Saturday, November 16

Grandma can't stay away very long!



A terrible picture of me, but too cute of Sam and Grandma. 
Grandmas are the best.
Thanks for the fun visit, Mom.

Thursday, November 14

Sam the Penguin

Two weeks after Halloween I finally got a decent/not-blurry picture of Sam in his Halloween costume. My mom made this penguin costume for my little brother 21 years ago, and Sam was the snuggliest, cutest little penguin.




Does anyone else feel weird taking a toddler around a Trunk or Treat? I felt so uncomfortable having Sam ask for candy, knowing he can't eat any of it. We stayed for 10 minutes, long enough to see his friends' costumes, and that was that. 

I did, however, track down the unlisted address of a world-famous chocolatier in Seattle and take Sam to the door to claim some very expensive (and delicious chocolate). I guess I'm okay using my child for candy - I just have high standards? In the words of Taylor: "Tal, you do so much for him, this was a way he could give back to you."