Sunday, July 28

The best day.

Sam is one year old! We were lucky enough to be in Salt Lake City on Sam's birthday! Mary Anne and Molly put together the most darling birthday party for Sam since my mom, Taylor and I ran a marathon that morning (My mom's 60th marathon! Wahoo!). I can't wait to share the details of this day with all of you - it was such a wonderful and happy day for our family.

Until then, here's a sneak peek.

Sunday, July 21

A Shower for Robin

Robin has been such a dear friend to me ever since Taylor and I moved to Seattle. You would never know the decades of struggle she has faced because she is so bubbly, happy and hilarious. The Lord has especially stretched her over the past couple of years to the point where many times I have prayed asking, "Can't you just give Robin a break?"

A little over a year ago Robin and Debi threw me an adorable shower with polka dots and gnomes. Finally--FINALLY--it was Robin's turn to have a baby, and Debi and I were so excited to throw her a party. We did our best to make it a Robin party - happy, with bright colors, beach balls, bubbles, bottles of pop, pinwheels, and Debi's incredible pie. A celebration of another miracle baby (every baby is a miracle, but you know what I mean)!

Darling Debi made these incredible pies.

Honestly the best fruit pie I've ever had. Ever. In my life. Marionberry with shortbread crust.


Thursday, July 11


Seattle has been gorgeous lately, so we took advantage of the beautiful weather and played around South Lake Union Park for Sam's first water play. I think he liked it!

I'm nearly burned out with running and training, but we've made a point to take the trail to Matthew's Beach at least once or twice a week. I love this place because it is so quiet in the mornings, and we have had the entire playground and beach to ourselves the past week and a half. I hope this little one realizes how lucky he is to live here!

Enjoying the beautiful temple grounds!

Don't wear the flag. Be the flag.

Taylor and I couldn't stop laughing. This was patriotic outfit #2 due to diaper fun, so half of this outfit was what was in the car.

Our Fourth of July:

Flipped 1,250 pancakes at the church. This man is our home teacher, and has a Purple Heart and Silver Star from his service during World War II. He captured 300 German troops with one other man! We love Brother Rogers. Taylor would want me to point out that he picked Sam's outfit. He came to me the night before and said, "I've got it! The perfect outfit for Sam tomorrow!"

Hiked and got lost (typical, and we had a printed map!).
Hit Snoqualmie Ice Cream Factory in Maltby. I've begged to go back here for 2 years, and we finally went! Note: Thursday is Happy Hour Day at Snoqualmie, which means 50% of the flavors are alcoholic. But they did have Blueberry Cheesecake (with chunks of real cheesecake).

Turner family backyard BBQ. Sam's first hamburger!

Tackled croup.
I hate croup.
Croup is terrifying.
And this was not bad croup.
This was croup with a happy baby.
But I still hate croup.

Monday, July 8

I still feel like I'm playing pretend and that this isn't real. I feels a lot like when we first got married, and for that first year it seemed as though we were playing house. It's the best having this little cheeseball around all day. I still can't quite get my head around the fact that I am to him what my mom is to me. This morning as we played after breakfast I felt the weight of what that really means. I want so much to be the best mama I can be to him. Thank heavens for these little ones who are so forgiving, resilient, and love unconditionally while we figure our new roles out and find our stride.

Tuesday, July 2

Taylor's Birthday

06-29-2013 fam whale watching

Taylor had a birthday on Saturday, and we decided to celebrate by using our Groupon for a whale watching adventure in the San Juan Islands. We have been dying to get out on a boat in the San Juan Islands for a long time, and we had never been whale watching either, so it was the perfect buy for us! Sam had a great time, and was such a good little boy - even with only an hour of sleep total the entire day.

06-29-2013 sam whale watching

06-29-2013 sam walking whale watching

We fell in love with the San Juan Islands. Some of them you can only access by private boat (or seaplane). They're so green and lush, and we saw seals, porpoises, and bald eagles all over the place. We decided the perfect vacation would be to rent a beach house on one of them and sail around the Islands for a week or so. We'll start saving our pennies.

06-27-2013 orca breach whale watching 2

06-27-2013 orca breach whale watching 1

The Orcas came out to wish Taylor a happy birthday! Did you know that Orcas are actually dolphins and not whales? They actually eat whales, and were known as "whale killers," but somehow that got reversed to "killer whales."


We picked up some delicious BBQ takeout on our way home, ate in the backyard, and had cake and presents. Oh, this boy. I love him so. They don't come better. Why he requests pineapple upside-down cake every year, I will never know. But the Smitten Kitchen recipe was out of this world.

Monday, July 1


06-24-2013 sam 11 months
I'm not ready for ONE. I can't even think about it.

WEIGHT: 22 lbs.

AVERAGE NIGHT'S SLEEP: No matter what time he goes down (usually around 7pm) he always wakes up at 6:30 - sometimes with a sneak peek waking at 5:30, but he usually falls back asleep for another hour. Naps are twice a day and more predictable, which is wonderful.

06-25-2013 sam eating lunch

- We have a foodie on our hands. He loves food as much as his mama, and can't eat it soon enough or fast enough. He isn't picky, either - paper, shoes, his crib (which now has a huge crater in it)...
- Holds his bottle one-handed, like a can of beer. 

06-27-2013 sam walking whale watching

- WALKING! Took a few steps hours after Grandma left for Salt Lake, and hasn't stopped.
- Unfortunately Grandma taught Sam how to scroll through the iPhone. We've been hiding our phones and iPad ever since she left.
- Practices the piano every day, like a good boy should.

06-23-2013 sam playing piano'

PLACES HE'S BEEN: Nowhere outside the Seattle city limits, but explored lots of parks, playgrounds and beaches!

- KEEP YOUR EYES ON YOUR BABY AT ALL TIMES. My mother-in-law warned me that once he started walking, my life would be over. She was right! Sam is seemingly everywhere all the time, and always finding the potentially dangerous things in the house like cords, cable plugs, sharp corners, heavy objects, stairs, you name it. Those naps are welcome breathers for me - at all other hours of the day I am on Sam patrol.
- LIVE SIMPLY. The best days are the ones that are unstructured and the focus is on enjoying our time together. We're playing lots of tag, trying new foods, and going for long walks. It's heaven.


I love this little boy so much. He now seems like a little boy to me and not a baby which breaks my heart, but gets me so excited for all of the new adventures we will have together. Sam is such a happy baby. He's incredibly active and squirmy and always smiling and calling out to people. I love it. While his hyperactive nature can be exhausting (mostly physically - trying to keep him from jumping out of my arms at all times), I love that he has that spunk to his personality and is always wanting to explore new things. Having this happy soul with me at all times makes life so, so good.