Tuesday, March 27



My sister Liz is getting married this weekend. I've had a blast going through my little box of old family photos this past week. Lots of matching outfits sewn by Mom, cross-stitched collars, awkward poses, and Liz always being the photogenic one. I wish I had all of the pictures we took posing with our Barbies (we tried so hard to make it into Barbie Magazine).

sleeping beauties

A few quality memories:

Businesses we tried to open:
  • PAG (Gap spelled backwards - we opened a retail store in our bedrooms and tried selling our clothes to imaginary customers.
  • OFIS (Oldroyd Fix-It Shop), which entailed "reorganizing" all of Dad's tools in the garage and writing out receipts for clanging screwdrivers on our own bikes.
  • Sunflower Cafe - our lemonade stand on the deadest street in Olympus Cove (I think there were days where nobody drove by - we never quite figured out the importance of location).
We wrote a musical to be performed on our trampoline, based on Alice in Wonderland, which featured the hit song "Crooks, Not Books" that we could probably perform tomorrow without a mistake in lyrics or choreography. The song ends with, "And that's what I call a book! YA!"

We reenacted our favorite Disney movies for my Dad, but because there were only two of us, we had to take "two minute breaks" to change costumes and bring on new characters (don't worry, we wrote a song to introduce the two minute break, and choreographed that as well). We were so focused on the quality of our performance, we didn't even notice that Dad had an NBA game muted on the big screen behind us (the best part is that it's all on tape).

robby born
This is my favorite picture that we have in our family - the day after Robby was born.

Liz is the perfect sister. In many ways she has been my big sister (and I mean that in the very best way possible). We are very different, but over the years we've met in the middle and become more alike (sometimes to a disturbing point). She makes life so much fun - her energy and spunk is contagious. I can't wait to be with her this weekend and see her become a Mrs.!

Love you, Lizzy!

Saturday, March 24



This picture is at 20 weeks (3 weeks ago). The next morning the bump was gone. Over the past few weeks the bump made a few appearances (usually after dinner), but we're happy that it's finally here to stay!

23 weeks down. I've never been so happy to be so uncomfortable.

Friday, March 9

The best Christmas gift ever.

My heart is pounding so hard as I type this!

We gave our grandparents (and Elder Oldroyd, via phone) a surprise on Christmas.

My sister-in-law Lauren caught Grandma Lewis' surprise the best:


Baby Turner, coming July 2012.

We have waited nearly four years for this little miracle. The hardest, most emotionally draining years of my life (and definitely Taylor's, too!). I'm still on-edge, praying every minute that everything is normal, still growing, still working... I don't think we'll feel complete deliverance and relief until we're holding this little boy in our arms.

That's right - it's a boy! I absolutely cannot wait for mini-Taylor. Exactly what I was hoping for (let's face it - I would screw up a girl).

Monday, March 5


tay at bainbridge
My Valentine.

I didn't realize that I hadn't blogged in a while until I went to Salt Lake last weekend and was chided for not posting more regularly, so I'll try to be better. Okay, not chided, but told at least half a dozen times.

Here's our February catch-up:

tay with bonnie
We had a blast being "fake parents" for a weekend while our friends went skiing in Whistler. It was fun to stay in their gorgeous home - we were living the sitcom life with a seven-year-old and a dog! The seven-year-old taught me how to make aebelskivers and use the voice control on my phone. Lots of fun.

bay sunset
Seattle is still gorgeous in the winter, by the way.

elder oldroyd w liz
We flew down to Salt Lake the next weekend to welcome Elder Oldroyd home from Tahiti! We were up way too late that night hearing the "real stories" behind all those crazy emails - I haven't laughed that hard in a long time.
fam at airport w robby

valentines 2012
My Valentine. So sad that this is my only picture from that day - and it would be a picture of Taylor with food, and he looks really happy about it. Lesson learned.

mol tay bainbridge
We were thrilled when Molly Kate decided to come out from New York for a weekend. We toured the Theo Chocolates factory (LOVED), spent the Saturday on Bainbridge Island, hit the Public Market, and ate lots and lots of delicious food. I love when Molly comes to visit, because I know we're going to eat really, really well. Why didn't I get a picture of us, Molly?!
Molly introduced us to these incredible buttermilk + oat pancakes. The oats and buttermilk sit overnight and you add the rest of the ingredients in the morning. We even bought creme fraiche to put on top - heaven.

tay tal bainbridge

tay boats rapper

The Rhodies are starting to bloom!

seattle from ferry

flight home

I flew back to Salt Lake for my little sister's wedding shower, which conveniently fell on the same weekend as the Oscars (my mom goes all out in appetizer land). Of course, the only pictures I took were of the screen, Lorenzo, and my mom's dashboard (she listens to some pretty hip music):


lorenzo waiting

moms dashboard
I was driving my mom's car and all of a sudden I look down and the car told me I was "Entering Bootytown."

Come back soon for some good news.