Sunday, November 23

Giving Thanks

This is Taylor taking over the blog post for the month...

Turkey day hasn't happened yet, but in the Turner home we're already feeling full...of gratitude.  Watching a Ted Talk at a work conference led me to reflect on the power of gratitude and positive thinking.  Admittedly, this has sometimes been a weakness as I've allowed seemingly difficult circumstances to hamper my attitude and energy.  But looking back on all of the positive developments we've enjoyed (especially over the last year) and all the small and simple joys that come each day makes me thankful.  

One example.  While we were grateful for trees around our new home offering shade and fruit during the summer, we've learned that payment comes due in the fall.  But the burden of raking leaves can also be viewed as a blessing (in my industry we would call this exercise a "wellness activity.")  The best benefit is seeing Sam gleefully scatter the piles we carefully put together.  

Ray Bradbury captures a similar thought about lawn mowing in a chapter of Dandelion Wine (a favorite book my dad read to us growing up).  When Bill Forrester purchases a new type of grass that doesn't require cutting, Grandpa Spaulding quickly rejects the trend: 
"That's the trouble with your generation," said Grandpa... All the things in life that were put here to savor, you eliminate.  Save time, save work, you say."  He nudged the grass trays disrespectfully.  "Bill, when you're my age, you'll find out it's the little savors and little things that count more than big ones... Cutting grass and pulling weeds can be a way of life, son... There's a thing about the lawn mower I can't even tell you, but to me it's the most beautiful sound in the world, the freshest sound of the season, the sound of summer, and I'd miss it fearfully if it wasn't there, and I'd miss the smell of cut grass."    
Sam is our best example of finding fun in what we may otherwise view as mundane.  While most kids dress up as superheroes for Halloween, Sam played the dutiful role of the under-appreciated garbage man (with his green can hand-crafted by Tally):

We'll try to follow Sam's lead and look for wonder during our daily work, stopping to give thanks along the way.   

Happy Thanksgiving!

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