Saturday, August 30

2 years later...

I had to take one final picture of Sam with Radley the fox at TWO years old (to be fair, this was taken at two years + one month):

Here's Sam two years ago to the day (one month old):

My, how they grow! 

Friday, August 22

Sam Stats.


Sam's final stats update. Mainly for consistency and my own record-keeping. I promise to make this blog a little more well-rounded!

WEIGHT + HEIGHT:  92nd Percentile on both (32 lbs.). We're (I'm) getting a workout hauling this boy around!

AVERAGE NIGHT'S SLEEP: Sleeps 8pm-7am, usually gets in a 2-hour nap after lunch.

- TOYS: Garbage cans, blocks, back hoes, bulldozers, tools.
- FOODS: Red pepper hummus, crackers, scrambled eggs, corn on the cob, cantaloupe, apples, popcorn, fruit snacks and CHOCOLATE MILK.
- THINGS TO DO: Riding the train at the zoo, story time at the library, playing with the sandbox trucks at Laird or Parley's Park, sweeping, helping in the yard, watching a "show" (blessed PBS Kids app!), pulling the red wagon around the neighborhood, and nursery!
- BOOKS: Goodnight Moon, Hop on Pop, One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish, Runaway Bunny, Oh My Oh My Oh Dinosaurs, Red Hat Green Hat. He can "read" most of them on his own.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Can count to ten, identify most of the letters in the alphabet, sing the ABC song, knows all the basic colors, climbed out of his crib...



How I love this boy. Every morning that sweet smile melts my heart. Every single time. I live for those sweet little hugs, the messy kisses (he always has to stick his tongue between his lips) and our little "conversations" during the day. We mostly talk about garbage cans and how Dad is at work, but I love finally knowing what's going on in his head.

It's crazy how once Sam really decided to speak, he just took off. We had little words here and there for a long time, but about a month ago he just started to go crazy. Some of my favorite things that he says are "Mama hold you?" when he wants to be held, "I yuh you!" and "Show!" which he whispers very excitedly, like it's a secret, when he wants to watch a show. Even in the past two weeks, I can't believe how many new words and phrases he has picked up - "I like your yellow shirt, G-ma!" was a recent favorite.


He loves to pray, and will remind you to pray. Once Taylor returned from putting Sam down for a nap and said, "He wouldn't go down for quite a while, he just kept saying 'Pear!' over and over again." I explained that "pear" is "prayer." Sam has started to say his own little prayers - "Heavenly Father - (babble) - blue can, Grammie, G-ma, Jesus - Amen!"

Sam is a total boy through and through. He remembers the location of specific dumpsters and construction sites and lets out big happy gasps as we pass by: "Mama, stop! Blue dumpster!" Then there's the car models. Sam will spot nearly every Mini, Subaru Outback, Jeep Cherokee, BMW sedan, Honda CR-V and Toyota Corolla (regardless of year or color) while out driving and then says who drives that specific car in our friends/family. I'm realizing just how much of a sponge he is, taking everything in with his incredible mind.


But more than anything, this boy is sweet to the core. He is so, so happy and pretty easygoing for a two-year-old. I feel like getting to two was the hard part - when they can't really articulate what they want. It seems as though when Sam turned two this whole new chapter opened up with so much more speech, interaction, laughter, and increased willingness to pitch in and help. We still get tantrums, but the fun and curiosity going on the rest of the time more than compensate for the screams, tears, and fists on the floor. Oh, the drama! It takes a lot of self control to not laugh every time.

There's so much more I could say about this super active and sweet little boy. Tonight as we picked out books before bed he looked so tall and long and old. Is he really the same baby I held in my arms two years ago? Human development and growth is a true miracle, and it is so much fun to witness it firsthand every day. The more he grows and learns, the more fun we seem to have as a family. It's crazy that as they learn and adapt the parents have to learn and adapt (and strategize, I might add) even more. We feel so blessed to have the opportunity to be Sam's parents. There isn't a better job out there.

We love you, Sammers! Thank you for bringing so much life and light into our family!

Sunday, August 10

Happy Day!

Sam turned TWO!

We celebrated with a small family gathering at my parents' home. The best thing about Sam's birthday is that it's a state holiday, which means Taylor will (hopefully) always have work off. We spent the day opening presents, swimming, and celebrating this happy boy.  

We were able to get Grammie and Grandpa T in South Carolina on FaceTime so that they could be part of Sam's party (Taylor was the cameraman). 

As we sang "Happy Birthday" to Sam I walked toward him with the cake and he looked at me with the sweetest smile, knowing that we were singing for him. I thought my heart was going to burst and started to tear up, it was such a sweet moment. How lucky we are to have this boy!

It was an unplanned garbage-themed birthday. Sam is obsessed with garbage cans, the garbage truck, and garbage sacks. For a while he didn't call my dad Grandpa, he called him "A-po," which is "garbage" in Sam language (because Sam was so used to taking out the garbage with grandpa).

After we had finished eating, Sam voluntarily got a garbage sack and went around to everyone, collecting their garbage. He was in heaven. 

Sam took home 4 different garbage trucks, but the highlight was when Uncle Jim and Grandma Lewis gave Sam his own miniature garbage cans. He didn't put them down the rest of the day (you can see he's holding the blue one while blowing out his candles). We couldn't get him to open any other gifts, he was so focused on playing with the garbage cans. When Sam woke up the next morning we heard him exclaim in his room, "Blue can! Green can!"

We felt so lucky to have been able to celebrate with our wonderful family this year. We couldn't raise this darling boy without their inspiring examples and continual support. We are very, very blessed.

Well, this is embarrassing.

Did you love all those Seattle posts?


I'm working on putting together a Seattle page for this blog where you can find a list with links to all of our favorite places to eat, hike, and play in the Northwest. Stay tuned for that.


The past few months have been a whirlwind. Most of the time a very, very good whirlwind, filled with lots of exciting changes. Taylor started his new job, which he loves (!). We moved to Salt Lake on a Monday, found a house that Wednesday, and had our offer accepted Friday. We painted, re-wired, scrubbed to no end, and moved in 5 weeks later (why does the process drag on for so long?!). We bought a second car, and Tally and Sam got in a $$$ car accident three weeks later (worst day ever - it only had 1,000 miles on it - thank heavens for car insurance.). We had some good friends and their darling baby live with us for 5 weeks while they looked for a place to rent (thankfully they found one in our ward!). We all had birthdays. We had a 39er reunion. We said good-bye to Taylor's parents when they left for their three-year mission in South Carolina. My sister and her husband came to visit from Mississippi. And finally, Sam turned TWO!

And now I will unload the phone pictures. 


Sam is always up for some child labor.

How we miss Grammie. Those missionaries in South Carolina are lucky to have such a fun, spunky and creative mission mom!

One last hike with Grandpa T.
Needless to say, it's been a roller coaster the past few months, and I have to admit that of the three of us I have been the least stable through it all. Thank heavens for my two boys, being closer to family, and for living in such a beautiful part of the world. I take Sam to the park, we drive up the canyon, or sit on grandma's front porch and see those gorgeous mountains. They get me every time. I love that we don't need to drive more than 15 minutes to find a fantastic hike. It is so much fun to be back where we grew up, to reacquaint ourselves with the city and discover all the new things to do here!

Welcome to life in the suburbs!

Sam likes to add artistic touches to the house when he gets the opportunity.

Hiking in the wildflowers at Albion Basin.

Anyway, here's to being better at updating the blog! I love it so much when my friends update their blogs, I figured it was time to make a better effort on my end. Wish me luck.