Monday, September 27

Thus ends the Spring and Summer of Uncertainty.

We're moving...

... to Seattle!

Tuesday, September 21


So Taylor and I mock Facebook a lot. Hourly status updates, people posting pictures they took of themselves, and lots of weird groups.

But it is kind of amazing, too.

Last night a Tahitian girl added my sister Liz as a friend, and posted all kinds of photos of my brother, who is serving as a missionary there. We got a little teary, seeing his big smile and a video of him learning to play the ukulele.
Picture 1
Couldn't get the video off of Facebook, but here's a snapshot from it.

People think he's in paradise serving in Tahiti, but he's had to learn 2 languages, and has only had native companions (no English), the most recent of which hated Americans. He locked Robby out of the apartment on his third day in the area, repeatedly criticized his French, stomped on his Book of Mormon, and, eventually, beat him up. To quote him, "If I wasn't a missionary, you'd be dead in the ocean." Luckily, the issues were resolved, the Elder was sent home Friday, and now Robby has a new companion.


Still, this picture was taken on Saturday and we were able to see it yesterday. Amazing.

Thank you, Facebook.

Tuesday, September 14

Our summer.

swingside color (1)

Summer is over.

We have survived nearly 4 months of unemployment (see above picture to get a better understanding of how we felt all summer). Not recommended.

We made some important decisions yesterday, which will lead to more important decisions.

We also found out this weekend that Taylor's dream job does exist - and there's an opening.

Stay tuned.