Saturday, January 28

Last week's snow storm

snow starting

Rumors had been going around about a big snow storm hitting Seattle. Two Fridays ago Taylor and I were riding the bus home from work, and had this conversation:

Tally: "Wouldn't it be cool if it snowed so much that they canceled Church?"
Taylor: "No, because I like church."
Tally: "Well, yeah, church is great, but then you wouldn't have to go to all those meetings."
Taylor: "But we wouldn't have church, and I like going to church."
Tally: "Okay..."

snow house

Sure enough, at the end of Sacrament meeting that Sunday, they announced that they were closing the building and were sending everyone home. There was a very loud "YES!" from the congregation from a few kids, which was awesome. We braved the snowy drive home, and found that it had snowed enough while we were gone that we couldn't pull all the way into our driveway. We were too embarrassed to try pulling in again (we have very observant neighbors), so we just left it there. Way to go, Hyundai.

Monday morning we walked to the nearby hardware store to purchase a snow shovel and ice melt. The metal garden shovel from 1970 that we found in the shed just wasn't cutting it.

tay's shovel


pancakes and snow

Tuesday + Wednesday our offices were closed (HOORAY!), but Taylor decided to put in 8-hour days of work from home, which meant I was bored out of my mind. I'd like to thank Netflix for putting all of Season One of Downton Abbey in their instant streaming (and Mom, for not changing her password).

snow face

In Seattle, it snows 6 inches and the entire city shuts down (they only have 30 plows - we didn't see one until Saturday).
In Salt Lake, it snows 2 feet, and they wonder why you're late for school.

Of course, my favorite thing is that Seattle people have top-of-the-line gear for snow, but they only get to use it once a year. There's 4 inches of snow on the sidewalks, and people are in their snowpants, Sorels, ice clamps, and cross-country skis. Pretty awesome.

Thursday, January 12


Our favorite pictures from 2011:

coast turners
Cannon Beach, Oregon - January

Completely lost while cross-country skiing in Snoqualmie - February

valentines dinner
Equally awkward on Valentine's Day - we're lucky we found each other. And we did eat more than a piece of steak.


sisters at needle
Sisters at the top of the Space Needle - Molly Kate in February, Liz-a-Boo in March

The tulips came to Pike Place Market in April, and we ran the Wenatchee half marathon:
wenatchee half-pola

We got a new car in May (not pictured, so picture silver awesomeness).

mom dad alki
My parents came to visit in May,

mary judd clayton beach
and Taylor's parents came to visit in June.
tay rope swing

A week later the 39ers crammed into our little house, and it was heaven.

grill boyz

Taylor turned 30!
tay doing board

We flew to Newport, Rhode Island to celebrate with the Turner siblings!
turner siblings

newport sunset 2

We camped in July at the base of Mt. Rainier. Taylor forbid me to tell the full story on the blog, because it was a pretty crazy experience.
morning mt rainier

boulder falls
We hiked A LOT in August.
turners olympic

tay olympic stache

The Turners met up in the U.S. Virgin Islands in September:

We were the whitest people there. Thanks a lot, Seattle.

In October we caught the BYU game at Oregon State, and hung out in Portland with the Markanichs:

Screen shot 2011-11-08 at 10.30.18 AM
Taylor beat "P90x guy" - a true highlight of 2011.

By the end of October we had some incredible leaves around town!

Thanksgiving in Maple Valley:

giving thanks

tays pie
The pie.

... and then home for Christmas to celebrate our 5th Anniversary (Temple + out to breakfast).
It keeps getting better!

*Picture from our actual wedding day in 2006 - we didn't get back in our wedding clothes and gallivant around Temple Square. Maybe next year.

Tuesday, January 10

christmas break

Next Christmas I'll remember to take my camera home. I only have a handful of pictures from Christmas on my phone, and it's killing me because it was such a great break! I didn't even get shots of my mom's Santa tree this year (I hope you took some, Mom!).

ornaments lorenzo tree

blind boys of alabama . crismon's birthday . market street grill . fireworks in the backyard (that lorenzo tried to eat) . lots of visits to grandma lewis . shopping for our christmas feast with molly + mary at harmon's (white chocolate pecan bread!) . traditional oldroyd christmas adam mexican fiesta (we're not mexican) . nativity at grandpa t's (the baby jesus was born out of a purse) .

fireworks gold room

a private behind-the-scenes tour of the capitol building with my sister (she gets to work there!) . christmas eve dinner with the turners . the biggest cake you ever did see . wits and wagers with liz's new in-laws . church in a beautiful, silent chapel on christmas morning . elder oldroyd called from bora bora! . christmas morning breakfast casserole with mimi and papa . opening gifts .

marys cake xmas eve table

day-after shopping (per taylor's request - what?!) . the nutcracker with mom + liz . breakfast with the 39ers . park city outlets (per taylor's request - seriously?!) . grandma lewis turned 91! . red iguana . celebrated our 5th anniversary! . ruth's diner for breakfast . caught up with the east high bunch in park city . eggs in the city with karen . reunited with my roommate linda . bombay house . the first home jazz game (thanks, uncle jim!) . warhorse . liz + keith made bisteeya (delicious!) in mom + dad's fancy new kitchen . lots of rounds of small world . hires big h . said good-bye to mom's santas .

jazz game jazz win
liz keith moms santas