Monday, September 16


 turner family 4 09-14-2013
We took a 40-hour trip to Newport Beach this weekend for the blessing of Sam's first and only cousin, Lewis. What a sweet baby, and so lucky to have Lauren and Crismon for parents.

turner grandkids 09-14-2013

turner grandkids 6 09-14-2013


turner grandkids 2 09-14-2013

grampa sam 09-14-2013
We sneaked in some time at Crystal Cove that afternoon and even got to try Sprinkles Ice Cream that night (yum!).
turners 09-14-2013

Such a fun mini-getaway. It was hard to come back to the rain!

Tuesday, September 3


tahiti 2013 91

Tahiti was our cultural experience.
Bora Bora was the actual vacation.

tahiti 2013 87

The actual island of Bora Bora is pretty run-down, and is mainly pearl shops and small markets. The airport and all of the resorts are either on the reef or on "motus," which are small islands within the reef. We felt like we were on a real adventure when we flew into Bora Bora and had to then take a boat from the airport to our hotel (which was on a motu). Being on a motu made for incredible kayaking, snorkeling, and lots of tropical fish spotting! The water is shallow and incredibly blue. You feel like you're in Disneyland or something similar because everything just doesn't look real.

From the top of the hill, looking down at the hotel.

tahiti 2013 84

tahiti 2013 109


tahiti 2013 89

tahiti 2013 114

tahiti 2013 96

tahiti 2013 101
This kid. What a traveler! Happy, easy-going, loved the water - the best baby.

It didn't hurt that he had an audience the entire trip.

tahiti 2013 97
Taylor worked on his beard.

tahiti 2013 125
Every night around 6:00 we would go out on the bridge and watch the sunset and tropical fish swimming underneath us - manta rays, puffer fish, and even some sharks!

tahiti 2013 119

tahiti 2013 98

We drove all the way around the main island our last day in Bora. 
Robby and Anna opted for the motor scooter option (Robby served on Bora Bora toward the end of his mission).

What a trip, what a family. Mom and Dad, thank you for the incredible adventure! It could not have gone better.