Thursday, July 22


Some random Sunday morning - Provo, 2007. Look at that bare apartment!
At least we had a plant.

What were my complaints in 2007? Too much for Taylor to study, too much for me to practice, too many orchestra students, too many gigs, too many drives between Provo and Salt Lake, groceries were too expensive, and we were living in the lap of luxury in a $650/month apartment.

The only things we owned were a bed, computer, an IKEA desk, 2 guitars, and a viola.
Alright, and a fully-stocked kitchen.
What more do you need in life?
Added bonus: We never got medical bills in the mail.

Oh gosh, life was so good then.

It helps me to think back on the earlier times in our marriage when life sometimes seemed so expensive and uncertain, and realize, "Those were great days! We learned so much together, and had such a good time!" It feels good to look back on things and think, "We thought things would never work out, but those struggles pointed us to where we needed to go."

I could say the same for 2008 and 2009 (and hopefully 2010).