Monday, May 25

Very un-Vegas

We had a splendid un-Vegas weekend.
Here's some pictures I pulled off Taylor's phone.

Enjoyed a free outdoor concert off the strip by Delfeayo Marsalis, a very talented jazz trombonist (hello, he's a Marsalis). An hour into the concert we realized we were sitting in a cockroach hotbed (one got in my shoe).

Today we found a riverbed (with water actually running in it - amazing how rare those are here), snow, and trees while hiking to Big Falls (way to go with the creative names, Nevada) near Mt. Charleston.

We got back to our car and found a beautiful pink $190 parking ticket for parking on a dirt road (along with 2 dozen other cars). No "No Parking" signs in the entire canyon.

I was missing this tradition today.

It's just not Memorial Day when you're not in Spanish Fork with all the McDonald cousins.

Wednesday, May 20

Back in the BYU days, Taylor and I attended a lecture series once a week at the BYU Museum of Art as part of the exhibit "Beholding Salvation" (a collection of images of Christ from around the world). It was there that we fell in love with the art of J. Kirk Richards. This past Sunday we noticed he won an award at the Church's International Art Competition this year. We spent a good half hour on his website.

Someday, when we have thousands of dollars to spend on art, we will buy this painting:

Every Knee Shall Bow (Click for zoom)

Other paintings by J. Kirk Richards:

Mary & Martha


The Last Supper

I want this Kershisnik, too (and many others):

Woman with Infant Flying
This painting has made me cry multiple times.

Tuesday, May 19

Current Favorites (what do you know, a post not about New York)

1. Mochi ice cream @ Trader Joe's.
These were our reward for our 10-mile run this past Saturday. We were first introduced to mochi (a Japanese rice cake made from rice paste) by Taylor's dad at the Mitsuwa Marketplace in San Diego. These mochi are filled with ice cream - we love the mango flavor. Our kids are going to be fat, because the only form of motivation that I'm good at is motivating with food.

2. Target Tees
Oprah swears by Adam+Eve's white tee for $48, but the Mossimo Black Label t-shirts are the perfect cut, and only $6. No high/strangling neckline, the sleeves aren't too long or too short, they're not see-through, and they're looong. I love them.

3. Homemade Bread
Our cousin Jamie gave me the easiest, no-fail recipe for wheat bread, and it is delicious - as close to Great Harvest as I have found. I've made 3 loaves in the last 5 days, and saved some dough (pun in honor of Taylor).

4. Costco Produce
We've been through 2 flats of blackberries this past week.

{begin nerd moment}

5. Gil Shaham
Hands down, my favorite violinist of all time. I've loved his playing for a long time, but his Tchaikovsky/Sibelius album is incredible. I've been blasting it in my car for the past 2 weeks. I was caught pumping my fist to it at a red light. I have 2 copies of the Barber/Korngold album he did, for fear I would lose one and not be able to find it. His playing is so crystal clear, and he plays with muscle - like a violist!

{end nerd moment}

Thursday, May 14

The identity of Phyllis.

I finally have permission to share the big news...

We're moving to New York City!

Taylor will be attending NYU to get an LLM (Masters of Law) in Taxation, a one-year program. He actually applied and was accepted over a year ago, but we decided to defer a year (we didn't find out Taylor got in until after we decided to move to Henderson).

We're planning on moving around mid-August. Anybody know of any great music jobs in NYC? We've got to pay tuition (and $$$$rent$$$$) somehow...

Tuesday, May 12

Some answers

I have never had so many emails, texts, you-name-it in my life.

I should have thought ahead before I introduced Phyllis to the world. Calling [mystery] "Phyllis" made [mystery] less stressful - it was therapeutic. "Phyllis" had a grandmotherly tone to it, thus eliminating some of the stress that came with [mystery].

But judging by your reactions, I confused most of you. Most people took Phyllis to be some sort of scary woman full of doom and gloom.

To answer the questions that have filled my inbox over the past week...

I am not pregnant - a fact I was reminded of Sunday, when I surrendered my Mother's Day rose to an actual mother after Sacrament meeting. I've received emails with name ideas, pregnancy advice, and "Happy MOTHER'S Day!" - I'm relieved that I'm to the point where I can laugh about it.

2. Taylor and I are in perfectly good health - nobody has cancer, swine flu, or a scary surgery coming up (that we know of).

3. Nobody in the family died, we're not taking anyone off of life support anytime soon.

4. Taylor is employed and still rockin' the courthouse. No TV ads as of yet. Maybe if Taylor got highlights? Frosted tips?

5. Anthropologie did not burn down (I know, now you will be able to sleep at night).

6. We were not foreclosed again (though our upstairs neighbors were a mont
h ago, and mysteriously keep coming back, even after the eviction notice was posted. Yesterday they threw all of their furniture out the windows, which broke most of it. There's been the sound of running water upstairs for the past 15 hours, and I am constantly checking our ceiling for dripping water. Nothing yet...).

7. We did not become vegetarians (yes, someone really asked about that).

The fate of Phyllis was decided Saturday night. As we were exiting the Temple - like, in the parking lot. It was amazing. The Church is true.

Rest assured, this is a happy and exciting thing - I've received so many words of consolation, I feel horrible for making you think otherwise. We are very happy and know it's the right thing.

Hillary expresses our feelings best.

I still can't blog about it for various reasons... but it could be tomorrow, it could be in two weeks. Believe me, it's killing me (and our parents) not to be able to tell everyone right away!

Friday, May 8

Thursday, May 7


This blog has been bland lately. Why? I am not allowed to blog about [mystery], the thing that has been on our minds 24/7 for the past 2 months (really the past 12 months).

We'll give [mystery] a name. How about "Phyllis"?

Is Phyllis a person? wild animal? stained tablecloth? reliable vehicle? long lost twin? letter from Ed McMahon? opportunity to star in a new hit reality series?

We decide what to do about Phyllis in less than a week...

...and maybe Tally (and other family members) can finally get some sleep.