Wednesday, July 29

Start the good-byes

Yesterday I taught my last violin lessons to these sweet girls. Aren't they darling?!

After our lessons, it really started to hit me that we're leaving this place. As in, a week from right now we will be driving to Salt Lake City. Lots to do. This was us last night, scanning all our important documents and files onto our computer.

Today I worked my last day at Anthro. I'm shocked I worked there as long as I did, but the people there were so fun to work with, and I loved meeting people and having something to do!

And so the good-byes begin:

Good-bye, Strippers. I loved helping you in the fitting rooms while your 85-year-old boyfriends napped on the couch. It was great to see their faces when I told them the total cost of your new wardrobe.

Good-bye, Naked German Lady. It was a treat helping you in the fitting room as well, and trying to tell you to wear underwear when trying on see-through blouses (and shut the door when you're changing). You loved asking me about how the fit was in the bodice, and I tried really hard not to look in that general direction. I think you asked me about the fit 2 dozen times. Oh, and your mysterious 75-year-old Southern Gentleman boyfriend is slightly creepy.

Good-bye, Bluetooth Woman. You came in every Tuesday morning and talked on your bluetooth for at least 45 minutes without pause. It's too bad I could tell there wasn't someone else on the other end.

Good-bye, MasterCard Lady. I loved the guessing game that came with swiping 7-8 of your credit cards. It was always exciting to find which one worked (after trying each at least 3 times), put $25 on the lucky winner, and let you pay for the rest with cash.

Good-bye, Leopard Bra Asians. You both wear pink leopard bras and don't understand me when I tell you where the fitting rooms are. You smile, we both laugh awkwardly, and you proceed to try on more blouses and dresses in the middle of the sale room. I even tried to take your clothes for you once, and I think that freaked you out a little.

Good-bye, Dante. Actually, you left before I did, but it was such a great morning when you peed on the new bedding display.

Good-bye, Oscar. You are so cute. I often think up ways to steal you. I almost did today.

I think that's enough good-byes for one day. More to come (believe me).

Wednesday, July 22

Right Now

It's 109 degrees here - much better than last week's 117. There was an "extreme heat" warning broadcast on the radio. Yikes.

We've been horrible bloggers, so here's an update:

1. Found a place to live in New York City (we love you, David and Lorri!).

2. Taylor's currently negotiating his last day of work - less than 2 weeks away!

3. I'm continuing the job search - ah, what an excellent time in history to be looking for work!

4. We just reserved our moving truck to take all our stuff to St. George (thanks Mom & Dad)!

5. We finally have plane tickets to New York City! How do you fit your life in a suitcase and carry-on? Where will we put all the pewter?!

6. We're headed to Lake Powell... in one hour!

For some reason this sounds a lot more pleasant than packing, cleaning, negotiating, job hunting, and studying tax!

Waaaay too many exclamation points in this post!

Wednesday, July 15

don't try this at home.

So Taylor and I ran the Taylor & Tally Turner Tremendously Toasty Thirteen-point-one-miles Training Trot on Saturday. A half marathon, to train for Taylor's half marathon and my marathon run this September.

To beat the heat, we got up at 5:30 and left at 5:45 AM.

It was 85 degrees.

By the time we finished, about 2 hours later... it was a balmy 95 degrees (at least). But we both felt great - no stiffness, no pain whatsoever for the days following.

So explain to me why I have been hobbling around for 2 days after doing this 10-minute workout Tuesday morning, post-run:

Yes, hobbling. Bad hobbling. If you want a visual: today I wore a pencil skirt (yes, dumb) and let's just say getting in and out of the car in a pencil skirt and trying not to bend your legs is horribly awkward and looks slightly ridiculous. The sacrifices we make for style (and fitness).

Wednesday, July 8

Ironing (ah, the glamour)

I have so many memories from growing up of my mom in her sewing room ironing, always with an old movie.

A couple of weeks ago I found Breakfast at Tiffany's in HD on YouTube*. Not wanting to feel guilty for sitting and watching a movie, and needing a little Audrey Hepburn time, I pulled out a giant load of ironing and went to work. Twenty minutes into it, I all of a sudden realized what I was doing: Ironing. Movie.

"I'm turning into my mother!"**

I quickly snapped a shot.

I'm all about free movies online to pass the time while ironing. Anastasia is on, and The Holiday with Cary Grant and Katherine Hepburn is on (free if you have a netflix subscription).

*Okay, this movie is a little scandalous! How did I not remember this?! I love Audrey Hepburn, but there were some parts I did not remember from when I was younger!

**Not a bad thing.

Monday, July 6

Our 4th

The Fourth of July crept up on us. The courts are closed on July 3rd, so we headed to Southern Utah for the weekend. Gunlock rodeo, Cedar Breaks, and the Utah Shakespearean Festival.

Oh, and Wimbledon (Roddick was INCREDIBLE on day 11 - I cried at the end).

Wednesday, July 1

"Battle Born"

A year ago we turned in our Utah Driver Licenses for what look like Nevada student IDs. It was a slightly traumatizing experience when they asked for my Utah Driver License and didn't give it back to me.

When all the foreclosure/eviction/Realtor Lady drama happened, we had to get new licenses and registration - just to change our apartment number (changing a 1 to an 8).

Nevada got new licenses! But we can't figure out why this is on the back:

Explain this to us.

The bonus came when we opened up our registration and had Taylor's registration and one for Jose Rodriguez's Ford Taurus (not kidding).

Oh, Nevada, how we will miss you.