Style notes

We're moved in! Even though it was only across the street, it was still a pain. But it's nice to be done and have a fresh start, organized cabinets, and clean carpet. Ah, the simple things.

All the packing, sorting, and organizing resulted in a large load of donations to the DI. Every time I take old clothes to the DI, I fantasize about seeing someone wearing my donated clothes someday in the grocery store. Wouldn't that be a great conversation starter: "Hey, I like your sweater, but disliked it enough to take it to the DI. That's cool - we should be friends." or "Hey, I had my first kiss in that shirt. That stain at the bottom is from the best meatball sandwich I ever ate." Someday that will happen - I am determined!

This weekend was Stake Conference, our first experience with a broadcast from the Brethren in Salt Lake. It was wonderful to not be hauling boxes, but sitting and listening to such wonderful speakers. We have a living Prophet on the earth, Thomas S. Monson. I love hearing his stories of service and faith, and hope I can have the incredible memory that he has at his age! The congregational hymn was what else but How Firm a Foundation. (!)

When it came time for the closing prayer, I bowed my head and saw this:
Yep, one brown shoe, one black shoe.

Unfortunately I had to stay after for some meetings. When I came home, Taylor had the camera out and ready to go.

Unfortunately, this wasn't the first time.BYU, 2005.

Monday, March 2

A Bar, an escapade, Kazakhstan, and the deceptive realtor.

There's something in that title for everybody.

The Utah Bar came and went, leaving Taylor with the warm fuzzies and love for writing essays for 8 hours. Taylor awoke from his study coma in time for us to spend the weekend with some of our best friends (the "39ers" minus Waters & the Spencers) at an undisclosed location. It was the best weekend trip in the history of all TTT weekend trips, and Taylor's parents made it all possible (thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!).

The highlight for me was when Taylor turned to me one afternoon and said, "This is really fun!" That's all you're going to get as Taylor has forbidden me to write about our trip on this blog. I had to sneak a few pictures (we saw Superman!).

We finally got our hands on a copy of Taylor's article that was published in the Columbia Journal of Eastern European Law. It is so rewarding to see it published after witnessing his thorough researching and months of editing. I knew he was a brilliant man when I married him, but reading through the 41 pages of the history of religious freedom in Kazakhstan makes me realize how much information he stores up in that head of his.No, our place wasn't auctioned off this morning at 10:00 AM, but we're moving this Saturday. The housing dispute continues with Realtor Lady (bless her heart). It's times like these when I'm really glad I'm married to an attorney.