Monday, August 31

My One-Armed Man

Rule #1: Don't pray for more opportunities to serve your spouse, unless you want to get a scary phone call less than 9 hours later.

Taylor is on the mend! His right arm is still pretty useless (we think he strained/sprained his wrist), but his head feels fine, and he's getting really talented at doing things with one arm (including tying his tie for Church). Luckily the staples aren't visible because of his hair, so his movie-star/Roger Federer looks were not damaged (don't you think he looks like Federer with short hair?).

Thank heavens for Taylor. Ever since our first date he has inspired me to be a better person by simply being Taylor. Today as I was walking home I was thinking about the things I love in my life, and I thought about how Taylor has supported and encouraged me, and enhanced my love for every single thing on that list. He drives me to work harder at the things I am passionate about, to set goals and not give up in achieving them, to be more patient, faithful, responsible, frugal, disciplined, informed... and on and on. I am so grateful to be his wife.

Wednesday, August 26

First Day of School

This morning Taylor went for a run along the Hudson River while I packed for a day trip to the beach in Greenwich, Connecticut. Around 7:00 AM the phone rang.

"Mrs. Turner, this is Officer ____ from the __th Precinct of NYPD. Your husband was hit by a bike on the West Side Highway. He's hit his head pretty bad, but he's conscious. We're taking him to the ____ _____ Hospital. Can you be there in 20 minutes?"

Not exactly the kind of phone call any person wants to get. I have never been so terrified in my life.

I prayed that the cab driver knew where the hospital was - I had no clue.

When I got there, Taylor looked like he'd been at war - his head was all bandaged up, and blood all over his shirt and shoes (No, I did not take pictures).

Apparently Taylor was almost home, running on the bike/pedestrian trail near our apartment. He went to pass another runner, and was hit from behind by a man on a bike. Taylor thinks both were at fault - Taylor didn't look behind before passing, and the biker was riding a little too fast for such a narrow trail. The other guy was fine, but Taylor slammed his head on the pavement/curb and jacked up his right arm while trying to brace himself.

Long-story-short, we spent a glorious 4 hours in the Emergency Room. After a CT scan, X-rays, and 6 staples in his head (without anesthesia), Taylor was discharged. Taylor was so tough, I couldn't believe it. Not once did he complain, wince at the pain, or come close to passing out (and this is Taylor we're talking about here).

You should have seen us trying to hail a cab outside the ER in the middle of the Financial District - Taylor in bloody running clothes, with a sling and stapled head. But we made it home!

Taylor emailed his professor, telling him he might not be completely prepared for class tonight.

He took a nap.

Then he studied tax for 3 1/2 hours.

And now he's in class (did I mention this is the first day of school?).

I suggested we meet up after class and hit Yogurtland on the way home (a hospital trip deserves ice cream).
His response? "I think I better study."

Special thanks to my Mom for teaching me to put running shoes in the washer. They're just like new!

Sunday, August 23

Sunday activity

This is a current exhibit at the Church History Museum, and I have been glued to my computer screen for the past half hour. The photos were taken by George Edward Anderson (1860-1928) around 1907.

You can also visit the BYU archive of his photographs here and perform searches. I plugged in "Oldroyd" and voilĂ ! Photos of my ancestors that we have never seen before.

This was the first picture I saw. I wasn't sure if these were my relatives until I saw the boy on the right. Wow!

My Great-Grandfather Lee Johnson Oldroyd.

Mary Oldroyd
Look at those hands!

Thursday, August 20

Works Progress Administration

Last night we were finally able to use the tickets Taylor got for his birthday. Little did we know, our $20 General Admission tickets got us a table front and center! No zoom necessary!

The set list, next to my seat.

Sara Watkins - she is hilarious!

This was the 5th concert of Works Progress Administration - a collaboration of Glen Phillips (Toad the Wet Sprocket), Luke Bulla (Lyle Lovett), Sara & Sean Watkins (Nickel Creek), Benmont Tench (Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers), Greg Leisz (Bill Frisell, Joni Mitchell), Pete Thomas (Elvis Costello and the Imposters), and Davey Faragher (Cracker, the Imposters).

Sorry Glen, but lose the metro-mullet. It's not working for you.

Their album comes out in September, but Taylor was able to get one last night. The concert was AWESOME - all of these musicians are phenomenal, and it was awesome to see them up close, improvising and jamming together.

And then we walked home and saw this.

I LOVE this city.

Monday, August 17

After a two-week hiatus...

We made it! We're New Yorkers!

The move served as a 6th reminder (yes, this is our 6th move in 2 3/4 years of marriage) that moving is always more work than you expect. Especially when that move is to the other side of the country. And you don't have a car there. And Walmart/Target/Costco is not just down the street - they're on a whole different island (we took a train to New Jersey in order to get to Target).

But we made it! Taylor's brother came down from Boston for the weekend, and we were running around all over the place. Here's some highlights.

Guggenheim, Shake Shack, Central Park.

Kayaking on the East River (gross, but amazing view of the Brooklyn Bridge)

Getting pumped for NYU!

Lombardi's in the Village.

A mutual friend of Taylor's brother works at Fox News, and sneaked us into all the newsrooms, studios, and offices in Rockefeller Center. You name it - we went there. They don't give tours of Fox News, so we felt pretty important. Our "tourguide" writes and edits for Fox News, and it was pretty entertaining to hear about how things work there (especially when it comes to writing/swaying waaaaay to the right).

That blur is Glenn Beck - we watched him practice his lines. After this visit we took a break on the set of Mike Huckabee's new show (Explain to me why he is doing a cable show and flying into New York every Saturday when he's STILL Governor of Arkansas?*). Also spotted: Alan Colmes and Shepard Smith.

Brighton Beach. Also known as Little Russia. We bought Russian juices and enjoyed strolling along the Boardwalk, where 80% of the passersby spoke Russian.


And today we took the free water taxi to IKEA. It was amazing!

The End.

*My mother-in-law informed me that Huckabee is no longer in office... not since 2007. Sorry, Mikey.

Monday, August 3

We're packing

This is Taylor right now:

Not pictured: Kyle Korver socks.

Good-bye, Beehives.

This weekend was Beehive Camp - my last days with these darling girls.

The Camp Director's car. I thought this was hilarious.

By 10:30 pm the first day I think everyone finally realized that I was a leader, not a Beehive.

"Your skit group needs a leader, dear."
"We have one. I'm it."
[weird, squinty look] "Oh, sorry, sweetheart."

Two words: Snipe Hunting.

That would be toothpaste smeared all over their faces - to "attract and calm" the snipes.

Yesterday we all said our good-byes. I will miss these sweet girls. It's kind of funny when you realize your best friends in the ward are all under the age of 13. Definitely shed a few tears these last few days.