Friday, August 24



Boy, that month went by a little too quickly!  This morning as Sam and I were running errands, we passed the hospital, and I saw our labor/delivery window and thought about how nice it is to be OUT with the baby and not in that darn room with an audience watching me huff and puff.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

WEIGHT: 10 lbs 3 oz

HEIGHT/LENGTH:  21 3/4 in

AVERAGE NIGHT'S SLEEP:  3-to-4-hour stretches, with a few 5-hour stretches here and there. 

FAVORITE THINGS:  Eating (he turns into a hyper, panting little animal when he figures out it's time to eat - hilarious), lifting his head up and down, interpretive dance with his arms, cuddling with Dad, exploring the neighborhood in the stroller, watching Mama dry her hair (fascinating to him - really hilarious), driving in the car on bumpy roads, and sitting up on Mama's knee to look around the room.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS:  Held up his own head on day two, rolled over (!), learned to take a pacifier (thanks, Grandma), grew out of newborn clothes, shared tons of big smiles, will take an occasional bottle from Dad, slept through all three hours of church, had his first laugh, and started building up an awesome double-chin.

PLACES HE'S BEEN:  Lake Washington, Mercer Island, and Snohomish.  And the craft store in Lynnwood.

- Get ready for the day, even if you're not going anywhere.  It makes a huge difference in my energy level and attitude when I feel put-together, and we're more likely to leave the house if we're both dressed and ready.

- Don't be afraid to go places!  I spent the first two weeks terrified of leaving the house, mostly because I was so scared that Sam would start crying and disturb the peace... at the grocery store.  The more we left the house, the more confidence I had in myself and in Sam.

- Babies cry.  Sometimes for no reason.  I'm not a failed mother if he cries. 

- Have a sense of humor, especially at 4:30am when your baby has been up for an hour and a half and is very, very hyper.  Laugh at their silly mannerisms (and don't look at the clock).

- Our friends Tyler and Becca gave us the best advice around week two: "Eliminate the word 'should' from your vocabulary!" Forget all of the books out there (they all contradict each other anyway), and just focus on what your baby needs.  Every baby is different.  Just meet your baby's needs.

- It completely changes your life, but it completes your life!  I love being needed (even at 3am), and getting those sweet little smiles that give reassurance that I'm doing an okay job.  Boy, I need a lot of those smiles some days.

Oh Sam, you make our life so, so wonderful.  Thank you for being so patient with us as we figure this parenthood thing out.  You are the most hilarious, charming, perplexing little piece of heaven.  We love you!


Tuesday, August 14


Sammers, Sammy, Samkins, Samster, Sambam...


Sam is spending a lot of time here:

tay sam week 2

tay sam hot sunday

Is there anything better? 

Sam came at the perfect time - the day after we got home from the hospital, the Olympics started!  Ask us about the results of any event, because we probably watched it.  Taylor had two weeks of paternity leave, so after our parents left Seattle, we enjoyed a full week as a family of three.  Our ward was incredible with providing some delicious meals (thank you!), and we focused on enjoying our time together before Taylor went back to his favorite place on earth: work.

mom and sam week 2

My mom couldn't stay away from Sam for long, and came up for the week that Taylor went back to his little paradise downtown.  We lounged, watched lots of old movies (and the Olympics), and she worked her magic in the kitchen.  I learned so much from her that week.  I love my mom.  She is always full of praise: everything is beautiful, delicious, your baby the best baby in the world, your husband the best dad there could be, your house so cute, and where did you get those darling shoes? (you gave them to me like 6 years ago, Mom).  She needs no more entertainment than to sit on the couch with a Diet Coke and a cute baby. 


The thing I was felt that I needed the most was to have Mom help me run my first errand with Sam.  I'm really embarrassed that our first outing was to the craft store, but there you go.  We put his car seat in the shopping cart, I started pushing the cart around, and all of a sudden it hit me: I'm a MOM.  I've become one of those young moms in the craft store.  Yikes.


This has been our first week with just Sam and me at home during the day, and it is heaven.  One look at him, and I melt.  I've become the creepy mom that sneaks in the room to watch him sleep (or check that he's still breathing).  It is so much fun to have a little buddy to talk to during the day.  I love seeing Taylor's face light up when he gets home and sees Sam.  We still can't believe that after so many years of trying to get this miracle, he's here.


Saturday, August 4

Sam's arrival

I posted all about our due date, but I just can't bring myself to put our birth story on the blog.

To be honest, 1:00am Monday morning to 7:57am Tuesday morning is one giant 32-hour blur.  Even after we got home from the hospital, I needed help from Taylor and my mom to clarify what happened when, how long certain things took, what the doctors said, etc. So, in short:

It was long.
It was very, very, very hard.
It did not go as planned.

But Sam came.

He took his sweet time, but he came!

There were nearly a dozen doctors in the room to welcome him.  I didn't get to hold him immediately as I had hoped and planned (I laugh now when I hear the words "birth plan"), but something even better happened - Taylor got to hold him first.  I sat and watched from the other side of the hospital room and bawled as I saw my darling husband become absorbed in our little 8-pound miracle. 

My mom caught this picture of Taylor holding Sam for the first time.

My parents were able to make it in time for the delivery (and the last 12 hours of labor - I kept apologizing that the baby hadn't come yet).

Grandma Oldroyd stayed a few extra days and filled our fridge with Rainier cherries.


Grandma and Grandpa Turner made it to Seattle two days later.

My boys.

Wednesday, August 1

Due Date

My due date was Sunday, July 22nd.  Over the past six weeks, three other women at our church had gone into labor or delivered on their due date, so I planned on not being at church on Sunday.  I had been up most of the night not feeling well, and woke up early Sunday morning still feeling gross, and assumed I was off the hook for church. 

I had avoided being a part of any planning of the Young Women putting on the Pioneer program for sharing time.  Hello, it's my due date.  I'll be in the hospital with my baby that day. That's what due date means. Well, by 9:30am on Sunday I was on the phone.  There was no plan for said sharing time and while the conversation started with me explaining why I wouldn't be at church that day, it ended with me being in charge of the whole deal. At 10:30am I found myself whining in the kitchen making 75 edible buffalo chips (and how are we supposed to convince the primary kids to eat poop?). 

Not the best way to start the Sabbath. Or the due date. 
I've never been happier to be go to ward choir.

A word of advice: never go to church on your due date unless you have a sense of humor (which I didn't have that day).

"Where's your baby?!"
"Wait, when are you due again?"
"So you're at about 30 weeks, right?"
"It doesn't look like your baby's coming anytime soon, because you're so small."

Taylor and I put together a plan of what to do if my water broke or I went into labor while sitting in Sacrament meeting (he sits on the stand, so we had to figure out a way to signal him).  He's never looked at me so much during a meeting - it was pretty funny. I thought about running out of the meeting at one point just for a joke, but couldn't bring myself to do that to Taylor.

I was convinced that all my frustration was going to put me into labor. Sure enough, as I was rolling the TV/DVD player (that decided not to work) back to the library after church was over, contractions started. 

After church.  Relieved to be in some kind of pain.