Thursday, September 24


A quick update, mainly for me to have on hand. It's been nice having this blog to look back on and remember what we were doing when Sam was James's age. So, here you go!

James is almost three months old, and has us all wrapped around his finger with his sweet smiles, coos, and happy disposition. I was convinced that there couldn't be a better baby than Sam, but boy has James proven me wrong (though Sam was a better sleeper...). I mean, this face! This baby! I can't get over him. Sam kept saying yesterday, "You're just so cute, James!" It has been so much fun watching him "come to life" and start using his hands, rolling around, and getting some reddish hair (!). 

September has been good to us! We started the month with a staycation in Park City thanks to Taylor's parents' Marriott points. It was a much-needed break, and though we were only 20 minutes from home, we felt like we were hours away. Sam love love loves staying in a hotel. It's pretty hilarious, especially because he says "hotel" with three syllables, like a Southerner.

We took the gondola at the Canyons resort and did a couple different hikes - the second of which ended up being pretty steep and pretty far, but we all made it! 

Taylor was out of town on business for a while, so we did things Dad wouldn't necessarily want to do, like going to the Fairy Festival. 

It was fun to see Sam get into it this year - he loved exploring the fairy villages and seeing all the little houses. We lucked out and missed the rain and because we went later we got to see everything all lit up! It's one magical night, and fun to see all the little kids dressed as pirates and fairies. 

Football season started! The only time BYU has lost is the day I didn't dress the boys in BYU gear, so maybe that's the key to a victory?

Sam started preschool twice a week and thinks it is the coolest thing ever.

We forgot to thin out the branches of our apple tree this year, so we have apples apples apples everywhere. They're pretty tasty, but there's just so many of them! Even the smallest branch is full of apples. We should have gallons of applesauce to share this year, if I can find the energy to make it.

We're counting our blessings this month. It was a year ago now that we thought having a second child might not be a possibility any time soon, and here we are. These boys are such a sweet gift to our family, and it seems every night Taylor and I find ourselves reflecting on how blessed we are. The Lord has looked out for us in so many ways, and we are so grateful.