Saturday, February 27


My parents are in Hawaii, waiting for a tsunami to hit. Luckily they're on a high floor in their hotel, so they get to wait it out with lots of Diet Coke and no power.

Talk about contrast in weather!

Thursday, February 25

snow (again!)

Outside my window. Right now.

Taylor is currently on a bus to Washington D.C. for some job interviews tomorrow.
(yes, I have my fingers, arms, legs, toes, and eyes crossed)

It would be awesome if he could make it there alive.
It would be awesome if the firms won't cancel the interviews because of the blizzard.
It would be awesome if something came from these interviews.
It would be awesome if I was with him in D.C. and not sequestered in our studio, doing our taxes.

It would also be awesome if some magic elf would show up at my door with some City Bakery hot chocolate and a Keste pizza.

and a Diet Coke.

Saturday, February 20

Only in New York

Saw this on my way to the grocery store.
It's not often that seeing garbage on the sidewalk makes my day better. Where can I buy polka dot garbage bags?!

In other news, guess what came in the mail?

The textbook Taylor helped work on at BYU (editing, research) was finally published!

Tuesday, February 16

Welcome home!

I spend a lot of nights waiting for Taylor to come home from school. He typically comes home at dinner time, so I'll often be in the "kitchen" (one large step from our "entryway"). When I hear keys, I know he's home.

Nine times out of ten, I'll open the door and find him looking for the right key.

However, there is the rare exception when it's, in fact, not Taylor.

I'll sometimes exclaim, "YOU'RE HOME!" as I open the door, only to find I've welcomed home Broadway Man next door, or Chain Smoker across the hall.

Maybe this just happened 5 minutes ago.

And maybe it wasn't the first time.

And maybe I was singing it this time around.

Sunday, February 14

Happy Valentines Day!

For the 3rd year in a row, we opted to make our own Valentine meal.

New York Public Library = Free cookbooks (for 28 days)!
This month: Bobby Flay's Mesa Grill Cookbook.

This year's menu:
Maple-glazed, sage-crusted turkey with cranberry & mango relish and mashed potatoes.
We also started a new tradition last week: paper plates on Sundays.
Try it - it takes your Sundays to a whole new level.

Taylor was very focused.

Dessert? Chocolate souffles with dulce de leche filling.
We both had two. :)

Happy Valentines Day!

Wednesday, February 10

nana & au revoir!

Robert K Oldroyd
Elder Oldroyd enters the MTC today. He spent yesterday saying good-bye to his skis and the "sweet pow." Good thing there's an In-N-Out on the way to the MTC.

I swear he's still a twelve-year-old, making his signature "hot dog soup."

We said our official good-byes at midnight via Skype, after he had been set apart as a missionary. Boy, he looked the part - he had the countenance and everything!
He will be a spectacular missionary - he has a natural way with people, and is so loyal and obedient. He has 11 weeks ahead of him - tackling French and Tahitian - and then off to Tahiti!

Tuesday, February 9

Enter: The Spring of Uncertainty (again)

Spring 2006:
T & T meet.
She was packing her bags for England.
He was packing his bags for Moscow.

Spring 2007:
T & T (now married) in Provo.
She was finishing grad school.
He was searching for summer internship that would possibly determine where he would work after graduation.
He went through the gauntlet of interviews and rejections.
(She cried a lot)
An offer finally came.
T & T moved to Salt Lake City for the summer.

Spring 2008:
T & T back in Provo.
She had her dream job.
He was finishing law school.
He interviewed and interviewed and interviewed and interviewed...
A good offer came. T & T had 3 days to decide.
It didn't feel right.
Taylor applied for the LLM program at NYU, and turned down the job offer.
A random interview came up.
Taylor got an awesome offer (still no word from NYU).
T & T accepted the job offer.
She left her students and gigs (and cried a lot).
T & T moved to Nevada.
Taylor got an acceptance letter from NYU, and deferred for a year.

Spring 2009:
T & T kicked it in Henderson, NV (Las Vegas).
She was playing in a symphony and teaching.
He was doing well as an attorney in Nevada.
But something didn't feel right.
We went to New York to research NYU.
We decided to bag the NYU idea.
Still, something didn't feel right.
After weeks and weeks of fasting and prayer, we decided to go to NYU.
That finally felt right.

Spring 2010:
T & T living the 400 square foot life in New York.
She keeps reminding herself she has a masters degree while working retail on 5th Ave.
He is working his tail off in school, and heading into interviewing season.

What will become of us this time around?!

I posted a new talk on the sidebar that everyone should check out.

Tuesday, February 2

The Weekend In Numbers

1 (unofficial) missionary farewell/open house
1 trip to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple
1 oyster
1 Great Clips haircut for Taylor
1 job promotion for Tally
1 crobar in the back of Dad's car (he's a spy - this merits its own post).
2 times I ended up bawling and laughing uncontrollably during our final family game night
2 snowstorms
2 neighbors spotted in Dan's in less than 2 minutes
3 trips to Scoggins & Scoggins Violins to get my viola bow rehaired
3 gallons of lemon acid
4 people who thought Robby was going to Haiti on his mission
8 bags of IKEA meatballs
10 dozen eclairs
13.1 miles ran on Saturday morning with Mom for her 13th Annual Birthday Half Marathon
15 dozen rolls
16 rounds of Mario Kart
36 points scored by Jimmer Fredette at the BYU/Utah game (and no, Taylor, we will not name our first-born "Jimmer")
144 ham sandwiches
7956 SkyMiles earned in 4 days