Friday, May 28

Last week in New York

Mr. Mac just arrived in Salt Lake, and I'm finally able to look at all our pictures from our last week in New York.

Saying good-bye to our Nursery buddies. They love Taylor (and bubbles).

Mom @ Coney Island.

Little Italy with Mom & Dad Turner (right after this we ran into Hurley from LOST).

Top of the Rock - the BEST view of the City. Worth every penny.

For $12 you can have a boat all to yourselves for an hour on the Lake in Central Park. Again, worth every penny.

Our "Bucket List" for our last week in New York (and we did them all!):
Pretzel croissants and hot chocolate at City Bakery, a last visit to Economy Candy, Cafe Habana, Shake Shack, Top of the Rock, Junior's Cheesecake, Little Italy, Jazz @ Lincoln Center (thanks, Dad Turner), NYC Ballet, Stand4 toasted marshmallow shakes, morning run along the Hudson to Battery Park, Cones on Bleecker (3 times), MoMA, the Met, Central Park.


Oh, and we hid the Dom Perignon somewhere in our apartment.

Wednesday, May 26

New York, we miss you so (well, one of us does).

Sunday, May 16

and after all that, they make you wear a purple dress.

Taylor graduated from NYU on Friday, and we were lucky enough to have both sets of parents and Liz-a-Boo here to party with/feed us.

Here's our favorite NYU Violet, now an official Legum Magister (LLM):

So proud of this boy for working and studying so hard to memorize the tax code and know all about 501(c)(3) exemptions.

We had an amazing week - the combination of family, finishing school/finals, and Spring in New York was perfection.

We leave Tuesday. I get depressed and teary just thinking about it.

Sunday, May 9

Greenwich Street

Saw this on my Friday afternoon stroll to the meatpacking district, 10 minutes up the street from our place.

New York, I love thee.

Friday, May 7

How a billionaire says "thank you"

It's a horribly long story that I'm sure my family is sick of, so I'll spare you the agony...

... but a few weeks ago a woman called my store wanting to order 900 wine/water/champagne glasses. Yep, 900 (300 of each style). $18 per glass. And she needed them in less than a week. Ah, billionaires. Actually, this woman was the billionaire's designer/slave. Thank heavens she was sweet and very organized!

Okay, so 900 glasses. We had 40 in stock. Corporate had less than 300 in stock. We had less than 100 total in all our New York stores. Somehow it was my job (and mine alone) to find all 900. 900! 14+ hours of phone calls later, contacting over 25 Anthropologies from Carlsbad to Houston, 900 were ordered.

Then 40% of them broke in transit, so I had to order 40% of 900, and ensure they were delivered to the event (in another state) within 48 hours.

Total Cost: over $20,000. I don't think billionaires are aware that you can rent glasses for events. If only I got commission.

I didn't hear about any more disasters, so I assumed no news was good news.

On Wednesday, my last day at Anthropologie, I was enjoying my last 5 minutes of employment when the designer called. She was so sweet and gracious, and wanted to send a thank you gift. I gave her my address, and she promised to have it "messengered" to our apartment within 24 hours.

Billionaires don't mail things. They hire someone to personally deliver it to you.

Taylor and I spent Wednesday night trying to think what billionaires send to people for thank you gifts. Gift certificate to Le Bernadin? Tickets to the Met? Gold bars?

Thursday afternoon we found out:

She would have the gift wrapped at Kates Paperie. They don't just wrap at Kate's - they pleat the wrapping. At $6/sheet, there were at least 4 sheets of wrapping paper used! Plus boxes, plus wrapping fees... crazy.

DSC_8753 (1)
Vintage 2000 Dom Perignon, complete with 4 coupe champagne glasses from the order. We were laughing so hard. Mormons love their champagne!

Just in time for our graduation party! WOO HOO!

Thursday, May 6


Yesterday was my last day at Anthropologie, which means I have absolutely nothing to do this weekend but say good-bye to New York City.
I do not want to talk about it.

This morning I hit the MoMA. Taylor and I bought memberships last fall, which means we can go whenever for free. Yeah, we're cool.

I love going to museums by myself. I'm like my Dad - I'm constantly worried about taking up other people's time, moving too fast or too slow, forcing them to do something they're not interested in. I'd rather spare myself the stress and guilt and go alone.

The MoMA is one of my favorite museums in New York. The building is amazing, the collections are phenomenal. If only it wasn't so jammed all the time. Why were so many people there on a Thursday morning?!

Maria Abramovic was there, part of her "The Artist is Present" work. You can view it live here (during museum hours). A little eerie, but I like how she involves the visitors at the museum and makes them part of the work. If I had known the world wide web would be seeing my legs live, I would have worn long pants.
William Kentridge's exhibit is awesome. The Metropolitan Opera is currently doing his artistic interpretation of Shostakovich's The Nose, which I am dying to see.
Henri Cartier-Bresson. It took all my discipline to not buy the book of the exhibit. "Tally, you do not have income. You're moving in less than two weeks. You don't even have a coffee table!" Google > Image Henri Cartier-Bresson, and you'll see why.

Isn't the MoMA building cool? I love how it caught the reflection of the buildings across the street. I'm really into reflections of buildings on buildings lately.



Big shout out to our little 11-year-old Canon Elph - fits in the purse, works like a dream.

Sunday, May 2

Building the Future


We run past this sign just about every morning.

Ironically, it's about 50 feet from where Taylor got slammed and nearly killed in August. Okay, I'm being dramatic, but you know the story.


April came, and went.
What a month: Boston, culinary school, Spring in New York, ordering 900 wine glasses...
We'll talk about April another time.

3 minutes ago:
Sunday = Recovery

One final down, four more to go. Graduation in Yankee Stadium with Alec Baldwin a week from Wednesday, and Convocation in Madison Square Garden a week from Friday. Then it's back to Utah to pick up our furniture and belongings.

And then... we have no idea. Really.