Friday, December 25

merry christmas!

Friday, December 11

December 11th

This little one is going to be 6 months old in two weeks. Six months? How did that go so quickly?

Best Dad Award.

James is such a sweet baby. He is very mellow, very happy, we really just feel spoiled having him in our family. I thought Sam had set a high standard, but James is such a delight. We feel doubly blessed that Sam is so darling with him and has never shown any resentment or jealousy, only love - which is Sam to the core. Full of love and happiness. 
and trains. 
and trucks. 
and chocolate milk.

Today I realized that it was exactly a year ago, this very day, almost this very hour, come to think of it, that I found out I was pregnant with James. I've shared the story on this blog; it really was a miracle. I sat there looking at the positive test thinking there was absolutely no way. It was late, right before bed, so I sneaked that test into the garbage, knelt with Taylor in prayer at our bed, and didn't say a word. I guess I mostly didn't believe that it was real, or felt that something would be wrong. I didn't know how or what to pray for that night, but all I could think of was to say thank you. Even if nothing came of this, thank you for the chance to see a positive test, just once. 

Since James has joined our family it seems each time I look at that sweet face I say a silent prayer of thanks in my head. I'm humbled at how much the Lord gives me when I am so simple and weak and don't understand the big picture. Again and again I find my weaknesses being amplified through the lens of motherhood and trials, but every time I seek for God's help it is there. I'm grateful to know of the existence of a living God who participates actively in our lives, even in the mundane things. He cares, He helps. He makes up the difference between what we are able to do and what we're not able to do when we reach out to Him. This little babe is a daily reminder to me of that truth. How grateful we are that you are here, sweet James!