Friday, June 29

To Mr. Turner

mj tay
31 years ago. 

Happy Birthday!

(we hit 5 1/2 years of marriage today, too!)


You make all my dreams come true.

As we say in our little yellow house, "You are my favorite."

tay rope swing

tay in the bay



I love you, Taylor!  Happy Birthday!

Thursday, June 21

Baby Showers

I never thought the day would come when there would be baby showers for me.

sso shower surprise

I finished work at the Seattle Symphony last week, and they were kind enough to send me off with a surprise baby shower.  They were so, so generous.  I'll really miss my Symphony "peeps."  I won't miss making them "Mormon coffee," but I'll miss all of the inside jokes, listening to the rehearsals all day, seeing the behind-the-scenes work, and being involved with so many different departments.  I'll miss the crazy people, too (actually, I think I'll miss them the most).

sso shower

mom at golden gardens
Mom flew up the next day for the ward/friend/YW shower, put together by my dear friends Robin, Debi, Jamie, and Kristen.

They went above and beyond.

20120611-111944 20120611-111937 20120611-111955 20120611-111949

shower friends
Love, love, love these women.  

This gnome gets to live in our nursery. Thank you, Debi!

table at shower
The food was INCREDIBLE. There were even vegan options (only in Seattle).

debi robin
These two - no words.  Mom and I both lost it when it came time to say thank you.
Robin, I could write a novel.

We came home and filled the crib.  This baby is very, very loved.
full crib

Saturday, June 2



Over Memorial Day weekend, we took our first real vacation with just the two of us in 5.5 years of marriage.  We actually paid for a hotel room!  That's a big step up for us. 

32 weeks.

The Olympic torch (and Taylor's Vancouver 2010 Olympic shirt - apropos).

IMG_1489 2
One of the highlights was meeting up with Oksana, a woman whose family Taylor taught while serving his mission in Ukraine.  She and her husband (who was in Ukraine on business this particular weekend) moved to Vancouver several years ago, and it was fun to meet her daughter and grandkids (who only speak Russian, so it was fun to hear Taylor use his Russian again!). 

We explored Burnaby Mountain and the suspension bridge at Lynn Canyon.  Tima wanted to take his scooter on all of the hikes, so Taylor got some parenting experience as he tried to convince him to leave the scooter in the car (all in Russian).
Apparently Taylor needs to work on his negotiation skills with 6-year-olds, because he ended up carrying this for the rest of the afternoon.

Try riding your scooter across that suspension bridge.



Sea to Sky Highway, on the way to Whistler.  The views from this road are incredible.


We saw 4 bears (Taylor's #1 request for the drive).




Crossing the border.  The tackiest sign ever - can't we do better than that?  My elementary school's sign was classier.  Your tax dollars at work.