Wednesday, June 29

Birthday Boy.

I did a little project inspired by Jordan Ferney to celebrate Taylor's 30th birthday (today!). Some of you participated, so this may help you better understand what you were doing!

I sent out several pieces of a puzzle for Taylor to put together. Each piece was sent to a family member or friend, who wrote a birthday message for Taylor on the back. Taylor then got a massive amount of green envelopes filled with notes from dear friends, and started putting the puzzle together:

tay cards

Some of our favorites:


tom dinosaur

jims card

bryan drury
The amazing Bryan Drury. He probably drew that in 3 minutes.

mj card

wall beginning

tay wall

tay board 2

tay board 3

tay doing board

Just a few more to go!


mj tay

Sunday, June 26


In case anyone was wondering, Jem is back on TV.

Our friends recently moved into their new house, and invited us over for dinner + an episode of Jem. Taylor had never seen Jem. I think he's hooked, especially with the inspirational moral lesson taught at the conclusion of the episode:

Wednesday, June 22

June 20th

birthday chair

On June 20th, at 7:30am, I found this:

cake on counter

At 5:45pm, Taylor kicked me out of the kitchen to do this:

tay's cake

Which resulted in this:

bday cake 2011
When there's only two of you, you kind of have to help out with your birthday song.

Best birthday ever. Taylor outdoes himself every year.

Recipe here.

M + J come to visit.

judd at clayton

Taylor's parents came to visit this past weekend. We explored the city, saw the incredible Kids Design Glass at the Museum of Glass in Tacoma, took a day trip to Bellingham, and ate lots and lots of delicious goodies. It was so much fun to have Judd here on Father's Day!

dock bellingham

mary judd clayton beach

purple starfish

The only time I took pictures was during our day trip to Bellingham. We got there via Chuckanut Drive, which goes along the coast with fantastic views of the San Juan Islands. My favorite stop was Clayton Beach - you have to hike down to it through a lush forest covered in moss and ferns (we thought we'd see little gnomes pop out around each corner). There we found dozens and dozens of pink and purple starfish, anemones, and giant crabs the size of a dinner plate (yum!).

tay rope swing

This boy was in heaven.

Thanks for a wonderful weekend, Mary and Judd! You can come up and sleep on our air mattress anytime.

Sunday, June 19

June Catch-up: Part I

The first weekend in June was the big 39er reunion.
Last year was Yosemite. This year: SEATTLE!

Yep, 13 people in our little house! Three words: Costco and air mattresses.

We so busy having fun, we didn't take one picture. We relied on Tyler + Becca to be our photojournalists (click to link to their blog and get a full report of all the fun):

boys on swing

beach sun
Taylor catching some rays with the women.

grill boyz

tay grilling
Taylor takes his grilling very seriously.

The chocolate-coated Twinkie we couldn't resist at the candy shop in Anacortes.

The full 39er crowd.

We were so sad to see everyone leave - they really are family to us. Next year... Wisconsin?