Monday, November 30

Thanksgiving in New York

Here's a taste.


More to come.

Sunday, November 22

You already know we're nerds, so this shouldn't shock you.

Saturday I worked the afternoon away on 5th Avenue.

(I helped Rachael Ray!)

Got home before 8:00 pm to find the table set, dinner in the oven. The one-armed man had made dinner.

Then we hopped on the subway to Tribeca for a short stroll, and visited this exhibit at the World Financial Center. Sculptures made of canned food (donations to the food bank), all with clever titles full of puns. Taylor's favorite was PumpCAN Pie.

The only thing that I thought was missing was a sculpture of Obama, titled "Yes we CAN!"

Our families gets here Tuesday!

Wednesday, November 11


I know you're all anticipating the clips of Broadway Man, but we're waiting on appropriate video footage.
This week we will have had 7 different relatives in the City from all 4 sides of our family.
We enjoyed the High Line, Chelsea, SoHo, and the Staten Island Ferry with Melinda & Jason.
Yes, she is a supermodel (and supermom).

My uncle Matt was here for a meeting Tuesday. We couldn't meet up, but made him promise he would go to Shake Shack before he left.

Dana & James are here on business, and Dana and I wandered 5th Avenue (Veterans' Day Parade!), FAO Schwartz, and the Fabric/Trim District all afternoon today. Unfortunately I only took one picture, and it was of the back wall of Tinsel Trading.

Christoph & Emily are here this weekend... and perhaps we'll fit in some Shake Shack.

And two weeks from tomorrow we will be sitting down at a table for eleven for Thanksgiving Dinner with both our families in Central Park.

Friday, November 6


This morning Taylor and I woke up early for a pilgrimmage to the Doughnut Plant on the Lower East Side (okay, only a 15 minute pilgrimmage). This was Taylor's reward for making it through a week of class after his surgery. We've wanted to try these doughnuts for almost a year now, ever since we saw it featured on the Travel Channel. Yes, we're nerds.
The flavor options did not disappoint (crème brûlée? coconut creme? pumpkin?), but the place is a little over-priced and over-hyped when it comes down to taste.

Then it was time for the Yankees' Victory Parade! I braved the cold and headed to Wall Street to meet up with friends (though we never found each other - it was too crowded!). I went a little crazy with my camera, and took over 100 pictures.
DSC_7890 (1)
It was a sea of BLUE.

Big Bird was there!



My view of the parade (and I got there an hour early).

While headed up to work, three old men came on the subway car and started singing for money. When they realized they weren't making a lot of money with their augmented-4th harmonization, they started "Take Me Out to the Ballgame." People started singing along, and by the end of the song the entire car was singing and cheering for the Yankees.

I immediately called Taylor once I was out of the subway - "I just had a New York Moment!"

Speaking of New York Moments, I forgot to post this - last Saturday I found these signs posted all around the pharmacy. I know East Coasters like to pronounce Halloween "Holloween", but I didn't know they spelled it differently, too!

The next installment chronicles our next door neighbor, the Broadway hopeful with the constipated voice (oh, the sound clips!). Stay tuned.

Monday, November 2

Halloween in the Village

Greenwich Village is the place to be on Halloween. Here's some pictures I snapped while running errands:
I saw this as I came out of the Bigelow Pharmacy.

Inside Sweetiepie (the CUTEST little restaurant)

The psychic lady on the corner was handing out candy (she has a crystal ball and everything!). She must be looking for new, younger clients.

This couple lives in the cutest house across the street from The Little Owl (which, I found out, is the location of "Central Perk" and Monica Geller's apartment on Friends). They were so darling - I stopped and chatted with them for a while.

Later that night I sneaked out for a few minutes to catch the Greenwich Village Halloween Parade - the biggest Halloween event in the City. It was INSANE and pouring rain, so I didn't take a lot of pictures.
The parade going up 6th Avenue.

My view of the parade.

Best costume of the night.

Taylor survived.

His scaphoid (bone in his right wrist) is now mostly made of bone from his right hip.

The surgery was a little more intense than planned, and required a little more hardware. It turns out Taylor's scaphoid had all but turned to mush after two months of no treatment for the fracture.

We walked to St. Vincents, and walked home from St. Vincents (did I mention that Taylor is hard core?). An hour later, the anesthesia had faded, and it was Percocet time (I owe the Pharmacist cupcakes for bumping Tay's prescription up to the front of the line).

Poor Taylor didn't leave the apartment for over 48 hours, barely able to walk, and trying to keep his right arm elevated. His fingers are swollen to the size of hot dogs, and a fun yellow/citron color. He made the trek to class tonight, which is huge progress.

One month until finals.