Friday, March 7

Back where we started from.

So, we're moving to Salt Lake City!

Taylor was offered an attorney position at a company in Utah. Before we knew of this opportunity we had actually committed to living another 3-5 years in Seattle, but it looks like the Lord had other plans. We both love Utah and wanted to settle there eventually, so I guess this time is as good as any other! We're excited to be back close to family, near the mountains, and with so many great friends. Good things are in store.

We've now been in Seattle three and a half years, the longest we've lived anywhere in our marriage. How grateful I am that Taylor was able to work for such a wonderful company where he was able to work with and learn from so many great individuals. They have always been so kind and generous to us, and have been so sweet when I take Sam to visit the office. We also definitely would not have Sam if it wasn't for the company's incredible insurance plan that even stunned my doctors.

mothers day 05-12-2013

I will always consider Seattle to be our first real home because this is where we started our family, where we met Sam. There are so many places in this city that have special meaning for me. It seems I've done a lot of introspection in a lot of beautiful places over the past three and a half years thanks to the beautiful Northwest. I will dearly miss this little yellow house where we have been taught, stretched, and blessed so very much. Okay now I'm crying (again), so I'll stop.

What a place.

Consequently, the next few weeks will be full of odes to Seattle (if I find the time to post them).
Stay tuned for the Turner Seattle Bucket List.