Tuesday, March 30


It all started Saturday the 20th, when we ran into my 3 beautiful cousins on the Brooklyn Bridge. Destiny!
Do you think we're related?

My parents came into town the 22nd.

Dad took us to his pal Jerry Seinfeld's $14 million garage on the Upper West Side. It has an elevator that takes the cars down below street level, where he has parking space for 5 cars.


Yes, my Dad is part Native American, and no, I didn't get a speck of that skin tone.

Taylor's family came into town the 25th, to celebrate Judd's 60th birthday.


Yesterday Mary & I took the Macaron class at the Institute of Culinary Education.
Four hours dedicated to one amazing cookie.
I hate to brag, but our cookies turned out better than the instructor's. :)
This class was my Christmas gift from my Mom.
(best idea EVER - wish you could have been there, Mom)

Now we enter the season of finals, job search, and big decisions (hence the new blog header).
Which means a blog break.

See you in May.

Sunday, March 21

200th Post.

Why am I kind of embarrassed about that?


As promised, Taylor will now have his "100" moment.

  1. He is dang SMART.
  2. He is absolutely, unequivocally obedient.
  3. He is sentimental.
  4. He doesn’t require anything more than good company to entertain him.
  5. He’s a peaceful person. He has an air of calm and peace about him, which is greatly appreciated (and needed).
  6. Sunday is his favorite day of the week, making Sunday nights really depressing for him.
  7. While celebrating his birthday with his family in California, Taylor’s parents asked Taylor if there was anything special he wanted to do that day (Sunday) for his birthday. His request was that they stay for all 3 hours of Church. I would claim the Sunday travel exemption and beg for ice cream.
  8. His dream job would be a combination of law, literature, religion, philanthropy, and employee benefits, and tax-exemption. Anyone know of any openings?
  9. He considered getting a PhD to become a law/literature professor. 6 years vs. 1 year of East Coast tuition...
  10. He spent almost an entire night at the Salt Lake City airport waiting to pick up Indonesian delegates who ended up being detained in California for international security reasons.
  11. He is one of the world’s foremost experts on religious freedom in Kazakhstan.
  12. He has a terrible fear for needles, syringes, and large amounts of blood, and is known for fainting in medical environments, or the like.
  13. He is always in-the-know when it comes to current events.
  14. He made me love NPR.
  15. He has a great memory for sports, and can tell you all the funny nicknames of even the most obscure NBA and NCAA basketball players.
  16. He is extremely loyal to the Utah Jazz, especially their Eastern European players.
  17. His loyalty to the Jazz is surpassed only by his loyalty to the BYU Cougars.
  18. His loyalty to the BYU Cougars is surpassed only by his loyalty to his wife (I think).
  19. Yet he, and I quote, “will never cheer for the U.”
  20. March is a religious month for him: March Madness, and the Spring of Uncertainty.
  21. He won a cash prize in law school for getting the highest grade in his Federal Indian Law class. Had he found his niche?
  22. Taylor… innocent Taylor… was once busted for playing hooky in high school.
  23. His first job was a dishwasher at The Five Alls, a fancy restaurant in Salt Lake. He won’t tell me why, but he refuses to eat there ever again.
  24. Taylor ran the Hamptons Half Marathon with a broken arm in two places.
  25. He walked home from the hospital twice, after both surgeries on his wrist.
  26. When he broke his right wrist, he was forced to write with his left hand, and somehow his handwriting was more legible.
  27. He is a classically trained pianist and guitarist.
  28. He won a YooHoo Chocolate Milk steering wheel cover from a bottle cap, which he proudly displayed in his beloved Saturn.
  29. He LOVES music. He would make a superior music critic/blogger.
  30. He has a beautiful voice. For our first anniversary he recorded a Ben Harper song for me, with Taylor on the guitar and vocals. It is such a treasure!
  31. He lived in the middle of downtown Moscow in an apartment by himself for 2 months.
  32. He loves all things Russia, especially Russians. He considers them the most fascinating/hilarious people.
  33. He always cheers for the Russians, regardless of the sport or opponent (I think he really does believe Plushenko's medal is platinum).
  34. He still practices his Russian.
  35. He does a great Cockney accent, though when he uses it he tends to sound mentally challenged.
  36. Sunday naps are very important to him (in fact, he’s taking one as I write this).
  37. He painted the exterior the JC Penney in Elko, Nevada with his brother. The job resulted in a fantastic paint spill all over the parking lot. If they haven’t repaved, it’s still visible.
  38. He has a place for everything.
  39. He is a routine man. I can predict when he’ll open specific drawers, pour himself a drink, review his “to do” list, set his alarm…
  40. He reads the same two Utah Jazz blogs every morning while eating his breakfast.
  41. He takes really good care of everything we own.
  42. He is handsome. He has great eyes/eyelashes.
  43. He fit my five requirements: Taller than me, weighs more than me, able to lift me, smarter than me, and smells good.
  44. Taylor smells like flowers. I’m not kidding, or trying to be weird – he really does. Whenever I comment on this, he tells me that I smell like cuts of meat.
  45. He could never be a vegetarian – though I’ve thrown in a couple of “vegetarian weeks” that he hasn’t noticed.
