Tuesday, August 30

Oldroyd Girls

The crew at Snoqualmie Falls.

For Grandma Mimi's 80th birthday, Mom gave her an "Oldroyd girls trip" to the Northwest. Mom, Liz, and Mimi came up two weeks ago for the weekend, and Taylor became an honorary Oldroyd woman.

Mom took us all on the Victoria Clipper from Seattle to Victoria, British Columbia.

butchart tree

girls butchart

I grew up idolizing this place - I had never been, but had seen countless pictures from all of my mom's and grandparents' visits to Butchart Gardens. It lived up to every expectation (even Taylor thought it was awesome). I bought a few packets of seeds - after touring the Gardens, you leave convinced that it can't be all that hard...

mimi liz butchart


tt butchart

tay sunset

mimi on ferry

I loved catching up with Mimi, and hearing stories about Papa, their early years, and all about Great-Grandma Oldroyd. We stayed up late playing card games, ate some delicious meals around town, explored Seattle and Bellevue, and just had FUN.

Thanks for the trip... Dad.

Monday, August 22

Another great weekend.

Running a little behind (this was two weeks ago). Oh well. August 13th was my 10-year high school reunion. I had no desire to go - is that weird? Instead of a trip to Utah, we took a day trip to the Olympic Peninsula.

bark title

tay olympic stache

tal olympic stache

kolaloch beach

kolaloch tree

Kolaloch Beach

tall trees olympic

Olympic National Forest

tay in tree

tay rainforest

Did you know Washington has its own rainforest?

turners olympic

We hiked up to the old Quinault Cedar tree, and ran into some Russians. I made Taylor talk to them in Russian, so he asked if they would take our picture (in Russian). "No problem!" (said in a heavy Russian accent)

The best part of the trip?

4 leaf clover

That's right - a four-leaf clover in the middle of the rainforest.

Tuesday, August 9

best. saturday. EVER.

We're trying to take advantage of the gorgeous summer weather while it lasts. Last weekend we camped; this weekend we did some trail running and picked some fresh raspberries.

sat aug 6th 1


sat aug 6th 2