Thursday, April 28


Fictionist made it to the final 4!

If you haven't given them a 5-star rating or "liked" them on Facebook, get to it.

Stu + Jacob were Tay's roommates at the Y when we started dating. They have incredible talent, and are fantastic live performers. Show them some love to get them on the cover of Rolling Stone.

Wednesday, April 27


Two recipes I have to share, because we're obsessed.


My friend Lorri told me about Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day over a year ago, and I have been dying to try the recipes ever since. I finally got my copy from the Seattle Public Library. I love checking out cookbooks from the library - they're free, and I just write down the recipes I love.

This book is FANTASTIC.

You make a tub full of the most basic bread dough (only 4 ingredients: water+yeast+flour+salt), let it rise, refrigerate, and whenever you want to make a fancy, crusty loaf of bread, you cut out a chunk about the size of a grapefruit, shape it, let it rest 20 minutes, and then bake for 20-30 minutes.


Bonus: the dough lasts up to 2 weeks.

We've gone through 2 5-gallon-tub-fulls of dough in the past 3 weeks, and haven't had a loaf fail yet. We've made baguettes, ciabatta, baci rolls... crusty exterior, chewy interior... delicious! Give it a try - super easy, and who doesn't love fresh bread?


Last night we made Ina Garten's Palmiers/"Elephant Ears" out of some extra puff pastry.


Here's the cinnamon version. We did just sugar, and they were delicious.

They'll look like this before you bake them:

And then:

Aren't they cute? I may have to make these for Valentines next year. I think they look more like hearts than ears.

Wednesday, April 20

Wenatchee + Leavenworth

wenatchee indian-pola leavenworth buildings-pola
Left: Random Indian sign on Wenatchee Avenue that Taylor loved.
Right: The Bavarian beauty that is Leavenworth.

We ran the Wenatchee Half Marathon last Saturday. Yes, I downgraded. That's what happens when you're not able to train properly. Of course, I was convinced that I could force myself to run the full marathon up until the day before, when Taylor stepped in and made me switch. Thank heavens for Taylor - I think he wants to keep me around for a few more years.

wenatchee half-pola

When I switched, they gave me lucky #13. Not a good sign. I felt horrible, but it was a beautiful course along the river, and sunshine the entire time... and I had a cute boy next to me saying things like, "Wow, we're doing great!" Seeing the marathon mile markers (the course is two loops around the river) made me grateful I didn't force myself to run it.

munch-pola leavenworth-pola

On our way back to Seattle we stopped in Leavenworth - a place I've wanted to see for a long time. A person in our ward described Leavenworth as "Midway on crack," so we knew it had to be great. We were in heaven with some fresh bratwurst + Bavarian pretzels + fresh fudge.

We'll have to go back when the Nutcracker museum is open.
Taylor was really disappointed.

While we're on the topic of marathons, a shout-out to my Mom & Molly Kate.

Mom ran either her fourth or fifth Boston Marathon.

Molly Kate ran her first Boston Marathon, and still holds the Turner marathon record.

Not human.

Hooray for Blackberries and iPhones that make you feel like you're there with them!

Wednesday, April 6



Molly sent me some pictures yesterday, and I melted when I saw this one of little Taylor. I love those chubby knees!