  46. He lets me take pictures of him at the dinner table.
  47. He taught me that it’s okay to turn down dessert: “If I make brownies, would you eat some?” “No.”
  48. He is a closet snacker. He could probably eat an entire tub of Trader Joe’s vanilla bean wafers in one sitting if he didn’t have the distraction of study.
  49. He is by far the best story-teller/book reader in our ward. The kids in Nursery swarm to him, and have started taking on his mannerisms (he counts to 3 before turning the page, and then gets really excited when the new page is in view – “Whoooaaa!!!”).
  50. He’s really good at reading moods and somehow knows exactly how to respond.
  51. He only gets mad at bikes and dogs (and the BYU cougars when they’re losing).
  52. Living in New York has turned Taylor off to dogs completely (Lorenzo excluded).
  53. He’s a really good driver – you should have seen him dominate Broadway at 3:00 PM on a Saturday!
  54. He has locked himself out of our apartment a couple of times here in New York. J
  55. He dreams of living in a small town, with a lot of property and low stress. Yesterday he wanted to move to Zion National Park.
  56. He is a sack lunch man. Working in an office where the partners went out to lunch every day was really hard on him. He ended up coming home for lunch every other day.
  57. He is prudent, and taught me how to budget. We’ve had a monthly “financial night” and steady budget for our entire marriage.
  58. He is determined to never own a pair of ankle socks.
  59. He strongly dislikes shopping (unless we’re at REI or Kirkhams).
  60. When we are shopping for something specific for him, I have to remember to allot triple the amount of time. He has to be absolutely sure that it’s what he needs before he’ll buy anything. A wonderful trait to have.
  61. It took me a year to convince him he needed a second pair of running shorts.
  62. It took me two years to figure out that I just need to buy him what he needs without asking (regardless, he’ll always say “I don’t need anything.”).
  63. He made me LOVE running (and boy, he had to put up with a wimpy wife when we were first married).
  64. When he talks, his thoughts or reasons are often bulleted. Example: “A., Shake Shack is relatively inexpensive, compared to other New York burgers. B., It’s reliable, and always, delicious. C., The concretes are soooo good.”
  65. He loves mountains – our first date was in the mountains, we first held hands in the mountains, we got engaged on a mountain…
  66. He has the gift of speech.
  67. He is comfortable with silence.
  68. I’ve never heard him say anything negative or critical about anyone.
  69. He doesn’t like seeing a movie more than once: “I already know what happens – why would I see it again?” (I am the exact opposite - I have watched the same movie twice in one sitting).
  70. He doesn’t feel the need to travel to places where he’s already been.
  71. He gives really thoughtful gifts.
  72. He takes the time to appreciate beautiful things, whether works of man or nature.
  73. He has good taste in literature.
  74. He’s very careful with what he reads and watches.
  75. He knows how to work really, really hard.
  76. He is teaching me what it means to be bold as I watch him near graduation and go through the job hunt again.
  77. He is really good at remembering to send thank-you notes.
  78. He breaks into song at random times, even in super fancy restaurants.
  79. While serving a mission in Ukraine, Taylor was known as “Elder Nephi.” I hope that doesn't mean they tied him up periodically...
  80. He’s not afraid of being adventurous in the kitchen (hence our Moroccan experiment that ended up making our entire abode smell like curry and turmeric for a week and a half).
  81. Sometimes when he’s talking about something serious, he adjusts his glasses.
  82. He’s really good at making mixes. We have several dozen compilations he’s put together in our iTunes. Who needs iTunes Genius when you have Taylor around?
  83. He gets excited about nerdy things with me, like Finnish films or upcoming Philharmonic concerts.
  84. He never misses my performances.
  85. He is a man’s man, and is the epitome of low maintenance.
  86. He makes me feel feminine in a way that I don’t feel high-maintenance, whiney, or demanding, but complementary to him.
  87. He sees a need and does it without asking. Countless days I’ve come home to see the laundry done, the bathroom sparkling clean, groceries purchased, or dinner in the oven.
  88. When he dances his feet stay planted, his arms are bent with his hands next to his shoulders, and his hips are all that moves. Amazing.
  89. Oh, and he has to bite his lower lip when he dances. Don’t know why.
  90. He probably watches HGTV as much as he watches ESPN.
  91. Many conversations at dinner start with, “So I was watching this couple on House Hunters…”
  92. Sometimes he contemplates growing a beard, dropping out of school, and joining the Fleet Foxes.
  93. Most of his dreams involve growing a beard.
  94. He never puts himself first.
  95. He makes sure that I feel like I’m part of every decision he makes.
  96. He involves the Lord in every decision he makes.
  97. He's never "too busy" to do anything.
  98. He doesn’t have an appetite for validation or praise, and is quick to direct the validation or praise to someone or something other than himself.
  99. He has a strong relationship with his parents, and wants more than anything to make them proud.
  100. Being around him makes me want to be a better person. I love you, Taylor!

