Sunday, June 14


We are now one week away from the due date for our baby boy, and I am having a hard time wrapping my head around the changes that will be coming to our home and family. In the meantime, I'm loving every single second I get with Sam. Some days I wish we could just disappear and go on a special vacation where we have nowhere to be, no errands to run, and we can just play and explore every park in town (and eat every treat in town, too - let's be honest). We have a great time together; this age is hilarious.

Some Sam-isms:

Typical Sam prayer:
"Heavenly Father, Thank you for the Jesus. Name of Jesus Christ, AMEN!"

For a while when he had a hard time falling asleep for his nap, he'd yell random things from his bed. For several days in a row he would yell a fast food order, maybe thinking I'd bring him some food? "Yeah! Can I get some chicken nuggets?! With FRIES?! And CHOCOLATE MILK!"

When a customer service person was not very kind and shut us down when looking for some help:
"That's okay, Mama. You can be happy."

As General Conference was starting:
"Where'd Jesus go?"

After getting in trouble for essentially fingerprinting his granola and yogurt all over the kitchen table:
"Mama, where'd your smile go? Mama, can I make you happy?"
About 5 minutes later he came back and said:
"Mama, I'm sorry I made big mess. Can you get your smile back?"

When showing up at the beach in California:
"Everyone is putting on their naked!"

"I don't want to watch church movies. I want to watch boys movies."

When he's tired of being tickled:
"That's enough, Mama."

After watching me clean/wipe fingerprints off a DVD using my shirt:
"You wiped it on your baby. That's a good baby!"

To every grocery store clerk: "I'm Sammy Byron Turner! Do you have a sticker?"

Everything that happened in the past happened "last night," and everything he wants to do soon he wants to do "in the morning."

Sam loves, loves, loves singing and music. Last week for Family Home Evening he stood on the fireplace hearth and sang "I Love to See The Temple," concluding with "This is my sacred booty!" (instead of "This is my sacred duty.").