Wednesday, January 27

Random. But funny.

Found this while eating lunch.
Maybe I'm tired and out of it, but I thought it was funny.

Tally: Chikatatafu
Taylor: Chikafutamoshi

What's your Ninja name?

Tuesday, January 26

Gateau de Crepes a la Florentine

Don't ask me what that means in French, but it tastes good.

One of the fun things about subletting an apartment is living with someone else's belongings. With the exception of our computer, bedding, and clothing, almost everything else belongs to the owner of our apartment. You kind of feel like you're living someone else's life when you're surrounded by their books and furniture.

But moving into this place had some perks. In one of the kitchen cabinets, I found some old cookbooks, including a 1940s copy of LaRousse Gastronomique. Behind that was an old edition of Julia Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking. So, last night I braved the Barbie-sized stove (at one point all four burners were going). I don't mean to go all Julie Powell on this, but I did try a Julia Child recipe for the first time in my life.
Note the metal plates in the background. I think these plates are older than the cookbooks.

That is a mount of french crepes with spinach, shallot, mushroom, and cheese layers, and a splendid jarlsberg cheese cream sauce. Cut it open, and this is what you see:
Obviously I love having my picture taken, and cannot smile without looking like I'm in pain.

IT WAS DELICIOUS!!! The cheese sauce, oh heavens, the cheese sauce!

Some lovely soul posted the recipe verbatim online here.

Thursday, January 21

Welcome, Eliza

Today Lizzie and I spent the afternoon acting like paparazzi at Lenox Hill Hospital, where the Hansen family welcomed little Eliza (born yesterday).


We didn't want to leave. She is perfect. We sat in awe of this beautiful baby for several hours. We both sat there with our cameras snapping pictures - we felt like paparazzi.

Although I think our favorite part was watching these two. They're naturals.


Tuesday, January 19


Taylor spent the day applying for jobs ('tis the season). By late afternoon we both had cabin fever, and decided to explore downtown a little bit.

We wandered around the South Street Seaport, and explored Wall Street, where we finally tried the macarons at La Maison du Chocolat. Supposedly these macarons are as close as you can get to Laduree macarons. They were delicious! We sat and ate them in front of the New York Stock Exchange.



I can't wait until March, when I take the French macaron class at the Institute of Culinary Education! Best Christmas present ever (thanks, Mom & Dad).

Monday, January 18


This is my mom.

She is amazing.

It is her birthday today. If it was my birthday, I would want to sleep in. But Mom gets up at 6:00 and runs, and plays tennis for a few hours after that. I've been thinking about all the great things she does - all her running, tennis, leadership, etc. Then I thought about all she's done for me for nearly 27 years.

And I got really tired.

Saturday, January 16

Date Night

Had our own private car on the PATH train to 23rd St.
photo 2-pola photo-pola
Walked to Madison Square Park and ate free Shack Burgers and frozen custard under the stars at Shake Shack (thanks Molly).
photo 3-pola photo 4-pola01
Wandered up Madison Avenue, up Park Avenue, to the Scandinavia House. Attended the New York premiere of Postia pappi Jaakobille (Letters to Father Jacob). This beautiful film is the Finnish contender for Best Foreign Film at the 2010 Oscars. It was one of the most amazing films I've seen - I bawled through the last 20 minutes. More info on the film here.

Turns out, the Director, Producer, and Composer were all there and answered questions following the film. The director was so down to earth, and we loved hearing his comments, especially when it came to religion vs. spirituality.
photo 5-pola

Walked to the Morgan Library Museum (free on Friday nights). J.P. Morgan built this library adjacent to his home to house all his books. The entire building is unbelievable, and his collection is mind-blowing - Gutenberg bible, first editions of pretty much every notable novel ever written...

Yeah. That's his library. Kind of reminds me of my collection at my parents' house.

Upstairs there was an exhibit housing all the letters and first editions of Jane Austen. Maybe it's because I finished Persuasion earlier this week, but when I saw the first edition of Sense and Sensibility (my favorite Austen novel), I lost it.

And then the closing alert went on in the museum and it was time to go home.

Monday, January 11

Holiday Break

Picture 1
Okay, so this picture is from a different trip to California last year, but adequately describes our 3-week Christmas break.
We didn't take any pictures. Sorry.

We celebrated our 3rd anniversary in Newport Beach with the Turners. We visited the Newport Beach Temple (gorgeous) and went out for some yummy breakfast afterward (the perfect anniversary tradition), topped off with a surprise delivery of 2 dozen roses. Never believe your husband when he says, "No anniversary gifts this year."

Home cooking, movies, parties, Christmas goodness, family, snow, mountains, jump-starting the Passat a few times...
Running on the beach, lounging on the beach, shopping, Disneyland, time to read, endless trips to Trader Joe's, goat cheese...
More home cooking, parties, friends, snow, shopping, Lorenzo, family, movies...

... and we get to go back in less than 3 weeks for Robby's [very, absolutely unofficial] mission farewell.

There definitely is a different feel on the West coast, when compared to the East coast. What is it, exactly?

Saturday, January 9

2009, you were good to us.

It didn't feel like 2010 until we got back to New York, back into a routine. Well, school doesn't start until Monday, so it actually won't feel like 2010 until Sunday. I'm happy putting off resolutions and goals until then.

A great year.

It definitely didn't go as I predicted it would, back in January 2009.
But in my opinion, it went a whole lot better.

Friday, January 8

We're home. Lots of updates to come.
This photo is from a wedding my friend Shauna planned, and what do you know, it's featured in the Real Simple Weddings magazine that comes out today. I absolutely am obsessed with the amazing job she did, and think everyone should check it out.