Saturday, October 29

Three weeks ago(ish)...

We drove down to Corvallis, Oregon to watch the BYU/Oregon State game with our friends Robin & Christian. These two recently got all grown-up and built a house an hour away from us, so we were dying to spend some time with these two. We spent the night in Portland searching for open food carts, exploring the tent city in Chinatown, perusing the endless aisles of books at Powell's, and devouring Voo Doo Doughnuts.

We then introduced Robin & Christian to Mother's - the best breakfast in Portland!
Oh, boys.

Then off to Cougartown!

(Jimmer was there! Poor guy, the only thing he has to do lately is go to every single BYU game and hang around Target in Provo.)

We sat behind the hippest woman of all time. Sadly, this was the only 10-second dance party I could capture (and it was a rather mild one).

Friday, October 28

Look who's in my house.

tay's karate costume tay's karate kick
There's something so fun about when your husband gets excited about a costume for like 5 years, finally caves and orders it online, and when it arrives, he immediately puts it on, and turns on the song "You're the Best Around" (at full volume) while attempting karate moves. I love this boy (he's a man, but "boy" seemed more appropriate here.).

Wax on, wax off.

Thursday, October 6

Virgin Islands

Taylor's parents do an incredible job planning vacations. Example: Taylor's mom coordinated a two-week excursion to Russia, Ukraine, and Paris, involving Russian and Ukrainian airlines and Russian visas, and somehow there was not one canceled flight, lost bag, bogus hotel, or scary moment (except when we got lost in Kiev looking for the Kiev temple - but that was Taylor's fault).

Onto the Virgin Islands.

We went right at the tail end of hurricane season, so it was dead. Here is the #1 beach in St. Thomas - Magen's Bay:

magens bay
We were the only people on the beach the entire time (except for our favorite lifeguard and part-time masseuse, Jessi.).

morningstar beach
If you're looking for swimsuit shots, you're not going to get any. It's not that kind of blog.

tay on catamaran
We chartered a catamaran to St. John, where we spent the day snorkeling with sea turtles and mantarays here:

honeymoon beach

st john beach
We're glad the Turners claimed us - living in Seattle, we don't have a lot of tropical beach fashions.

hi class fashion
If this store was open, maybe we would have looked the part.

left side of road
The Virgin Islands are part of the United States, but you drive on the left side of the road (which provided a few entertaining moments).

jim's iguana
There are iguanas everywhere, and they loved hanging out with us on the beach.
This one loved Uncle Amos the most.

We tried out the paddle-boards the last day.

tay watching sunset
And enjoyed the final sunset from our porch.


Thanks, Turners!