Monday, September 24

Sam's name.

blessing 8

SamuelName of God.  Son of Elkanah and Hannah, born in answer to his mother's prayers...

 ...he is a signal example of faith, patience, integrity, and self-sacrifice through a long and trying career.  

(excerpts from the LDS Bible Dictionary)

 blessing 5

Happy TWO MONTHS, Sammy!  Life with you is heaven on earth.

Stats to come.

Tuesday, September 18

Other Utah Highlights

Sam spent the morning with Grandpa Oldroyd in my favorite spot.

J Dawgs!  We feel a little out of place when we eat out in Seattle with a car seat, but when we showed up at J Dawgs, there were already two other families there with car seats.  Good ol' Utah County. 

We introduced Sam to his Great-Grandmothers:


Recognize the bunny?

Uncle Jim is already Sam's favorite!


*The crowd, minus Jon + LindaKay

We spent the first half of our trip in Southern Utah with the 39ers.  See more about the 39ers and our previous reunions here and here.  By some miracle we were ALL able to make it to Cedar City this year!  What an incredible group of friends.  Every time we are with these friends I find myself thinking, "I want to be more like that person, and that person, and that person..."

The highlight was that in the past year 5 of the 6 couples had a baby!  Hooray for the Class of 2030!  Four boys and one girl, so the four boys will have to become the 39er Second Generation and be roommates in King Henry #39 at BYU (and each go on at least one date with Clara).  I couldn't resist, and made 39er shirts for all the kiddos:

Sam needs to work on facing the camera.

Tyler and Becca were in charge of the planning this year, and did a wonderful job considering all of the young ones!  It was so nice to have time and space to relax and catch up with everyone.  Becca's grandparents have an awesome retro summer home in Cedar City, and we were all able to fit under one roof, which means at any given time there was a baby napping or eating.  We picked peaches from the trees in the backyard, played running charades, and ate lots of delicious food during the traditional Saladfest.


We enjoyed a beautiful day in Zion National Park (I think Taylor still wants to move there). The boys (minus "Danger" David) hiked, and the girls + babies + David showed up at the Lodge later that afternoon for a big picnic.  Unfortunately, when you take six young women with four strollers, lots of babies, one tall man, and you're in Southern Utah, you tend to look polygamist.  I think we raised a few eyebrows at the Lodge. Pretty hilarious.

The full group.

Such a great group, and a wonderful reunion.  Thank you, Tyler and Becca!

Friday, September 7


blessing outfit

We had plans to go to Utah for Labor Day weekend, and decided that it would be the perfect time to give Sam a name and a blessing.  Taylor gave Sam a beautiful blessing, and the spirit was so strong as we were surrounded by family and friends who had exercised so much faith on our behalf.  There was a lot of love in that room. 

sam blessing

Sam bulked up enough to fit into his dad's blessing outfit.  My parents bought the white blanket in Bethlehem the day before Taylor and I got the IVF results (my dad actually bought two "for good karma").

sammy with lauren
Sam was such a good sport, getting passed around all night.

4 generations at blessing
4 generations.

Special thanks to Auntie Molly for all of the pictures.

s cookies

turner fam at blessing

oldroyds at blessing