Monday, June 29

B-Day Boy


Taylor makes this face a lot - for some reason it makes me think of Wallace & Gromit (?)

Peterhof - St. Petersburg

Photo courtesy Tyler P. Johnson, M.D.

Our new home

We'll see you soon, Washington Square!

Where Taylor can often be found.

Happy 28th to Tay! I still can't believe how lucky I am to be married to this guy. I had no idea married life would be this much fun.

I love you, TJT.

If you have an insatiable appetite for more pictures of the Birthday Boy, go here.

Tuesday, June 23

Thank you, thank you...

Okay, so now if you Google "Eastern European Fashion" ...

... we're the #1 listing.

According to the BlogPatrol stats, we get at least a dozen hits a week from people Googling "Eastern European Fashion".

I can now die a happy, complete woman.

Monday, June 22

I turned 26.

Ran the Wasatch Back Relay from Logan to Park City with my mom and her running friends in honor of their friend Karin, who fell 1,000 feet off the face of Mt. Olympus in April (and was supposed to be on our team). Read the Tribune article here.
The perfect way to kick off training for the Hamptons Marathon in September!

Taylor flew up to Salt Lake for my birthday, and surprised me with the most beautiful flowers I've ever received:

This rose is like the size of my face.

and this:

A map of Manhattan, marked with the stores/bakeries he thinks I'll like, and a little spending money. Yes, he is amazingly good at gift-giving.

One week until Taylor's birthday!

Wednesday, June 17


I played my last concert with the Henderson Symphony. The repertoire was a selection of reject pops songs. The highlight for us was the piece titled "Happy Rock," a song my mother-in-law sang and danced to for the rest of the night (Bobby Sherman's "Sweet Gingerbread Man"). The funny thing is that someone actually filmed the concert and posted "highlights" on YouTube!

That's me!

Taylor's family came to the concert, staying the night on their way out to Carlsbad. We introduced Molly to the wonder of Yogurtland. 15 flavors, limitless toppings, 30 cents an ounce.

Met up with the family in Carlsbad last week for a few days for the big Turner family "reunion" with Grandpa T. I didn't take any pictures, so I stole this one from Verna.

What else...

We both got glasses. You've always known we're nerds - now we look the part, too.

Tuesday, June 9


This past Sunday I was assigned to teach the Young Women about our Divine roles. I was excited to share my enthusiasm for being a wife and a mother (someday). I shared with them the story of my Grandma Dorothy, who devoted her short life to raising 8 kids. She wasn't a grand career woman with multiple degrees. She didn't attend college. She worked in the Skyline High cafeteria to help support the family, and didn't get her driver license until age 50. But if I could pick anyone other than my own mother that I most want to be like, it would be my Grandma Dorothy (and if I could have her dress, that would be great, too.).

Nothing else matters. All I want is the simple things. A family, the gospel, and lots of love. That's all I need.

Fast-forward 6 hours to Sunday night. Let's just say I got caught up in comparing myself to others, wishing I had their credentials, degrees, and careers. Immediately I felt all this pressure to find an important career with a six-figure salary, to prove I have the capacity to do it. I considered going back to school, to prove that I have a brain that can process things other than music and recipes. As I thought about these things, the spirit I had felt earlier in the day started to disappear.

How could I, in less than 6 hours, completely forget what I had taught that morning?

This whole comparison thing is exhausting. It's something I struggle with every day. Maybe I'm the only one with this issue. I'm constantly having to learn the lesson of being content with my own destiny, my own set of gifts and talents (and even more weaknesses), and not comparing them to those of others. Taylor suggested keeping a note card with me, to remind me of what I really want in life: to be a righteous, loving wife and mother. I'm going to try it.

Monday, June 1


Taylor endured the work week in Henderson and spent the weekend in Zion with the 39ers. Judging by his face in this photo, I think it was much needed.

I spent the weekend in Salt Lake (thanks, Mom) and got to see this:

My brother Robby (far right) spent Thursday & Friday with his friends parked in the Skyline High School parking lot with these motor homes. They spent two nights there! I guess it pays to be the teacher's pet with the school cop. They grilled up some hamburgers, made some breakfast while kids were showing up for early morning seminary, and enjoyed their last days at their soon-to-be Alma Mater.

We're getting ready for the big move in about 2 months (no exact move date yet). Danger Dave took a suitcase back to NYC for us, full of wool coats and sweaters. We now have belongings in the Big City!