Tuesday, November 10

Finally Fall

The night before Halloween I realized I didn't have a costume for James, so I took the scraps of fabric from making Sam's costume and pieced together a tiger suit for James. I was so glad I did, because look at these two tigers together! Also, is there anything better than a baby in snuggly fur?

We went up to G-ma and Tapa's house for the last trick or treat on this front porch. Sad to see my childhood home all packed up, but their new home is looking beautiful (and right behind this one).

 We gave Sam free reign on designing his pumpkin - we handed him a pastel crayon and he drew this awesome face! His artistic skill (as in, being able to draw things that we can actually tell what they are) has skyrocketed since starting preschool. Yay, Sammers!

Taylor did his traditional Jazz pumpkin.

We started James on solids, and he cannot get enough. This child loves loves loves to eat!

Taylor ran the Snow Canyon Half Marathon, so we took a quick weekend trip to St. George. The weather was fantastic, Taylor ran a strong race, and we had a lot of fun taking the boys to the spectacular St. George Children's Museum (way better than the museum in Salt Lake, and you pay what you want!). We spent the afternoon scrambling around the rocks and arches at Pioneer Park. My parents used to take us to Pioneer Park all the time when we were young, and it was fun watching Sam explore and climb around the red rocks like I did. He loved the red dirt and sneaked some red rocks into his pockets. 

Thank heavens for little boys who remind you to slow down. Yesterday we were getting in the car to go to the grocery store before dinner, and Sam pointed out the leaves glowing in the sunshine and asked to rake them into a big pile. Normally I would have said "We'll do it later," but something in me said stop, slow down, and just do it. I'm so glad we did - it made Sam's day, and I got this quick snapshot of the boys that says it all.  I'm having to remind myself more and more to stop, slow down, and simplify. The days when I remember to do that are pretty awesome, and I'm hoping this picture can remind me of that. Why do I always forget that? Those mama to-do lists are killer, and perpetual. We didn't get our fancy ingredients, but there's something to be said for grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup on a fall day.