Tuesday, March 29


I'm ready for March to be over. Definitely the month of the "lamb and the lion" for me - high highs, and low lows (I'll use that as my excuse for the lack of bloggage).

So here's a look at the highs of March for T + T:

We discovered the neighborhood of Medina, where we'll hopefully buy our first house.
medina etc 2
medina etc 1
It'd be nice to finally be able to park our yacht in our backyard.
One of the houses had a float plane parked next to their garage. Nice people.

Pi Day at High 5 Pie with Robin + Christian.
medina etc 3
medina etc 4
Note: If you're advertising Pi Day at your pie shop, make sure you have enough pies.
Just a thought.

Pike Place has a nice roof of daffodils, and would you look at that weather?
pike 2
pike 1
We found our favorite sign in Pike Place Market.

sisters at needle
My sister Liz came and stayed with us for a week. Good times.

I baked my first successful loaf of white bread - thank you, America's Test Kitchen.

This is in our backyard right now: 15 feet of fantastic blossoms.
blossoms in backyard

And... I started a new job at the Seattle Symphony, working in their offices at Benaroya Hall, one block from Mr. Turner.
We ride the bus home together - it's pretty romantic.

Monday, March 28

Boredom Box

boredom box

This came in the mail on Saturday from Mary + Molly (my mother-in-law and sister-in-law).
Perfectly timed.

Thursday, March 24


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Space Needle (Saturday morning)

We've just been playing in the SUNSHINE and spent the past week with our latest houseguest, dear Liz-a-boo.

If the weather was always like this in Seattle, you would all move here.

Really, you would. You should see this place.

Friday, March 4

Links galore.

Things I'm loving lately:

Why can't they make the dresses and skirts just a little bit longer?

This video made Taylor and I laugh so hard. Gotta love Tom Hanks:
"You look just like a Bratz doll!"

I really, really want Olivia Palermo's wardrobe.

Saw this picture on Design Mom. Max Wanger's site is awesome.
Have you seen this Pirate bedroom?
Yeah, that child will grow up to be normal. Or maybe it's that grown man's room?
See more of the room here.

If I had a million dollars, I would buy this, this, this, and this from Jonahan Adler.

It costs the same to rent this amazing house (below) in Normandy as it does to rent our yellow house in Seattle (and it's cheaper than our shoe box in Manhattan). Maybe we should move to France? More about this house here. Check out all her tours of this house - it's an incredible place.
We're making Beecher's famous Macaroni and Cheese for dinner on Sunday. I've been craving it ever since Molly and I tried it at Pike Place a month ago. Recipe here.