Tuesday, November 30


cute taylor



Ten Pound
Turkey for

turkey carving


Tuesday, November 23

It kept snowing.

It only snowed 3-4 inches where we live, but that was enough to close Taylor's office downtown! Last night thousands of people were trapped on the freeway for over 6 hours. Seattle has maybe 2 or 3 snowplows, so the city pretty much shuts down.

We spent the day "snowed in" - although Taylor still worked... in his pajamas.
pj working

I walked to the market to get some Thanksgiving necessities, only to find that a 70-something couple had cross-country skiied to the grocery store. They were wandering around the Metropolitan Market with their skis and poles in their cart!

Monday, November 22

It's snowing.

Enough snow to change all the bus routes this morning?
According to one person in our ward, "When it snows in Seattle, it's like the Apocalypse."

Thursday, November 18

Uncle Tom

"Mas'r, if you was sick, or in trouble, or dying, and I could save ye, I'd give ye my heart's blood; and if taking every drop of blood in this poor old body would save your precious soul, I'd give 'em freely, as the Lord gave his for me." (p.407)

I finished Uncle Tom's Cabin last night. It's beautiful, and not at all what I was expecting from an abolitionist novel. A close friend of mine once told me that reading this book changed her Dad's life. It definitely has changed the way I see certain things, and really made me think a lot more about Christ and His example (again, not what I was expecting from an abolitionist novel).

Have you ever read a book that made you gasp, laugh, and cry out loud while reading it?

Sense & Sensibility, 2009
Little Women, 2008

Tuesday, November 9

The other Washington

Just got back from our nation's capitol
capitol dome

with these two ("Maaaam" + "Lez").
mom liz leaves
So glad we caught the tail end of a gorgeous East Coast Fall!

We flew out for my cousin Ann's wedding. I ended up being the florist (yikes). It was an interesting experience figuring out how to order flowers on the other side of the country. I was so grateful to have my mom and sister Liz there to help (and a cousin with flawless taste!).
mom liz leaves (1)

Monday, November 1

We were cheap tourists for Halloween.

Saturday it rained.

I know, you were all wondering.

Parking in downtown Seattle is ridiculous. There is no free parking anywhere, anytime. So we parked near the Space Needle, paid $8 to hold our spot for 2 hours, and ran around town like mad.
space needle

First stop: Space Needle. Taylor has been dying to go.

tourist space needle
We were too cheap to go to the top (since we spent 25% of our monthly entertainment budget on parking).

We got our Frank Gehry fix at the Experience Music Project.
Again, too cheap to go in, but we enjoyed the lobby.

Strolled through the rain to Top Pot Doughnuts. Our Sunday School teacher compared the Book of Isaiah to a Top Pot Doughnut last week, so we knew they had to be good.
top pot
We were not too cheap to enjoy their awesome doughnuts and hot chocolate.

Hit up the Russian bakery at Pike Place Market for some piroshkies.
A new favorite food for me, and a new lunch break haunt for Taylor!

And then we rode the MONORAIL back to our car. Taylor was really excited about it.
Time for a makeover. I swear I'm wearing makeup, but I look like a boy.