Monday, July 30

Meet Sam.



Born Tuesday, July 24th at 7:57am.
8 lbs | 20 1/4 inches

Big bright eyes, two dimples, and a head full of dark hair.

We are in love.


Tuesday, July 17


Our last time together as a family of seven!

My family came up to Seattle for the weekend following the Fourth of July.  My sister and her husband move to Mississippi at the end of July, and since baby Turner could come any day, it seemed a good idea to get together for one last family trip.  I only have the pictures from my phone and the few pictures I swiped from my mom's phone.

After dinner at Chinook's in Ballard (we go every time my parents come to town - it's that good). The restaurant is right on the dock of the fishing village. 

Top of the Space Needle.  They lucked out on the weather, right?

Lunch at Pike Place Market - Beecher's macaroni and cheese, Piroshky Piroshky, local sodas, and lots of fresh fruit from the stands.  Too bad the "hungry" homeless lady rejected Liz's figs.

Taylor found an awesome boat tour of Lake Union & Portage Bay.  Captain Larry was a hoot!  This became a new "must do" for when we have visitors.
We hiked up to Twin Falls - beautiful!

38 weeks.
What we did:

Boeing Factory Tour in Everett (incredible!) . Chinook's . Molly Moon's ice cream
SoDo (almost got hit by a train in the swagger wagon) . Uwajimaya . Pike Place Market . 
Michael Maslan's Vintage Poster Shop . Seattle Downtown Library . Monorail! . 
Space Needle . Potbelly's milkshakes . Alki Beach . Cactus (yum!) . 
Archie McPhee's . Boating with Captain Larry . Picnic @ South Lake Union Park . 
Hike to Twin Falls . Seattle Sounders vs. Colorado Rapids . 

Wednesday, July 11

Grandpa T

Taylor's Grandpa Byron Leon Turner (BLT) passed away suddenly this past Sunday.  He was 90 years old.  "Grandpa T" was a man of charm and enthusiasm (he had the best laugh), with such a happy outlook on life, even without having his wife Beverly by his side for over 22 years.  What a sweet reunion that must be. 

grandpa t hospital

This afternoon I was moving some of our office files to the basement, and came across a packet of memories Grandpa T wrote about his wife Beverly.  I loved these:

"She made me not look so bad.  Our stake produced a dance show one evening.  We did it.  Three couples, us, the Hairs, and the Pingrees were put on the front row because we looked good.  Bev tried to teach me at home.  It went OK.  One of my friends told me afterwards that he could see me counting steps.  No, I was just asking Bev, 'What comes next?'"

You are greatly missed, Grandpa T.  We love you, and are happy that our little one gets to have some time to be with you before he comes.

Monday, July 9


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Taylor ran a race at the nearby park.

Untitled Untitled
Reward: Brunch at Serious Biscuit.

Bump (36 weeks?).

I thought after 15 years of not sewing I could successfully make roman shades for the nursery - took a lot more work than I thought, but they're done, and they work!

Tay surprised me with mini cheesecakes from Pike Place on my birthday.  YUM.

Taylor's birthday!

Chocolate creme brulee - super easy and delicious!  Recipe to come.


Bought some power tools for the yard - we looked almost as clueless in Home Depot as we did in the baby store when we couldn't figure out how to separate a car seat from the base.  Taylor is a master hedge trimmer.