Friday, October 29

"It rains nine months out of the year in Seattle!"

Wednesday it was blue skies and sunshine all day (and I hear Utah got dumped on). With all the rain/drizzle we get here, there are millions of trees.

Millions of trees = an incredible fall.

The leaves are absolutely gorgeous right now, so I had to explore the Arboretum.
No editing necessary.

trunk silhouette 2

I love the reflection in the puddle.

We love Seattle!

Thursday, October 14


We are Seattle-ans (?) Seattlites? Seahawks?
taylor st
This is Taylor standing on Taylor Street.

This is Taylor on his first day of work.
No, he does not work for Louis Vuitton, but he works on the 19th floor of the tower on top of that curved pedestal (Google "Rainier Tower" to see some cool pictures). I just hope it doesn't topple over one day.

We live in a little yellow house.

I don't want to brag, but we have a full-size refrigerator.
And a bedroom.
Two, actually.

That means we can house visitors...