Thursday, April 25

9 month old vampire baby

Wow, that went by way too quickly.  Pregnancy felt at least twice that long!



First, Sam has fangs. He started cutting a tooth way to the left, which made me panic that his palate was all screwed up.  I guess a few babies get their lateral incisors before their centrals, so for a while, when he only had one tooth up there on one side, he had the nickname "Snaggles." His right lateral is finally coming in, so now he looks like a vampire. Best smile in town!

Sam is strong, which freaks out the ladies at church. Last Sunday I thought the lady sitting behind us was going to have a heart attack.  She kept gasping and panicking that I was going to drop him, so we finally left the chapel to let her relax.  Sam pulls himself up on everything.  He is always pulling himself up to his feet with his hands on the floor and does some awesome squats, but hasn't figured out how to straighten out his back quite yet. His strength and energy are so much fun, but not meant for Sacrament meeting.


Sam is a happy soul. I don't know how we got so lucky. I love the babbling commentary that he gives during our walks, people go crazy over his laugh while in the swing at the park, and he is so friendly and smiley when he sees new faces. I love hearing his excited heavy breathing and the sound of his hands smacking down on the floor when he crawls, and the way his face lights up when he finds me.

WEIGHT: 20 lbs (25-50%)
HEIGHT/LENGTH:  28.5" (50-75%)

AVERAGE NIGHT'S SLEEP: 7pm-6am. Naps are hit-and-miss, but we get two a day now (sometimes only 20 minutes a piece), but two a day is progress!


FAVORITE THINGS: Strawberries, pancakes, swinging at the park, hanging out in the jogging stroller (thank heavens), FaceTime/Skype with family, making new sounds, playing with whisks and measuring cups, and playing in the backyard.  He won't leave the picnic blanket to go on the grass. It's pretty hilarious.


ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Two new teeth, his first passport, pulling himself up on his own, discovered his reflection, and can hold his own sippy cup and bottle (we're better with the sippy cup than the bottle).


PLACES HE'S BEEN: Skagit Valley Tulip Festival (Mount Vernon)

WHAT MAMA LEARNED: Slow down and simplify.

Monday, April 22

When Grandma + Grandpa Come to Visit







Taylor's parents came to visit for the weekend, and though the weather was cold and rainy, we had a blast. The weather dried up a little while we were at the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival, which was unbelievable. Grandpa T bought 3 dozen tulips for our little yellow house, and they are beautiful. Sam was an incredible nap-free sport, proof that he really is happy all of the time (and eats all of the time, too!). 

We went on some walks in the rain, explored some new shops and neighborhoods, watched/listened to a lot of CNN (the Boston manhunt was going on during our drive to/from Mount Vernon), and ate lots of treats while catching up. We feel so blessed to have such wonderful parents who are so loving and supportive (and as obsessed with Sam as we are).  Their visit was way too short, so we'll do all we can to get Grammie and Grandpa T to come back in a couple of months when the sunshine is more of a permanent fixture up here.

This weekend's "hits":
Cactus | Hot Cakes | Dry Goods Design | Bakery Nouveau | re-souL | Skagit Valley Tulip Festival (Roosengarde is the best place to go!) | Alki Beach

Monday, April 15

Something other than monthly milestones.

We haven't had much going on in our house, just steady awesomeness. I realize I haven't really shared anything that's been happening in this house since January, so read on.
Family visits! 

Molly Kate came to visit at the end of February. We went for long drives to catch up (and let Sam sleep), found some yummy bakeries and darling shops, stocked up on Murray's Cheese, and watched the Sam show.  

My mom also came up at the end of February and somehow I never got a picture of her.  Fail.  Thank heavens for Mom. She knows just how to make me feel capable, like I'm doing a good job. I was grateful that Sam took a long nap the last day so that we could talk, and I could get her advice on different things.  Mom also watched Sam while Taylor and I went on our first official date to see  Warhorse downtown (my Christmas present from Taylor). If you ever get a chance to see it, go.  The music and puppetry are unbelievable.

Uncle Crismon had a business trip to Seattle, so we stole him away to hang out with us for a couple of hours the two nights he was in town.  The second night we couldn't find him anywhere, only to open the door to Sam's room where we saw Crismon standing next to his crib.  Sam was a little confused when we woke him up and Crismon was there (he loves Crismon). We're excited for Lauren and Crismon to have their baby in a couple months!

We're also grateful to live close to Taylor's Great Aunt Madelyn and her husband Don.  They're always inviting us over for fancy dinners, and we always have a great time with their darling family. Sam took a liking to Aunt Madelyn.

We're loving our time outside in the backyard among the blossoms! Sam is now riding in his stroller like a big boy, and loves to give commentary as we roll along. I sure love this happy boy.

 Taylor and I went to our first murder mystery party, Spring has come to our beautiful chapel, I'm learning that at least once or twice a day our tiny kitchen will be a crazy mess, and Sam is showing interest in the career of hairstyling. 

This boy is so, so happy all of the time (even without naps!). Sam eats about three times as much as he should, babbles nonstop, and loves exploring every corner of the house. We also have a new tooth up top, which has earned Sam the nickname "Snaggles."

Monday, April 1

Easter Sunday

I'm obsessed with these blossoms in our backyard, in case you couldn't tell. That expression on Sam's face is classic Sam. Crazy man.
We had an incredible Easter weekend in Seattle with 70-degree weather, sunshine, and blossoms everywhere.  Saturday morning after Easter baskets Taylor and I took turns doing longer runs through the preserve and the University of Washington campus to experience the cherry blossoms. I love running in the Spring and catching different scents of blossoms as I go.

03-30-2013 sam easter basket

Easter Sunday started at 5:30am (one day we will look back on these busy Sunday mornings and laugh, right?), but at least we were done by 12:30 - a new record for us.  Sam sang in the choir up on the stand with us during Sacrament meeting and squawked the last note.  He was a big hit, and looked so handsome in his Easter outfit (thank you, Aunt Molly!).  A long family nap and beautiful drive to Lake Sammamish for dinner with Great Aunt Madelyn and Uncle Don finished the day perfectly.  We even had success making yeast rolls from scratch (Aunt Dicksie, your recipe is legendary.).

Hope you and your families had wonderful Easter Sundays.  I love that this beautiful time of year is associated with the most important event in the history of the world - the Death and Resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

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