Friday, March 19


It's 70 degrees outside. Heaven. I was whistling the whole way home from work.

Until I saw this. Corner of 10th St. and 5th Avenue.
If only it was the first time.

Dogs in purses,
dogs being carried,
dogs in strollers,
dogs in push-carts...

Don't dogs have legs? FOUR of them?

Please, help me understand.

Monday, March 15

Let Spring Break begin!

Guess where we went today?

DSC_8515 (1)



See her crown?
Yeah. Been there.

...and now we're on our way to Brooklyn to see this...

Check Fictionist out here.

Monday, March 8


The sun is out.
I didn't have to wear a coat on my way home from work (maybe I didn't wear stockings either).
Restaurants are seating people outside.
People smile when you pass them on the sidewalk (well, some of them).
I passed this ice cream truck on 5th Avenue on my way home. And didn't stop. Will-power.
These orchids were finally blooming (my Christmas present: "Taylor's Flower of the Month Club").
And now to the Upper West Side to observe Suzuki violin lessons for the rest of the afternoon!

  • Try this recipe. We had it for dinner last night - - - Caramelized Carrot Risotto
  • The talk of the week has been updated. Sorry about last week.

Wednesday, March 3

Getting Around

When you live in New York, you walk. A lot. I absolutely love this part about living here. Walking home is my favorite thing to do - you get to see the City (and it's FREE! Round-trip subway rides are nearly $5!). Taylor makes fun of me because no matter how far away we are from our abode, I'll propose walking home. One time I walked home from FAO Schwartz, 49 blocks north and 3 blocks east of home.

As a result, we've started noticing some changes in our waistlines. Taylor's pants looked (and still look) like a weight loss success story. Our families grew concerned that we were starving ourselves, which was definitely not the case. With lack of freezer space, we were eating less meat and zero ice cream, but that was about the only difference.

Ah, but we were walking.

So a couple of weeks ago I had a big walking day, though nothing too out of the ordinary. I'd say a day like this comes every three weeks or so.

So here you go:
Distance estimates courtesy of mapmyrun.com

To Trader Joes & back: 2.83 miles (carrying 10+ lbs. of groceries on the way home)
Post Office, Library, Dry Cleaners: 1.43 miles
To Whole Foods on Bowery & back: 2.31 miles (carrying 25+ lbs. of groceries on the way home)
To work & back: 2.47 miles

Total Distance: 9.04 miles, 12.54 miles if you include the morning run.

Monday, March 1


  • Blizzard + recovery
  • "Tsunami"
  • Taylor had 2 interviews in Washington D.C., and another this morning.
  • Tally enjoyed a "girls night" and tried Mario Batali's Otto Pizzeria (sorry, Mario - not great)
  • Woke up at 6:30 Saturday morning and made the trek to the Manhattan Temple, only to find it closed for cleaning.
  • Saw GIL SHAHAM play the Barber Violin Concerto with the New York Philharmonic. In Taylor's words: "He looked like a little school boy dancing around up there!" It was phenomenal. I have sat here for 5 minutes trying to put it into words, but can't. I'll leave it there. A performance I will always remember, that's for sure.
  • Stuart Weitzman shoes in Nursery on Sunday. No, not me. An 18-month-old. Why are these tikes always better dressed than us?! Some Sundays the Nursery room looks like a Burberry ad campaign! In the words of our music leader Annie, "I feel like I'm in a Martha Stewart photo shoot."
  • Broadway Man is working on a new number - Frankie Valli meets helium meets gospel meets ADHD...