Thursday, February 12

2014 - Greatest Hits

I've tried writing a summary of 2014, but it got so wordy, and sometimes pictures do a better job. So, here's a collection of some of our favorite photos from 2014 with a little commentary here and there.

A Seattle snowstorm! Sam built his first snowman.

A beautiful day at Lake Washington.

Trying out the new hiking pack!

My cute friend Becca and her son came to visit us for a week. We had a great time showing them our favorite places in the city. That same weekend they were visiting, we did a round of IVF and Taylor got a job offer (he told me on our way to a Sting concert). It was a pretty eventful week, and sweet Becca, who was pregnant and had a toddler of her own, was an angel to watch Sam while we were at the hospital and provide me with great conversation, fun distractions, and an excuse to eat lots of yummy food, especially with so many big things going on!

I'll write more about our IVF experience in a separate post, for those of you interested. I have found it helpful and therapeutic to read accounts of others' experiences going through IVF, so I hope sharing my experience can help someone. It is a very emotional process, and it helped me to know there were others who were going through similar experiences. Stay tuned for that.

Anyway, onto March.


A final concert at Benaroya Hall with the Ensign Symphony Orchestra. These two cute ladies and I go all the way back to 2001 at BYU-Idaho, where we played in the Symphony together. 

 The week we left Seattle was the famous University of Washington Cherry Blossom Festival. How we miss this beautiful campus, spending our spring mornings running through the cherry blossoms with a view of Lake Washington and Mount Rainier.

We spent our last week in Seattle hitting all of the places we loved. First on the list was Whidbey Island, where we spent the day hiking, picnicking, eating fresh blackberry pie on the coast, and exploring the beaches. A magical day in the Northwest!

 Our last family run to our favorite park off the Burke Gilman Trail - Matthews Beach. Sam and I ran here at least twice every week to play at the playground, picnic, and enjoy Lake Washington. I feel like it's one of our special places, and it was so hard to leave that final time.

 Our final meal in Seattle, en route to the airport. Where else, but Tom Douglas's Serious Biscuit? I cried the whole way there, and cried the whole way to the airport. If you ever go to Seattle, seriously. Try these biscuits. A Seattle favorites page is coming to this blog, I promise!


Home in Utah, and back in our beloved mountains! We woke up extra early to catch the Wildflower Festival at Albion Basin. This will have to become an annual tradition for our family!


Closed and moved into our new home! After watching HGTV House Hunters for years, we were convinced that finding a great home would be a nightmare for us (we're super particular and picky), but we found this home the first day we looked. It was a great blessing to find a good home with good bones in a good neighborhood, 5 minutes from one of the best elementary schools in the state. Hallelujah!


Taylor's parents had family pictures taken, and we got these gems.

Taylor and I celebrated our birthdays by learning how to make sushi!

The hardest part of June was saying good-bye to Grammie and Grandpa Turner when they left to serve a mission for our church for three years. We know they're doing incredible things in South Carolina, but can't help but feel jealous of all those missionaries.


My sister and her husband came for the Fourth of July, and we were able to take a quick family picture in front of our childhood home before my parents move (to the home they're building behind this one). 

Sam turned TWO!


Hiking in the Uintahs, climbing to 11,000 feet! 

Best day of Sam's life: meeting Curious George at the library.


Regional Conference at Temple Square.

Love finally getting our fill of Utah corn, after living away for so many years.


 Sam had a ball at Witchfest at Gardner Village.

The highlight of October was when we flew to South Carolina to surprise Taylor's mom for her 60th birthday. Through some miracle, she was surprised and had no idea we were coming! (video below of Grammie's surprise)


Having fun in Charleston, with tummies full of shrimp and grits.

At the airport, waiting for the new missionaries coming in straight from the MTC!

Our little garbage man went trick-or-treating for the first time at Grammie's house.

We said good-bye to Taylor's grandmother, Barbara Lewis. Sam and I loved living so close to her the last few months of her life. She was always so sweet and kind, even when she had to have been exhausted and in a lot of pain. Taylor gave her a beautiful tribute at her funeral (he included it on a previous blog post). Grandma Lewis was such a blessing in my life when Taylor and I were first married, living in Provo. We were always at her home, she went to every single concert I ever played in, and was always bringing me surprise groceries from Costco and articles in the newspaper she thought we'd find interesting. What a wonderful example she was to us of serving and loving, and always having a sense of humor. 


Taylor and I ran the Snow Canyon Half Marathon with my mom while Sam golfed with Grandpa. 

My parents let us tag along on their regular trip to the South for Thanksgiving.  My darling sister and brother-in-law live in the darling little town of Hattiesburg, Mississippi and treated us to the best turkey of our lives! We had a blast exploring the antique stores of Mississippi and eating our way through the South. We also got to spent a day in New Orleans on a beautiful 65-degree day. Sam was a dream to travel with!


The best Christmas ever ever ever. 
Christmas morning we woke to a white winter wonderland,
and I surprised Taylor with the news that we're expecting a baby!

It was a true Christmas miracle, and I can't wait to share the story with you!