Thursday, October 29

James & October

A lot happened in October! 

Taylor's parents put together a family beach trip on Kiawah Island for the first week of October to meet their new grandbabies, and the trip (once again) coincided with a hurricane, or the "Storm of a Thousand Years" for South Carolina. We knew we wanted to bless James on this trip, and my sweet parents decided to fly out for Conference weekend to see Charleston and Kiawah Island and join us for a couple of days. The beach house the Turners rented was on the opposite end of the island and roads on the island were underwater (they wouldn't let you on the island unless you had a vehicle with high clearance). We ended up going to the condo where my parents were staying to bless James until we could figure out whether or not our cars would make it to the beach house.

We walked in drenched with rain, and out of a bedroom came my little sister Liz! I about lost it, I was so excited to see her with her family there and introduce them to James. My mom is always working up a surprise! Taylor grabbed his white shirt, bowtie and James's blessing outfit out of our suitcases at another location and James was blessed between Conference sessions. My sweet mom somehow put together a delicious meal for everyone, Mary brought a homemade oatmeal cake (our favorite) all the way from the mission home, and we loved watching James meet his cousin Keith for the first time. It was a sweet experience, to hear Taylor give James a beautiful blessing in the midst of a pretty epic rainstorm. 

Don't you think James looks like his dad?

Keith, Sam and James. Liz brought matching shirts for the babies!

The Oldroyd grandkids!

My poor family never saw any sunshine while in South Carolina, but the day after they left, the sun came out and we were able to enjoy the rest of the week on the beach!

Our sandcastle masterpiece.

Judd and Mary meeting their two newest grandchildren! It was so hard to drive away from these two. Missions bring incredible blessings but are tremendous sacrifices for the missionaries and the families. We feel very lucky that their mission is so close and that we can visit them. Next time we're together these babies will be a year old! 

This baby! My goodness, they don't come sweeter than this little guy.

Sam asked to be a tiger for Halloween, and though we tried a couple different tiger costumes, none of them fit - he's too big for the toddler costumes, too little for the big kid costumes. So, I ended up dusting off the sewing machine to make his costume. Thank heavens for all those sewing lessons growing up!

The costume was more like a tranquilizer suit, because we couldn't figure out who this kid was in the preschool program:
It was so bizarre! Sam sitting still? Just looking at us? Isn't he supposed to be singing at the top of his lungs, running around? 

Finally, James is now 4 months old! This baby is heaven on earth. 

At four months old, we're at 100th percentile for head, 25th for height and weight. He's started solids and cannot get enough. He sleeps through the night about once or twice a month, but is so sweet and goes right back down in the middle of the night that I can't complain.

Sam and James are officially sharing a room, which is a lot of fun (luckily Sam is a very heavy sleeper, like someone else I know...). I'm so grateful to have a baby that goes with the flow, is happy to sleep in the carseat, and is so patient with me. It's hard to put him down when all I want to do is snuggle him and kiss that sweet face. Oh little James, we love you so!