Sunday, July 31

It could have been a disaster.

hike sunset

We went camping Friday night. Our first time with our own gear, just the two of us. We read about a campsite in Mt. Rainier National Park, packed the car the night before, and left straight from work on Friday afternoon.

We lugged our gear for two miles along the snow-free trail to Eagle's Roost. We had no idea we were that close to Mt. Rainier! We got there just in time for sunset.

tal mt rainier

tay mt rainier

We woke up early the next morning to Spray Falls (INCREDIBLE).

tay spray falls

We then wandered up the mountain for another couple of hours until we were hiking in snow, and pretty darn close to the mountain.
morning mt rainier
Tay packed the night before, I packed the morning of, and somehow we both packed the same pajama shirt. Classic.

Camping with the person you love is awesome. No phones, no watches, no agenda. Heaven!

Tuesday, July 26

Mom to the rescue.

mom at carkeek

My mom came up this weekend to help me out - one of those crazy things where one day we're on the phone, the next day she's sitting on my couch. We spent the weekend watching movies, drinking Diet Coke, playing all kinds of new games, and eating lots and lots of treats (her first trip to Trader Joe's!).

mom card game


She lucked out with 80 degree weather - not a cloud in the sky!

carkeek sun

Love you, Mom.

Monday, July 11


turner siblings
Taylor and I jumped at the chance to visit Crismon and Lauren in Rhode Island. Molly Kate came down from New York, and the sibling circle was complete. Hooray for Skymiles and siblings who let you sleep on their air mattress - free trip!

I didn't take my camera, but I took my phone:

water fire
Waiting for "Water Fire" in Providence.

water fire 2
"Water Fire" - bonfires in the middle of the river that goes through Providence, RI.

rejects beach
Reject's Beach - next to Bailey's Beach, one of the most exclusive beaches in the United States (you have to be Vanderbilt, Astor, or Carnegie to get in)

gilded coast
Where the richest of the rich built their summer cottages on the Atlantic Ocean back in the Gilded Age.

Anyone have $17 million? It's for sale...

magnolia banana
Homemade Magnolia Bakery banana pudding. We ate the whole bowl in less than 24 hours.

molly kate ice cream
Molly Kate. We ate our fair share of ice cream on this trip.

second beach
Second Beach.

A wonderful trip - runs along the Cliff Walk, days at the beach, nights hanging out eating treats, playing games, and exploring Rhode Island. Heaven!

Newport sunset

newport picnic
We spent the 4th of July in Newport, Rhode Island with Crismon, Lauren, and Molly (all of the Turner siblings together!). We got some pizzas, and had a picnic by the harbor, and waited for it to get dark enough for fireworks.

We were in for a treat.

All of these pictures are straight from our 10-year old Canon Elph. No editing whatsoever.

newport sunset 4

newport sunset 3

newport sunset 1

...and from the iPhone:
newport sunset 2