Monday, July 27

He's here!

James Kery Turner came at 12:02am on Friday, June 26th. Night-and-day compared to Sam's delivery! We got to the hospital at 9pm and he came 3 hours later! This time, instead of 5 medical residents each giving me different instructions, I had my own doctor there - the very doctor that delivered me, actually! It was a very quiet delivery, and so quick - the very opposite of Sam's arrival. My sweet doctor handed James to me immediately after he arrived, which was such a sacred and special moment.

We didn't have a name in mind going into the delivery. In fact, my doctor asked what name we had decided on when we were minutes away from his arrival, and we said, "We are in trouble - we have no idea!" But the second I saw our sweet baby boy, I knew his name was James. I looked at Taylor and said, "Well, what's his name? James?" and Taylor said, "That is the very name that came to my mind when I saw him." So, James Kery Turner (Kery is my dad's first name).

This sweet baby has been such a mellow and darling addition to our family. Sam has been a very attentive and loving older brother, always wanting to give him a binkie, rock him in the cradle, talk to him while driving in the car, and he loves to play with James' hands and feet. He's anxious for the day James will take a bottle so that he can feed him. I'm excited to see their special relationship develop as they get older.

Special thanks to my dear cousin Heather Pickett for these beautiful pictures! I have many, many more to share with you.