Wednesday, June 26


"I want to be thirty! Thirty, flirty, and thriving!"

First person to name that movie gets a special Seattle treat in the mail (for real).


I FINALLY turned thirty last week. The big 3-0. I had been waiting to turn thirty for what seemed like forever. Something about being able to say you're thirty gives you a little more credibility, in my opinion. I look like I'm 18, so I needed something to make people take me more seriously. I've been mistaken for a teen mom four times, for heaven's sake.

It was the best birthday ever. Maybe it helped that for the first time in 30 years I wasn't sneaky, which took a lot of self control. It paid off, because the day before my birthday my mom surprised me and showed up on my doorstep! I stood there and cried, so grateful that Sam is cute to the point that she can't stay away for long. Thanks, Sam.



I spent my birthday glued to my phone because my sister-in-law went into labor that morning and gave me the best birthday present ever - I became an aunt! Other than that, it was a low-key day, just the way I like it. Quiet, yummy food, cute baby, a couple of visits from some dear friends, and delicious cake with my boys and Mom.

I'd say the next decade is off to a great start.


Saturday, June 15


Or, grown men holding babies, because is there really anything better?

My boys.

We're expecting Turner grandchild #2 any day!

I was so grateful that my dad was able to be there when Sam came. Though I feel I should stress that he was in the hall, around the corner, getting the real rundown from the nurses and doctors running in and out of my room. Love you, Dad. Thanks for being so worried about me and Sam all 40 weeks of my pregnancy (I think you were almost as worried as I was the entire time).
I am so grateful that Sam has these three men to look up to.

His grandpas ride Harleys, read Jane Austen, dance with strangers in the Holy Land, collect art (or things with motors), were once the brains and muscle behind Disco America (I'll let you guess which grandpa that was), and rule the insurance world from their adjacent offices (we're trying to convince them to put in a secret door).

And then there's Taylor, the man of multiple accents (Sandra Boynton in a Russian accent?) and hilarious anecdotes. I knew he would make an incredible dad, I just didn't know he would be this much fun. I am so, so thankful to have this man in my life forever. He is a man of quiet example, and I think that is what I love the most about him. I wish I could make some aspects of life a little easier on him, but I take comfort in knowing that it's the stretching trials and struggles that make him the remarkable person (and father) that he is. I love you, Taylor, even though you only check this blog maybe every six months. So happy birthday, too. :)

Monday, June 3

Turner Olympics

Sam is standing! I was making dinner and turned around to see Sam up on his feet in the middle of the kitchen. Now it's all he wants to do - up and down, up and down. Way to go, Sammers!

I ran the Green River Marathon - one of the few marathons on a Saturday in the Seattle area, and free (!) so I couldn't pass that up while I was baby-free and somewhat in shape. The only problem is that a free race means no chip (they tell you your time at the end), no mile markers, no traffic help (I spent at least 6 minutes waiting at intersections), no medal, and the course is marked by orange spray-painted arrows. A couple of times I had run at least 10 minutes without seeing a single runner, and worried I had gone off the course. I didn't run with my Garmin because I wanted to take it easy and go by how I felt, but that meant I had to keep asking Taylor how far I had run when I saw him (I guess I didn't catch on that the aid stations were every 2.5 miles).  Mentally I was mush, but it was still a fun race, 70 degrees, and the last three miles went along the water on Alki Beach with a view of downtown Seattle. I felt really good because I didn't push hard, but mentally it nearly killed me.

The best part was seeing my boys cheer me on. I was so happy that Taylor disobeyed my orders to go home and goof off/nap, because I really needed to see them along the course to keep me going! At the finish Taylor presented me with my own custom, handmade medal. I think this medal will mean more to me than any other medal I'll ever get.

I love these two so, so much.