Wednesday, August 26

James | Two Months

One month 

Two months

Oh goodness, I'm so behind. Boy, does time fly with two! I never posted James's one-month photo, so this is a two-for-one. We haven't had our two month appointment yet, so I don't know his stats beyond knowing he's a lot longer than Sam was! That's the fun of having these two born in the same season: I can compare their growth by how the clothes fit!

This baby is heaven. Getting up in the middle of the night has not been a burden with this one, not one little bit. I love those quiet moments in the middle of the night where it's just the two of us awake, rocking back and forth and snuggling up in our pajamas.

At two months, James is all smiles. He is a good eater, and has slept through the night two or three times, which is a welcome change from his almost mechanical waking up every two hours habit that was going for the first month and a half. We're getting some fuzz on our head, and growing out of all our 0-3 month clothing.

Every day we pinch ourselves that this little one is here. He carries with him a very special spirit. Sam is just as taken with him, and is so sweet and gentle with him. He is constantly sharing trains and snacks (!) with "baby brother James" (he'll correct you), which is so fun to watch.

How we love our boys. Every day is a new adventure!

Saturday, August 1

Sam is Three!

 On Pioneer Day, Sam turned THREE!

The only thing he wanted for his birthday was "chocolate cake." Little does he know, having your birthday on a Utah State holiday means Dad doesn't work, there's a parade in the morning, and fireworks at night! Best day for a birthday in Utah!

We spent the morning wandering around Red Butte Gardens, went to G-Ma and Tapa's house for some swimming, home for a nap, and our family came over that night for some ice cream and chocolate cake. After we watched the fireworks from G-Ma and Tapa's new home (construction site) and listened to Sam's hilarious commentary. Three-year-olds are pretty hilarious.

And yet, the morning after his birthday, he had this to say:

"I want to go back to two."